Bethesda Broadcast

About this podcast
This is the first podcast for Bethesda Church in Huron, SD.
Latest episodes
Jan. 15, 2018
A look at how Jesus fulfilled the requirements for 6 of the OT sacrifices which makes him the ultimate sacrifice!
Jan. 8, 2018
A New Year message on finishing well from Phil. 3!
Dec. 26, 2017
A look at the reason we celebrate Christmas! It's not just about gifts & family.  It is the coming of the Savior of the world!
Dec. 18, 2017
A short message on how to expereince joy in life
Dec. 11, 2017
A look at what it takes to have peace.
Dec. 4, 2017
A look at mercy from the story of a man possessed with demons from Mark 5! 
Dec. 4, 2017
A message on hope and how it can help get us through the difficult times that come our way.  Psalm 42
Nov. 20, 2017
A look at Psalm 145 and how our understanding of God should lead to praise & thanksgiving!
Nov. 6, 2017
How to get vicotry over shame.
Oct. 17, 2017
A short message on baptism. Pastor Roy explains what we believe about baptism and why we choose to immerse people when we baptize.