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Playlisters podcast

By | Joshua C. Liston (Anti-Guru of Sorts)


A weekly show for independent bands and musicians (with a focus on Australasia and Southeast Asia). If you're interested in creating better songs, getting more gigs, selling more music and convincing more kids to wear your shirt; all without feeling like a sell-out, this might just be the music biz podcast for you.
8 episodes
since Nov, 2016


Ep. 08: "Are you or your bandmates romantic about how things used to be?" In this episode Josh explores the following question: "Are you and/or your bandmates romantic about how things used to be?" Mentioned in the episode: Why is it so hard to find musicians that are keen to join your band and also have a realistic perspective on the modern musicians-business? Is it wrong to feel romantic about creative industries? (Well, it's probably not that most productive way to feel the musicians-business, but it's certainly not wrong).    Thanks so much for listening to #PlaylistersPodcast • Email the show: [email protected] • Instagram: • Twitter: • Facebook:  
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