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A weekly show for independent bands and musicians (with a focus on Australasia and Southeast Asia). If you're interested in creating better songs, getting more gigs, selling more music and convincing more kids to wear your shirt; all without feeling like a sell-out, this might just be the music biz podcast for you.
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Jan. 26, 2017 In this episode Josh explores the following question: "Are you and/or your bandmates romantic about how things used to be?" Mentioned in the episode: Why is it so hard to find musicians that are keen to join your band and also have a realistic perspective on the modern musicians-business? Is it wrong to feel romantic about creative industries? (Well, it's probably not that most productive way to feel the musicians-business, but it's certainly not wrong).    Thanks so much for listening to #PlaylistersPodcast • Email the show: [email protected] • Instagram: • Twitter: • Facebook:  
Jan. 21, 2017 In this episode Josh shares some thoughts after seeing Canadian rock band "ALEXISONFIRE" live at Festival Hall in Melbourne (Jan 2017), and most of his thoughts can be summed up by this one lyric from Alexis themselves: "We are not the kids we used to be." ~ the song Old Crows by Alexisonfire Mentioned in the episode: How the quality of Alexisonfire's songs, lyrics and live show are the only things that matter to Josh now that the hype around their scene has faded away.  Why older musicians should embrace the fact that we don't have to be as concerned with the prevailing trends in Youth Culture.   Thanks so much for listening to #PlaylistersPodcast • Email the show: [email protected] • Instagram: • Twitter: • Facebook:
Jan. 7, 2017  Today Josh shares some thoughts around "how-to find more time for your second-act music career - where that time can be found, how to orient that time towards your music career objectives, and how important protecting that career-building time really is.  Mentioned in the episode: How-to identify the Empty Spaces in your own life. Beware of what Josh calls "The Cult of Hustle." The importance of Protecting your Empty Spaces.    Thanks so much for listening to #PlaylistersPodcast • Email the show: [email protected] • Instagram: • Twitter: • Facebook:  
Dec. 31, 2016 In this episode of #PlaylistersPodcast Josh introduces a new and what he hopes is a more exciting direction for the show: Thriving in your second-act music career. Mentioned in the episode: • Josh shares his latest audiobook find "Ari Herstand's - How to Make it in the New Music Business" - which Josh feels is the best music business book he's read in the past several years. • Josh describes the hardcore goosebumps he had on his arms while listening to one particular section of the book. • Josh explains why he needs to change the direction of Podcast, and why he thinks it's an important change to make. Thanks so much for listening to #PlaylistersPodcast • Email the show: [email protected] • Instagram: • Twitter: • Facebook:
Dec. 23, 2016
SUBSCRIBE to Playlisters and never miss an episode \m/ \m/ RSS: iTunes: Android:   In todays episode Josh shares a holiday gift in the form of some timeless advice "Follow The Money" in 2017, and in relation to Music Marketing Prediction posts/blogs/podcasts/videos/etc.  If the producer happens to make some or all of their money from selling around the platform, idea or tool they're promoting as a prediction, be very very skeptical!    Thanks so much listening to #PlaylistersPodcast Email the show: [email protected]   Instagram: Twitter: Facebook:
Dec. 3, 2016 | @joshuacliston on Instagram and Twitter. In this episode we look at three recent examples of NEW bands and artists getting frustrated that their initial music marketing efforts were met with little response.  Don't be surprised if the more established bands, labels, studios, etc that you and/or your band have passionately supported in the past are less prepared to support you (until such point that you have a certain Body of Work behind you). Don't be surprised that if you decide to launch your band with a traditional crowd funding campaign that you get zero response (and what response you do get is actually of a negative variety).  Don't be surprised that regardless of your Marketing Prowess that gaining new fans still comes down to the strength of your music, performance, musicianship and your ability to show 'there is something special going on here'. Thanks so much listening to #PlaylistersPodcast Email the show: [email protected]  
Nov. 20, 2016 | @joshuacliston on Instagram In this episode we discuss the differences between Process Thinking (good) and Events Thinking (not-so-good) for bands and artists. Your host Josh illustrates the concept of Process Thinking by sharing some short-term goals he has for his new musical project and how Process is going to help him get things done. We finish up with a popular excerpt from Josh's other podcast "The Deadly Arnold" called "Some thoughts on the Cult of Planning" which fits very nicely into todays PLAYLISTERS episode. Email stories, articles and opinions to: [email protected] Rock On! \m/ \m/
Nov. 19, 2016 | @joshuacliston on Instagram In this quick episode we take you through what our new music biz show is all about: Weekly insights into the biggest ideas and news stories from the world of music business and independent music marketing: Playlisters has a core focus on the Australasian and Southeast Asian regions. Weekly expert co-hosts and industry insiders Weekly Rants & Raves all about trying to grow an independent band in our particular corner of the world. Our top picks of the week (great tracks and/or playlists we've found in our travels through the world of music streaming apps). Email stories, articles and opinions to: [email protected] Rock On! \m/ \m/
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