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Join entrepreneur and cannabis advocate Simone Cimiluca-Radzins, as she explores topics such as cannabis futurism, health, business, and money with leading cannabis entrepreneurs and professionals.
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Criminalized to Capitalized

Largely missing from California's booming new legal cannabis industry are millions of potential cannabis entrepreneurs systematically criminalized by the war on drugs. As cannabis legalization sweeps the country and billions of dollars pour into marijuana business, people of color remain shut into prison and shut out of wealth. Black Americans are 3.5 times more likely than whites to be arrested for cannabis consumption, though the U.S. Census Bureau finds cannabis consumption rates are nearly identical across racial lines. Meanwhile, Black Americans own only about 1% of the nation's thousands of legalized storefront marijuana dispensaries, according to a 2016 investigative report by Buzzfeed.   On this episode of Cannabis Business Minds we talk with a business partner of mine, Steven Vasquez, about our social equity pilot program. Participants in this Pilot Program will receive mentorship, training, and access to business development resources, preparing each cannabis entrepreneur to begin the process of Los Angeles city licensure as early as August, 2018. Funding and licensure are among the most significant obstacles for entrepreneurs affected by cannabis criminalization, according to Seira co-founder Steven Vasquez.   Register here: For more information, visit:
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