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Sept. 13, 2010
Download Owen Pallett's "A man with no ankles" from his upcoming EP A Swedish Love Story (Sept 27th UK and Sept 28 US)
Sept. 2, 2010
In this episode: Billy Reeves spends some time with Tricky, discussing his new album "Mixed Race", his collaborators, his new base in Paris and whether he’ll work with Massive Attack again. We also preview a few tracks from the album, plus songs from Mercury Prize nominees Villagers and Wild Beasts. As well as a couple tunes from Chief and newcomers Twin Sister. Chapter 1: Intro with Billy Reeves (0:00) Chapter 2: Clinic "I'm Aware" (0:32) Chapter 3: Wild Beasts "All The King's Men" (3:13) Chapter 4: Villagers "The Pact (I'll Be Your Fever)" (7:05) Chapter 5: Tricky "Murder Weapon" (10:48) Chapter 6: Interview with Tricky (13:42) Chapter 7: Tricky "Ghetto Stars" (20:59) Chapter 8: Chief "This Land" (24:15) Chapter 9: Chief "Night & Day" (28:01) Chapter 10: Twin Sister "Ginger" (32:19)
Sept. 1, 2010
Download Clinic's "I'm Aware" from their upcoming album Bubblegum
Aug. 2, 2010
In this episode: Hit-makers The Count & Sinden speak herein with genial host Billy Reeves about their debut LP ("Mega Mega Mega"). Villagers have been nominated for the Mercury Music Prize and we celebrate with "Ship of Promises". Plus new songs by Tricky, These New Puritans, Lightspeed Champion and Chief. Oh! and remixes galore with Four Tet's remix of Jon Hopkin's "Vessel", Reeboot's "Un Dia" remix and the Alexis Taylor (Hot Chip) remix of Steve Mason's "Am I Just A Man". Chapter 1: Intro with Billy Reeves (0:00) Chapter 2: Tricky "Murder Weapon" (0:21) Chapter 3: These New Puritans "Hologram" (3:19) Chapter 4: Steve Mason "Am I Just A Man (Alexis Taylor remix)" (5:54) Chapter 5: The Count & Sinden interview (10:20) Chapter 6: The Count & Sinden "After Dark" (18:22) Chapter 7: Juana Molina "Un Dia (Reeboot Remix)" (22:21) Chapter 8: Lightspeed Champion "I Don't Want to Wake Up Alone" (30:49) Chapter 9: Jon Hopkins "Vessel (Four Tet remix)" (33:30) Chapter 10: Villagers "Ship of Promises" (38:47) Chapter 11: Chief "Night & Day" (38:47)
July 28, 2010
Download Chief's "Night & Day" from their upcoming album Modern Rituals
July 1, 2010
Billy Reeves here, hello. I’ve been looking all my adult life for the band who will marry to emotion of the Go-Betweens with the skill of Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, and here they are, four laid-back dudes from L.A. - Chief. Said chaps have been playing the 2 biggest UK festivals recently (Hyde Park & Glastonbury) so just before they left London, England I caught up with them; and herein play you two tracks from their forthcoming beautiful LP. PLUS how about some Dirty Projectors? Some She & Him? Jon Hopkins ambient re-thinking of ‘Angel Echoes’ by Four Tet? And an announcement of a very special show from Villagers too. (#1 in Ireland don’tcha know). Balmy! Chapter 1:Intro with Billy Reeves (0:00) Chapter 2: Dirty Projectors "Stillness Is The Move" (0:31) Chapter 3: Wild Beasts "Hooting & Howling" (5:20) Chapter 4: Chief "Night & Day" (10:39) Chapter 5: Interview with Chief (14:34) Chapter 6: Chief "Breaking Walls" (18:35) Chapter 7: She & Him "Thieves" (23:14) Chapter 8: Four Tet "Angel Echoes (Jon Hopkins Remix)" (23:14) Chapter 9: Villagers "Ship Of Promises" (32:26)
June 25, 2010
Download Caribou's remix of Four Tet's "Angel Echoes" from the upcoming EP "Angel Echoes Remixes"
June 1, 2010
Ever wondered what it’s like to be in The Fall? From what your genial host Billy Reeves sees, it’s a right good laugh! Peter, Kieron and Dave invite Billy to help set up the stage for Mark in Birmingham, and talk about the current LP "Your Future, Our Clutter". The relatively new two young lads explain how they got invited to join the band and the chaps sift through an enormous pile of 10p records bought in the excellent Birmingham branch of Record & Tape exchange. So, two tracks from The Fall to hear, as well as a special Archie Bronson Outfit remix, the next single from "Becoming A Jackal" by Villagers, a lovely bit of Robert Wyatt and the beautiful sound of young L.A. new boys Chiefs. Chapter 1: Intro with Mr. Billy Reeves (0:00) Chapter 2: Chief "Breaking Walls" (0:29) Chapter 3: Archie Bronson Outfit "Hoola - Moscow Remix" (4:58) Chapter 4: The Fall "Cowboy George" (11:11) Chapter 5: The Fall interview (16:32) Chapter 6: The Fall "Bury Pts. 1 + 3" (23:55) Chapter 7: Villagers "Ship Of Promises" (30:43) Chapter 8: Domino Glastonbury Line-up (34:24) Chapter 9: Robert Wyatt "Sea Song" (35:18)
May 24, 2010
Download Steve Mason's "All Come Down" from his new album Boys Outside
May 14, 2010
Download Villagers' "Becoming a Jackal" from their debut album Becoming a Jackal.
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