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Franchise Dojo is a weekly, 30 minute Franchise Sales Support podcast created for our community of Franchisee's, Franchisors and Franchise businesses world-wide. This podcast is designed to ACCELERATE franchisee revenue and franchisor royalties. INCREASE profits and DEMOLISH common sales support issues. It is real-world sales insights comprised of case-studies, strategies and tactics. Franchise Dojo is delivered every Monday in the form of live interviews, proven content and inspiration to jump-start your week. ACTIONABLE items designed to be duplicated and applied immediately. If your franchise business needs help with more sales and convenient, on demand proven sales training? Then step into the Dojo today!
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11- Meet the Licensee- Kevin Jordan

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Welcome back! This week we speak with Kevin Jordan. Owner of Red Point Marketing and a Licensee of the Duct Tape Marketing System. Kevin shares with us his story of how he got started and the trials and tribulations he's encountered of being a home-based licensee.  What Kevin struggles with, what keeps him fired up about his business, the ah-hah moment when he knew this path was his and the Dojo question he puts to Andreas and Zamon. If your franchise business or license business experiences lengthy sales cycles and you are looking to shift gears and increase velocity in your sales, you must tune in to this episode. Dr.Andreas "peels the onion" layer by layer  then  drops some massive value bombs on Kevin's lap that immediately positions Kevin as the expert.  The word for word phrasing Dr. A shares will quickly position you as a franchise expert in your market that will you'll soon have you eating your competition's lunch!  As always, the content is here for you to go grab and apply today! Getting value from the show? Then tell us. We'd love to hear from you. Drop a comment on iTunes. Join us on Facebook or on Twitter. or on the website Tell us your biggest sales challenge on either media portal and we'll address it for you  on the show. As always. Thanks for tuning in to Franchise Dojo.
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