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Franchise Dojo is a weekly, 30 minute Franchise Sales Support podcast created for our community of Franchisee's, Franchisors and Franchise businesses world-wide. This podcast is designed to ACCELERATE franchisee revenue and franchisor royalties. INCREASE profits and DEMOLISH common sales support issues. It is real-world sales insights comprised of case-studies, strategies and tactics. Franchise Dojo is delivered every Monday in the form of live interviews, proven content and inspiration to jump-start your week. ACTIONABLE items designed to be duplicated and applied immediately. If your franchise business needs help with more sales and convenient, on demand proven sales training? Then step into the Dojo today!
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Nov. 10, 2014
Welcome back! This week we speak with Kevin Jordan. Owner of Red Point Marketing and a Licensee of the Duct Tape Marketing System. Kevin shares with us his story of how he got started and the trials and tribulations he's encountered of being a home-based licensee.  What Kevin struggles with, what keeps him fired up about his business, the ah-hah moment when he knew this path was his and the Dojo question he puts to Andreas and Zamon. If your franchise business or license business experiences lengthy sales cycles and you are looking to shift gears and increase velocity in your sales, you must tune in to this episode. Dr.Andreas "peels the onion" layer by layer  then  drops some massive value bombs on Kevin's lap that immediately positions Kevin as the expert.  The word for word phrasing Dr. A shares will quickly position you as a franchise expert in your market that will you'll soon have you eating your competition's lunch!  As always, the content is here for you to go grab and apply today! Getting value from the show? Then tell us. We'd love to hear from you. Drop a comment on iTunes. Join us on Facebook or on Twitter. or on the website Tell us your biggest sales challenge on either media portal and we'll address it for you  on the show. As always. Thanks for tuning in to Franchise Dojo.
Oct. 27, 2014
  This week in the Franchise Dojo we explore a model that can cause a profound shift in conversions and profit in your franchise business if applied properly for 30 days. Step into the Dojo as we explore a framework you can own and apply today to achieve more control, more confidence, and more results in your franchise business. Today's show is all about results. If you are a home based franchisee looking to sell more and grow more, then, subscribe, tune in and “STEP into the Dojo!”
Oct. 13, 2014
In today’s show: Meet the Franchisor - Jeff Cooke of Bark Busters Canada. Listen in as Jeff shares his story about HOW he came to join Bark Busters, WHAT he loves about being a Franchisor and the attributes necessary to become a top performing home based franchisee. Jeff also steps into the DOJO for a powerful session with Dr.A on overcoming the toughest objection his franchisees face. If you have difficulty knowing what to say when a prospect says: "Let me check in with my husband and I'll get back to you." If you struggle to control this stalling tactic, then today's show is for YOU! Massive takeaways happen throughout, so tune in and step into the Dojo!                                             IN THE SHOW 0:02:38.2 – How and when did your franchising journey begin? 0:04:16.6 – What attracted you to the Bark Busters franchise? 0:05:35.5 – What excites you being a franchisor? 0:06:36.3 – Why should someone consider a Bark Busters franchise? 0:09:47.4 – What happens when you get out of your comfort zone? 0:16:14.6 – What approach do you like to generate leads for your business? 0:20:08.6 – How to get in front of your ideal clients? 0:21:52.2 – What one thing that’s really exciting you in your business right now? 0:22:48.7 – What kind of challenges are you facing? 0:31:17.1 –The Dojo Question: When a prospect says: “Let me talk it over with my husband…. How do I control this question and outcome? 0:33:22.6 –Believe you are the expert and you are the authority. 0:34:07.4 – Why royalties are good for everyone and how Franchise Dojo is good for business. 0:34:28.1 – If you could pass on to any home based franchisee 1 thing that you strongly believe contributed to your success in your franchise, what would that be?
Oct. 6, 2014
In the show Brian shares with us his journey of HOW he got started with TapSnap, WHAT attracted him to this premier photo booth and photo entertainment brand and what Brian does to stay focused, motivated and committed to getting out into his market and closing deals. 0:01:22.8 – Why Brian chose TapSnap 0:01:54.9 – How and when did your franchise journey begin? 0:02:58.4 – What attracted you to the Tap Snap brand? 0:04:16.0 – What do you like most with the franchise model? 0:10:51.6 – How did you compartmentalize the sales struggle? 0:14:51.0 – What is it that franchisees struggle with in their business? 0:15:29.7 – Where did you find the best source of business leads and why? 0:19:10.1 – How important is ongoing sales training in terms of overcoming negative self-talk? 0:24:05.7 – What is the one thing that’s really exciting in your business right now? 0:28:27.8 – What is it that we need to do in order to get what you want? 0:28:51.7 – The Modern Franchise Lead Conversion Course 0:30:57.1 – Think of your business like a medical toolbox. 0:35:03.6 – Who is your ideal client? 0:37:11.8 – Really knowing who you are and what your business values are. 0:38:06.7 – How to position yourself as a person of authority. 0:38:29.9 – Really take the time to understand your client 0:39:06.0 – Test yourself a little bit before you jump into a business. 0:40:15.9 – End of conversation.
Sept. 29, 2014
In this show, do you have a system for storing and tracking your leads? Is your system efficient? Are still using "old school" detective tools like a pad of paper and a pen? Outlook or Excel? If so, then listen up! 0:00:01.4 – Introduction   0:00:53.7 – How to quickly and cheaply find leads to your franchise business.   0:01:26.8 – How to prospect like Columbo.   0:02:32.4 – Marketing is the cornerstone of prospecting.   0:03:31.7 – 3 CRM Tools we like and recommend for small businesses   0:05:08.4 – Owning a business is busy.   0:05:51.7 – Do you use a CRM tool?   0:08:59.8 – Does social media play a big part in your franchise business.   0:16:01.9 – Outsourcing and how to hire and find a quality virtual assistant.   0:17:00.7 – End of audio
Sept. 22, 2014
In Today's Show: EP06 "Prospecting Power" 0:00:34.2 – Introduction 0:01:04.9 – Prospecting 0:01:34.9 – 12 new certified trainers 0:02:23.8 – Sales Success Intensive 0:03:32.6 – Positioning and Prospecting is symbiotic 0:03:45.3 – What is the most important word in Prospecting? 0:04:18.8 – Why clarity is so important. 0:05:53.5 – It’s the Problem, the Need and the Goal. 0:07:56.8 – Be Proactive instead of Reactive. 0:08:45.5 – Is what I’m doing right now leading to a sale? 0:10:36.1 – Who are the centers of influence in your business community? 0:11:08.4 – What do you do to increase your conversion rate? 0:19:12.5 – The 7 characteristics of a poor prospect. 0:22:51.1 –Are you open to something new?. 0:22:58.7 – Evoke the Curiosity button. 0:23:16.8 –Why you must qualify and why it is the key to greater sales. 0:24:02.4 – The Fear of Rejection. 0:25:10.1 – Maintain a full pipeline of prospects. 0:26:22.6 – Don't pursue. Why we chase what evades us. 0:27:37.3 – What are some of the key takeaways? 0:28:01.0 – Setting up your day for success.   0:30:08.1 – Every great accomplishment starts with the decision to try.
Sept. 15, 2014
Today's show: What do organic strawberries and artisan cheeses have in common? They’re both sold (and bought) at outrageous prices. People happily walk over to Whole Foods and spend twice as much than at a normal grocery store. But why? The answer is found in "Positioning." 0:00:03.7 – Introduction 0:01:19.3 – It’s all about positioning. 0:01:28.6 – The Golden Triangle on Selling. 0:01:37.9 – Two Key questions to establish positioning in your customer’s mind. 0:04:29.9 – Everything in business today is about positioning. 0:04:33.8 – The battle for the customer’s mind. 0:05:41.3 – What’s good about a car ‘practically’? 0:07:36.0 – Why does the Rolls Royce cost 300% more than the BMW? 0:09:22.5 – What is the Rolls Royce of your franchise niche? 0:11:17.4 – Why do your customers care about you? 0:12:30.8 – Ask great business questions. 0:12:41.1 – It’s a process, it’s not a quick solution. 0:19:29.4 – How do the customers think about you and your business? 0:19:38.6 – When was the last time you surveyed your customers? 0:21:29.1 – It’s all about earning and maintaining that authority trust and rapport. 0:26:08.6 – Invest time and effort in a strong positioning strategy. 0:26:37.7 – What can help you with regards to pre-framing? 0:28:29.5 – People are going to see you as an action taker. 0:33:10.1 – Success always looks great from the outside. 0:33:37.0 – FOCUS = Follow one course until one success.   0:34:11.6 – End of audio.
Sept. 8, 2014
This week:  Zamon and Dr. Andreas tackle a problem area for many  franchise business owners. "Price neurosis, delivering value and sticking to your price!" If you feel uncomfortable with your "price point" tune in as we discuss a situation with a Bark Busters franchisee. Bark Busters is a successful world-wide Home Dog Training that works. Considered the "best of breed" of dog training franchises, Zamon and Andreas discuss how a Bark Busters franchisee can deliver value, overcome objections and command their price. These foundational tips and strategies can be applied to multiple service oriented franchise businesses immediately. 0:00:06.7 – Overcoming Price Resistance and Developing your Sales Plan. 0:03:15.7 – 3 powerful tools to overcome initial price resistance. 0:04:35.3 – Setting up all the questions in advance. 0:05:37.2 – Your price is a form of information. 0:06:13.4 – Do you have a price neurosis? 0:08:55.7 – Is Price your only concern? 0:09:14.7 – The 7 attributes aside from price why people purchase. 0:15:17.9 – Why your customer is afraid of making a mistake. 0:18:43.6 – Why people will prefer to buy from you. 0:22:21.1 – How many clients do I need per day, per month, per year to hit my income goal? 0:23:10.3 – What actions yield the best results? 0:25:57.2 – The GOSPA Model. 0:27:24.2 – What objectives do we need to create to make this possible? 0:29:41.9 – Am I adding value to this experience? 0:31:49.3 – You must educate your client as to what they want. 0:34:22.9 – Your biggest lead magnet. 0:38:28.9 – The benchmark you need to get the revenue you want. 0:40:48.9 – The pricing piece from the 9 Steps Framework. 0:41:25.4 – Your 5 Step Personal Sales Plan for Sales Success. 0:43:23.6 – End of Audio
Sept. 1, 2014
In Today's Show - Episode 2 - Owning the framework. 0:01:46 – Why a franchise company would subscribe to Franchise Dojo?0:03:34 – The 9 Steps Sales Framework.0:03:58 – What happens with no framework?0:05:09 – Role Play.0:08:11 – Hawaiian Theme Party.0:08:37 – Quick Agenda.0:09:49 – What caught your eye?0:14:37 – Time factor.0:15:40 – What am I looking at in cost wise?0:18:51 – Close deal.0:19:02 – What’s the point?0:20:13 –What outcome do you speak to?0:20:25 – Modern Sales Landscape.0:20:53 – What’s the goal?0:23:17 – Where is that hot button?0:23:54 – Why the most powerful sale is no sale at all.0:26:11 – Where should my tone be?0:29:47 – What? My challenges are not unique.0:30:12 – One last tip.0:30:19 – Productivity tool- Shoeboxed!0:31:31 – Wrap up.
Sept. 1, 2014
This week in the Franchise Dojo: "A is for ATTITUDE." Zamon and Dr. Andreas dive in and visit a powerful study conducted many years ago by one of the world's wealthiest men. This study reveals a surprising fact. A fact that can determine the difference between failure and success of any business venture. Tune in and see what you can do today to apply this powerful attribute to your work week and to your franchise business success! 0:01:38.3 – What do you do to get yourself back in the game?. 0:05:16.8 –Why frame control is the KEY. 0:07:02.0 – How to properly hit that emotional button. 0:07:25.2 – How attitude is critical to your success? 0:07:34.3 – What does success mean to you as an individual? 0:07:45.6 – What is success for you listener? 0:10:08.8 – What are you doing to inspire your family, inspire your business and your career? 0:13:13.1 – What weaknesses are in your game? 0:14:50.3 – What attributes would you like to see in your personal assistant? 0:15:06.5 – What is the vision of your organization and the type of values? 0:15:59.3 – How willing are you to learn? 0:16:21.7 – Meet Andrew Carnegie. 0:17:01.2 – Think and grow rich and the master keys to success. 0:17:58.6 – The Three Attributes to success. 0:25:10.0 – What is that attitude you bring to the table? 0:29:03.5- Reasons are the flames in the furnace of achievement. 0:32:33.7 – Some takeaways. 0:33:39.6 – Feedback is paramount. 0:34:30.2 – Attitude to me is more important than facts.   0:35:37.3 – End of audio.

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