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By Ray Ortega - Professional podcast producer. Teacher and avid listener.

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Single, actionable tips to help you improve and grow your podcast. Plan, record and promote better podcasts one tip at a time.
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Jan. 12, 2014
ID3 artwork is your podcast’s logo (see mine on the right) that gets inserted into every episode( mp3) file you create (see below for the differences between show level artwork and episode level (i.e. ID3)). When designing your show’s artwork there are special specifications to be aware of. 1. Image size should be square (300 […]
Aug. 14, 2013
YouTube took a page out of the podcasting playbook and released a one-click subscription button that you can place on your website (see mine in the sidebar on the right). While YouTube is not podcasting because you cannot host and place your hosted files into an RSS feed, I do recommend that those podcasters who […]
June 11, 2013
When you compress/export your final edited version of your podcast into an .mp3 audio file you have a couple decisions to make. How big or small do you want the file to be versus how good do you want it to sound? There are many factors that can lead to a final decision regarding your […]
April 23, 2013
Naming your podcast is kind of a big deal. Yet some people might just jump into it without ever asking anyone if the name is any good or more importantly, makes any sense? I know I did, oops. Yes, some podcasters will start a podcast with a name that tells you nothing about the content […]
March 3, 2013
If you have a podcast where you have on guests/interviewees, you should include those names in the title of your episode(s) for better search results in iTunes. I’ve noticed that when I search for someone’s name on iTunes I get results not only for their own podcast, assuming they have set up their feed correctly, […]
Feb. 6, 2013
Most podcasts are a hobby endeavor which usually means budgets for gear, websites, software and everything else involved in making a podcast is limited. When deciding where to put your money first, focus on the elements of your podcast that are most likely to affect the overall quality of your show. The best place to […]
Jan. 16, 2013
Learn how you can earn money when someone uses your iTunes subscription link to subscribe to your podcast. Every podcaster should have a link to their podcast in the iTunes store on their website. You can see mine in the upper right hand corner widget area of this site. It’s important to make it easy […]
Dec. 23, 2012
Is FeedBurner shutting down? I cover this topic, the fear going around the Internet and the truth about what is really happening. The key takeaway here is not to worry. Don’t panic and scramble to move your podcast RSS feed(s) away from FeedBurner. If you are currently using it, there has been no official announcements […]
Dec. 6, 2012
Creating a free Gravatar account for your podcast, will allow you to automatically insert your branded logo or personal image alongside comments you make on the internet. For example, if you leave a comment below this post and you have a Gravatar account, when you type your email into the email section of the submission, […]
Aug. 11, 2012
Listening to your podcast while you edit with headphones on might lead you to think your audio is just right. That everything sounds perfect. But what about the most important listener…your audience? Make sure the audio you’re publishing sounds as good to your audience as it does to you. Take your podcast for a trial […]
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