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Game-changing technologies are transformational, exciting, and can move you in amazing new directions. They get you thinking about new ways to scale, compete and grow –driving efficiency for existing finance operations, but also driving transformational change for the entire business. They shake up your status quo.
Take your Coffee Break with Game-Changers on Tuesdays at 9 AM Pacific Time and 12 Noon Eastern Time for our special series on achieving FINANCIAL EXCELLENCE for your company. Learn how you can become the savvy innovator who takes your company across the finish line as you look ahead to the next breakthrough strategy.
Financial Excellence with Game Changers, Presented by SAP, Tuesdays at 9 AM Pacific Time and 12 Noon Eastern Time on The Business Channel.
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Tax: The New MVP in Finance!

The buzz: “Tax technology is emerging as one of the most important enablers of effective tax department design and delivery” ( What’s keeping your company’s Tax office awake at night? Global and US tax reform, transfer pricing regulation changes, reinvigorated tariff regimes, changes in VAT and GST regulatory reporting requirements – requiring deeper digital tax management proficiency than ever before. How to get a good night’s rest? The Tax office needs to catch-up on key technologies – machine learning and intelligent reporting tools – and fast. The experts speak. Chris Carlstead, Thomson Reuters: “The pace of change has never been this fast, yet it will never be this slow again” (Graeme Wood). Jan De Clercq, Deloitte: “The best way to predict the future is to create it” (Alan Kay). Nick Goffi, SAP: “Oh, ok. If we hire Cirque de Soleil as salaried employees, will that help us with year-end tax stuff?” (Michael Scott, The Office). Join us for Tax: The New MVP in Finance!
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