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Jan. 10, 2017
Are you ready to hear our Japan highlights?! Konnichiwa lovers! First, I had no idea I was capable of chatting for over 40 minutes on my own, but that’s what happened during this episode. We’re back from our 18 day trip through Japan and I guess I just needed a moment to myself to share all the amazing details about our adventure with all of you. Guys, Japan was pretty incredible and beyond our wildest dreams. It’s like no other country we’ve been to. Everything is over the top in Tokyo and we loved it. From the larger than life neon signs and the overcrowded streets to the wild night life and entertainment, Japan has got it going on. So in this crazy ridiculous 40 minute podcast with just moi, I share all our epic Japan highlights, the places we’d recommend you visit and other pro tips for traveling through Japan because there’s no question about it, you all have to go. Ok, onto goal busting… And since we’re at the beginning of a brand new beautiful year and Mercury in Retrograde is officially over as of yesterday, it’s the perfect time to start things newly. My friend Jennie told me last week that when Mercury is in Retrograde, it’s the perfect time to reflect on the things you’re especially proud of so that’s what I did last week. Boy oh boy oh boy, I recommend that you open up an hour in your calendar, grab a glass of green tea (loving my new Japanese green tea) and go through your 2016 calendar week by week and write down everything that went well. Just wait, you’re gonna want to call your best friend and shout from the rooftops what an incredible year it was. While you’re at it, shoot me an email or share on social some of your highlights! I want to hear! Ok, now that you’ve reflected, I like to think about the feelings that I felt during those moments. Was I feeling empowered? Adventurous? Innovative? Connected? Then, I like to start brainstorming new opportunities that will spark those feelings and emotions and begin writing those down. Before you know it, you’ll have a new list of goals for the new year. But that’s not my pro tip for 2017. My pro tip is GRATITUDE. Listen in to hear three tips that I actually practice to stay grateful and positive throughout the year because let’s face it, gratitude and positive thinking are the foundations for any forward momentum, goal slaying and overall happiness. Let me know what you think about my pro tips and I wanna hear what rituals have worked for you for staying positive. So glad to be back! Full Japan itinerary blog post coming soon with pics, promise! xo Cristina  
Dec. 20, 2016
Our final episode of the year – a glimpse into the future of fashion and the perfect holiday gift guide! Konnichiwa! I’m writing to you all the way from Japan! Matt and I just landed in Tokyo last night and we’re staying at the cutest little guest house in Roppongi. We’re 17 hours ahead of LA here in Japan, so it feels like I’m experiencing life in the future. It’s absolutely fitting though because the final episode of the year is all about the future of fashion and our thirst for knowledge with the founding team of FashNerd, Muchaneta Kapfunde and Mano Napel. **I do want to note that the sound quality isn’t the same as previous episodes because we recorded using Zoom rather than in person or in the studio** FashNerd is one of my daily reads and also one of the leading fashion tech websites covering everything from wearables, iOT and smart textiles. What I love about their content is that they make it easy to stay well informed — they break down technology with a fashion voice. I started this podcast because of my fascination with the merge between fashion and technology and since then we’ve all seen technology become not only the new face of influence within the fashion industry, but also the biggest player in its future. Today, our clothes can address a lot of social and cultural issues in society. There have been innovations and ideas of fabrics that can administer drugs, improve our mental states, better connect us to our family, friends and surroundings and even keep us safe. Come listen in as we discuss the latest innovation in fashion tech and hear us ping pong ideas for future technologies…like earbuds that perform with gestures and whistles. And since it’s that time of the year, we’re getting festive and talking about holiday shopping. Muchaneta and Mano put together the hottest Christmas wish list with the latest technologies in fashion for the fashion tech enthusiasts in your life. Gosh, you’re going to swoon when you see the Venta bracelet by Vinaya and the smart yoga pants by Wearable Experiments. As an added bonus for all your content creators out there, you’ll also hear Muchaneta and Mano break down their year 1, 2 and year 3 plan for FashNerd. Click the image below to thumb through the holiday gift guide. Enjoy the episode! Link Love ♥ ♥ Emil & Aris cashmere coats ♥ Dash headphones by Bragi ♥ Altruis bracelet by Vinaya Stay Connected ♥ ♥ FashNerd Instagram  ♥ FashNerd Twitter | Muchaneta Twitter | Mano Twitter
Nov. 29, 2016
Two dope chicks drop DATED, your new web series addiction So I’m just getting home from witnessing two of my friends make major career moves. They rented out a screening room at Sony, rolled out the red carpet and got 100+ guests all liquored up before premiering their digital baby, DATED The Series. I’m so flipping proud. That was a week ago and today DATED The Series drops for everyone to enjoy and let me tell you, it’s internet gold. And I’m not saying that just because the creators, Megan Dizon and Haely White are my friends, but because these hilarious women had the theater laughing from beginning to end. If you’ve ever been ghosted, had a Tinder nightmare or accidentally left on your read receipts, DATED will be your new web crush. Haely and Megan sandwich at their premiere (Haely left middle, Megan right middle) Before the premiere though, I had Megan and Haely on the podcast to talk about their paths to stardom. I’d heard bits and pieces about the process, but it wasn’t enough. I was so curious to learn exactly what it took for them to write, produce and fund a web series and so we got into it. Mind you, we’re two champagne bottles in and sitting around Megan’s dining room table on a Sunday afternoon. Things get GOOD! What I took from the episode was that creating a web series is no different from starting a business. Both Megan and Haely had years of acting experience behind their belts, but little to no business experience. Quickly, they realized they’d have to think and act like entrepreneurs to get their baby off the ground. I wish I would have known early on how important it was to enroll people in your vision. Just sitting around Megan’s dining room table recording and having no fun at all They wrote 15 episodes, fundraised, hired a full team, casted actors and put together an entire launch strategy. These girls do not put their fate in other’s hands. Listen in to see how you too can launch your own web series. There’s power in committing to something and completing it.  Topics Covered ♥ ♥ Dating in 2016 ♥ Indigogo campaigns & fundraising goals ♥ Enrolling everyone in your vision ♥ Getting started before you’re ready ♥ Hiring a team before all your $$s in the bank ♥ Accountability tricks Link Love ♥ ♥ DATED YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, FB ♥ Haely White Instagram, Twitter ♥ Megan Dizon Instagram ♥ Share your own DATED stories using #DATEDTHESERIES ♥ Lewis Howes School of Greatness Podcast Fun facts ♥ ♥ DATED The Series is based on Megan’s real dating life ♥ Haely’s first job was ghost writing for Lisa Vanderpump ♥ The girls kept themselves accountable using manifest note cards and gold star stickers, nbd
Nov. 22, 2016
Jennie’s Casetify partnerships are on fuego. Let’s see how… Can you believe Thanksgiving is already this week? The holidays always seem to creep up so I’m not sure why I’m acting surprised. Feel the same way? But when the holidays do come around, I like to spend time reflecting on the year and brainstorming ways to heat things up for the next. What about you? I’m already thinking about upcoming podcast guests, editorial themes and potential partnerships. Ahhh partnerships. How they seem so out of reach at first, but in reality, everyone has to start somewhere. Finding short or even long term partnerships can really have a big impact on our bottom lines and also a great way to collaborate on ideas and learn from others. You’re going to want to listen in on this episode before diving into the deep open waters of partnerships. This week, I went to Casetfy’s LA office to chat with my friend Jennie Yoon who happens to be Casetify’s Head of Business Development and Marketing. As employee #1 behind the two co-founders Wesley Ng and Ronald Yeung, Jennie’s been instrumental in putting together impressive partnership deals and brand collaborations from the likes of Olivia Kim, Lauryn Bosstick of The Skinny Confidential, and as of last week, Pretty Little Liar’s star, Lucy Hale. Casetify for those new to the brand, allows you to create personalized tech accessories and has positioned themselves nicely in the fashion industry. And come on, we’re podcast listeners so we’re always on or phones. Are cases should be on brand too. You’ll learn that Jennie came from the traditional world of corporate HR and learned only with experience that you have to live a life that’s completely yours. Not anyone else’s. Not for anyone else either. This episodes covers everything from your preparation and your messaging to your presentation and your follow through. Jennie’s made it her priority to cover us from A to Z when it comes to building strategic partnerships. Here’s a bit of her secret sauce. Tune in to get all the details, but it all starts with… #1 Authentic outreach Get out there and network in a way that works for you. Typical networking events aren’t for everyone and that’s okay. You can go about introducing yourself in so many different ways, but one of the easiest ways to get in front of people is through social. Everyone is on it and we’ve heard first hand by Emily from the Stylist LA in episode 28 and now from Jennie, about the power of Instagram as a tool for outreach. What you can do: Take notice of who you’re already following and who you admire on social. You’re already a brand advocate for them which will make for a real, authentic connection when you get a dialogue started. If you’re going to an event, know who’s going to be there. Do your homework and know what you want to say to the people you’re interested in knowing better. Jennie suggests you mentally prepare yourself with this: If I run into this person, this is the one question I want to ask. – Jennie   #2 Engage with a short and authentic message People have a 3-5 second attention span, your messages need to be short. – Jennie  What you can do: Here’s a sample DM template Jennie sent to Olivia Kim * Quickly introduce yourself and your brand * Share a super short example of what you’ve done in the past that relates to them * Express your interest in them being part of your vision * Share how this is a win/win opportunity * Ask if you can arrange a meeting #3 Personalize the opportunity After you get the yes to the meeting,
Nov. 15, 2016
Let’s talk personal finances, smart shopping and saving money, honey! “We believe your aspirations should be a reality.” – Daniela & Alejandro Hell yes. Today we’re talking all about getting smart with our money and even smarter with our shopping habits. I’d say I’m organized. Pretty dang organized for that matter. But, inside of all that organized chaos, I’ll be the first to admit that I haven’t put in the work to be organized with my personal finances or my business finances for that matter. I’m getting there though. It’s something I’m working on. Sometimes I track my personal finances with and if I’m feeling super type A, I have a finance folder in Google Drive with spreadsheets where I – again, only when I’m having a Monica Gellar moment – meticulously track and label all my expenses. There has to be an easier way! Figured we needed to chat about money so I asked my friends Daniela Corrente and Alejandro Quilici, co-founders of Reeelit to chat with us about about personal finances, budgeting and growing your business on the cheap. Look, there’s Daniela and Alejandro behind me at GRID110! They’ve built Reeelit to help us save for the things we love. Alejandro explains it as a goal savings platform with price alerts. Bascially, you can automatically put money aside for anything on your wish list and they’ll scour the internet to help find the best deal. They started the business with barely any money so I had to know what they did to grow on the low low. The very beginning… It all started with $60. To validate their idea, they sent out a survey to the entire U.S. using Survey Monkey for $60. Pretty smart, right? You don’t need to build a fancy website to get your idea out there. Today… They have a $10/day social strategy to acquire new users. You gotta listen in to hear more about this. Topics Covered ♥ ♥ Testing your idea using surveys ♥ Transitioning from Square Space to WordPress ♥ Knowing when to hire a developer ♥ The $10 day social strategy to grow your customer base ♥ How to create headlines that convert ♥ An intimate look into their intern structure and responsibilities ♥ The salary / equity part of hiring a CTO Gift For You ♥ ♥ Reeelit is gifting us $10 credit towards our first purchase by using the CODE: REFASHION at checkout!! Thanks guy! Link Love ♥ ♥ GRID110 ♥ MailChimp ♥ Survey Monkey ♥ Typeform Surveys ♥ EP. LP. West Hollywood Keep in Touch ♥ ♥ Reeelit: FB, Twitter, Insta, Blog ♥ Daniela: Twitter ♥ Alejandro: Twitter Hope you loved this episode! If you’re feeling extra inspired, please subscribe to the podcast on iTunes. I’d appreciate it so much!
Oct. 18, 2016
“The first step is the hardest step.” -Demi This week on the Refashion podcast… I want everyone to meet Demi Marchese. Scratch that, everyone needs to meet Demi, Founder and Creative Director of womenswear retailer, 12th Tribe. Demi is our youngest guest having just graduated a year ago, but let me tell you, this chick has major hustle, soul and incredible drive and I see her kicking open any door in front of her. We also have a special guest for this show. For the first time in history, my fiancee, Matt, joins and offers his digital marketing advice for Demi. It was so much fun recording all together! So when Demi and I first got to chatting, we dreamt up this episode for all our college listeners – an episode all about how to build a business right out of college with no money. But, after wrapping everything up, I realized Demi’s story is so freaking relatable to everyone, me included. I mean raise your hand if you’ve ever felt completely lost or even a little bit confused with where to take your future? What about deal with a bad breakup or opinionated parents? Gosh everyone, right? You see, Demi is only 23 and started her business just a month after graduating San Diego State with a small stash of graduation money (Go Aztecs!). She had the itch, the little voice inside her gut pushing her towards building a business of her own. Throughout college, I loved school, but I was more passionate about what I was going to do after school, so building my career in college was really important to me. – Demi In this episode you’ll hear how she used her graduation money towards purchasing two pairs of unique vintage denim shorts which were the very items that got 12th Tribe going. First little lesson, you don’t need a million dollars to dream big and start small. You’ll also hear how she tried the whole interviewing thing and in the midst of waiting for an interview with Nasty Gal which dragged on for weeks, she ended up spending her time building a website and launching 12th Tribe. I’m sure you can guess, she didn’t end up taking the job at Nasty Gal. But, that’s where her story gets even more inspiring. You’re going to want to listen in to hear how Demi manages the pressure from parents who aren’t always 150% on board , how she copes with the fear of letting down the people you love the most and her tips for starting a business in a brand new city. Quality over quantity is so important. You want to surround yourself with people who are on a similar path. – Demi  She also lets us in on a massive collab she’s doing with a certain pop QUEEN we all love!! Enjoy!! xx Cristina Deals! ♥ ♥ For all Refashion listeners, use CristinasTribe for 10% off! Link love ♥ ♥ 12th Tribe Best Sellers: Thrasher shorts ♥ 12th Tribe Special Edition Tee: Breast creast cancer awareness cut out tee ♥ Recommended Reading: How to Win Friends and Influence People ♥ Recommeded Exercise Routine: Soul Cycle ♥ Pinterest Tools: Tailwind, Pin4Ever Let us know how you liked this episode. Are you now feeling confident that you know how to build a business right out of college? Let us know in a comment on
Oct. 11, 2016
Mary Vallarta wants to help us all to get our shit done…finally ♥ Hi Guys, As fall approaches sometimes it gets easier for us to slip into holiday cruise control mode. I know it doesn’t feel like it just yet, but that time is coming quick and I want to make sure we all have enough steam and motivation to keep giving 100% of ourselves to get our shit done. I mean Matt and I just booked two flights for Thanksgiving and Christmas which means the end of the year is just a whisper away. Our guest today, Mary Vallarta, Co-Founder of the FAB Counsel specializes in getting shit done so much so she even hosts an online course about it. She’s the kind of gal we want in our corner. In a past life Mary was a buyer for Macy’s, BCBG & Bebe and today with FAB Counsel she consults fashion businesses on their marketing strategy, community building, brand development and launch strategies. She’s also hosting a fashion meets travel and beauty event at Wanderlust Hollywood called The Collective on Oct. 21. The badass Lauryn Evarts from The Skinny Confidential and previous guest on our show will be speaking so you’ll be able to meet her IRL! Sounds super impressive, right? Of course it does. But, as you’ll hear in this episode, it hasn’t been crystal clear or easy for Mary this entire time. It usually isn’t but we idealize that it should. If that sounds like you, which is basically everyone at some point during our lives, come listen in and hear her share her story as she transitioned from being a fashion buyer to entrepreneurial educator. This episode is all about getting out of your head and finding ways to build passive income for your business, specifically in online courses. Mary only had 100 people in her email list and 200 Facebook followers when she made her first course. That same course also made $3,000 after sending just one email to that list of 100 people. I know, you can do it too. We all can, we just need to get out of our heads. Moral of the story is, get something out if you want to. You don’t need a massive tribe to start building valuable assets that make you money. You guys, I’m super interested in this, so we’ll absolutely have another episode about building info products and getting curious other passive revenue streams. Today is our intro to help us ease into taking risks to build supplemental revenue streams. Cheers! xx Cristina Deals ♥ The Collective: Use code REFASHION30 for 30% off your tickets ♥ Early bird prices for her new online course, The Digital Marketing Lab If you’re loving the podcast then it would be a HUGE help if you subscribed and left a rating & review. It might seem insignificant, but it helps more than you might think!
Oct. 4, 2016
If you weren’t already a Valorie Darling Photography groupie, just wait ♥ Are you guys ready to jump right back into our two part episode with Valorie?! I am. If you haven’t listened to part one, go spike that coffee, and prepare for your morning to be dazzled. Seriously! I can’t wait for you guys to hear the things this girl is cooking up in part two. Did you guess who she’s working with? If you haven’t already creeped on her Instagram page, here’s a massive clue. Eeek! BTS / Lauren Bushnell x Valorie Darling / Luna Bay Films from Luna Bay Films on Vimeo. I’ll let you listen in to see HOW she and Lauren Bushnell are working together. It’s big news. I’m more than certain that your vibe attracts your tribe. Remember Emily McDonald from episode 28, she also works with Lauren. Call us fan girls or lady bosses with big goals (yes, that’s you too), we flock together. A few other surprises are sprinkled in too. Who doesn’t love a good surprise?! Also in this episode we talk about something important to all of us: good photography. Whether we’re creating beautiful content for our websites, growing our Instagram accounts or learning how to be a genius behind the lens, there’s always room to master the art of visual storytelling. And, we have the perfect expert to teach us how to cure the ugly and how to create the beautiful. Now I’m not going to spoil it all, but one of Valorie’s tips deserves the lime light. I know first hand how difficult visual storytelling can be in the beginning. As a photographer you’ll want to first figure out what moves you and as a blogger or business owner you’ll want to find your unique voice. This is Valorie’s gift and what makes her stand out as a photographer. Listen in to catch all of Valorie’s photography tips, gear and secrets to happiness. But here are the cliff notes… Apps: ♥ Un Um – schedule, edit and theme your Instgram ♥ VSCOCAM – develop your signature filter and test photos next to each other Gear: ♥ Prime 50mm L1.8 lens Programs: ♥ Lightroom Grab your Titos! xx Cristina Don’t forget to head over to iTunes or your podcast app, and subscribe to the Refashion Podcast and leave us a review!
Sept. 27, 2016
“If you’re living out your best life, you want that for other people as well.”- Valorie Darling Gosh, where do I even begin?? This week we’re chatting with one of the most talented and down to earth photographers in town, Valorie Darling. I’m telling you, she’s so fun, open and easy breezy, you’ll quickly understand why her list of celebrity clients and jetset photography adventures keeps on growing. I mean, check out her Instagram. Quick question. Did you know exactly what you wanted to do with your career right off the bat? Probably not, right? BUT, you probably believed everyone else had their lives figured out and teared up over a few glasses of wine wondering why not you. Don’t worry. Same. This episode is full of truth bombs. Valorie gets real about not knowing exactly what she wanted to do in the career department for a while there. The thing is, most of actually don’t (I know, sigh of relief), and I don’t want to spoil too many of Valorie’s tips, but it’s through trial and error, saying a lot of yes’s and finally just picking a passion and becoming obsessed about it, when you start to hone in on your craft. Valorie has been an actor, a dancer, a dog walker, a blogger, and even created a non-profit which was the thing that led her to photography. And look at her today. Today she shoots some of our favorites like Lauren Conrad, Lauren and Ben Higgens from the Bachelor and a whole Instagram page that drips other fashion brands, bloggers and TV stars we’re all in love with. ENJOY! There’s a little surprise at the ending. Let me know what you think! xx Cristina If you want to help make this podcast even better (I hope!) head over to iTunes or your podcast app, and subscribe to the Refashion Podcast and leave us a review! Resources ♥ Valorie Darling Photography ♥ Photography by Klose Up Photography & Hula Girl Photography  
Sept. 20, 2016
Shoes of Prey Co-Founder, Jodie Fox gets raw with us this week… Hello, hello, hello. Happy podcast Tuesday! First things first. I’m not even going to pretend that it hasn’t been nearly a month since I got a new episode to you. I can’t. The truth is, I over committed myself without a plan and got overwhelmed. Can you guys relate to something similar? So what’s the plan now? I took the advice of this week’s guest! Yup. I locked myself down and made a detailed list of everything that needs to be done and everything I’d like to do more of. Then, I broke a part each activity and decided which ones are helping me grow and which ones were busy work. Thinking back to our episode with Lauryn from The Skinny Confidential, I took it further and hired an assistant on Upwork to help with the smaller tasks and wow, what a HUGE difference that’s made already. I’ll share more about that in an upcoming post because outsourcing and delegation deserve their own chapter basically. Also, I had a drastic shift in mindset and took the time to create measurable goals. Instead of clouding my mind with limiting thoughts like, “Oh my god, how am I going to get this done?” or “I don’t have time to do all of this,” I shifted my thoughts to reflect an empowering and curious mindset. So, something playful like this instead… “What do I get to today to help me reach my goal?”  These small shifts in mindset, coupled with taking these bite sized steps forward as Jodie suggests, have made all the difference for me. The next time you’re feeling overwhelmed in your business, test it out and let me know how it goes for you. But back to the good stuff: Shoes of Prey Can you believe we’re already on episode 31?! I love it. This week I drove down the street (literally) to meet Jodie Fox, co-founder of Shoes of Prey. If you don’t already know, Shoes of Prey is the Australian, now LA based company, making every woman’s shoe dream come true by making it super easy to design custom footwear. Jodie shares her inspiring story from being a lawyer turned entrepreneurial shoe goddess and brings the knowledge on emotional intelligence, structuring partnerships and the importance of good old fashion girl time. We focused on some big conversations that I know we’ve all pondered at some point: ♥ how to deal with uncomfortable compliments in the workplace ♥ are networking events even worth it ♥ strategic partnerships and how to build them / specifically her partnerships with Butter London & Nordstrom ♥ being married to your business partner & later getting a divorce. How do you deal? ♥ why your 30’s are so liberating Are you subscribed yet on iTunes?

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