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The TekBeard Podcast

By Adam Doud, Ryan St. Andrie, Clifton Thomas


It's irreverent and fun. It's current and nostalgic. It's cultural and iconoclastic. It's a guy with a beard and some other guys without beards discussing technology.
United States
70 episodes
since Jul, 2014
explicit content


You Too Can Tube

The evolution of entertainment continues to progress. Once upon a time, we had 4 channels to choose from, and executives in tall buildings decided what we watch and when. The weird part is, from that time of four channels, things haven’t changed all that much. There were more channels, more shows, more content, but it remained largely the same.  Even today, much of this remains the same. But there are a few disruptors out there, and we’re here to talk about some of them, but one in particular. Tekbeard is: Adam Doud - Clifton M. Thomas - Ryan St. Andrie - Subscribe to us on YouTube! Subscribe to our podcast on your favorite podcast player - iTunes - Google Play Music - Website - All music courtesy of Kevin MacLeod at Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0
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