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In this modern dating podcast presented by Betches Media, Jordana Abraham of Betches and Jared Freid discuss their take on modern dating issues ranging from apps to hook ups to relationships. What makes something a red flag versus a dealbreaker in the world we currently live in. They're here to help you not die alone.
United States
37 episodes
since Nov, 2017
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Bonus: U Up? Live at the Comedy Cellar (10PM Show) Ft. Liza Treyger

J Squared is back with another bonus ep. from their epic night at the Comedy Cellar's Village Underground. The topic this time around: how to deal with the early period of dating. At 2:51, they take a letter from a very busy female listener, asking what to expect in terms of confirming dates. And what should you say in texts, anyway? "Looking forward to it," that's more for HR and "Kk" is gold. At 24:44, they play a round of Douche Detective where a girl gets a handwritten letter from a guy who went way out of his way to tell her that she was the best sex he ever had. At 37:10, they are joined by Liza Treyger. They play some Red Flag or Dealbreakers including "sneezes in their own hand twice and does nothing to clean it" and "asks how much money you make on the first date." At 54:11, they do another round of "Douche Detective" where a wishy-washy guy repeatedly creates the "illusion of planning." At 1:03:09 they take some general questions from the audience, including a woman whose boyfriend calls her "a long-term partner" but often says that he doesn't believe in monogamy. Don't miss the Q&A question at 1:07:00, where a girl asks what her trip to Thailand with her ex (of seven years) should really be about.
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