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Everything VR & AR is a weekly podcast covering technologists, enthusiasts, and companies with real world deployments of virtual reality and augmented reality experiences. Learn from interviews with the leaders in gaming, entertainment, productivity, enterprise, social, education, medicine, software, hardware, psychology and more. This podcast covers everything that is VR and AR including the hottest topics and news in virtual reality and augmented reality. Nathan Pettyjohn, Founder of the VR/AR Association co-hosts the show with tech blogger, reviewer and professional podcaster Kevin Harvell.
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May 17, 2018
In the first of a two part series, we talk with a number of companies that were at VRLA 2018. We also want to thank those of you who were able to take advantage of the special listener code to attend VRLA 2018. The companies who we talk with on this episode and information are: Beast Inc represented by Vivian Tan  Website - Beastpets.com Twitter - @beastpets Email to sign up for beta access - [email protected] Escape VR represented by CEO Simon Chu Website - Escapevrgames.com Twitter - @EscapeVRGames Exit Reality represented by Co-founder Yoni Koenig Website - Exitrealityvr.com Twitter - @exitreality_vr Neurogaming represented by CMO Alex Morozov Website - Neurogaming.global Twitter - @NeurogamingLTD IGT represented by Director of VR Paolo Werbrouck Website - IGT.com Twitter - @igtnews Omnivirt represented by Co-founder and COO Michael Rucker Website - Omnivirt.com   For more information on the VR/AR Association, please visit: http://thevrara.com
May 10, 2018
We are joined this week by John Buzzell, who is the President of, YOU ARE HERE. YOU ARE HERE is an immersive experience lab that helps agencies and brands engage customers with a strategic mix of innovation technologies for events, marketing, and training all over the world. John is also the President of the Atlanta Chapter of the VRARA, and Co-Chair of the Marketing and Advertising Committee. Connect with John at www.youareherecorp.com, by email at [email protected] or on Twitter at @buzzer.   For more information about the VR/AR Association, simply visit: TheVRARA.com
May 3, 2018
This week we are joined by Adam Draper, Founder & Managing Director at Boost VC. Adam is a 2x entrepreneur and a 4th generation venture capitalist. Boost VC invests in pre-seed VR and blockchain companies. Since 2012, Boost VC has invested in 200+ startups from over 30 countries. This is a fantastic discussion about how Adam and Boost VC are viewing the VR and AR ecosystem. Connect with Adam at boost.vc or email him at [email protected]
April 26, 2018
Nathan Nasseri, Founder of RE in VR, is our guest to discuss how VR is changing the new construction real-estate market by adding cost efficiencies and accelerating the sales process. RE in VR provides an all-in-one solution to real-estate developers, construction companies, and architects to deliver an all-in-one virtual replica of their entire building both inside and out. Their system provides a video fly thru, renders, accurate exterior views, virtual reality tours, photo realistic experiences and interior design tools for every floor plan.   Connect with Nathan at [email protected] Also make sure to find out what is going on at the VR/AR Association by visiting: TheVRARA.com
April 19, 2018
Cosmo Scharf, Co-founder of VRLA and Co-Founder Mindshow, is our guest this week. This years VRLA is taking place May 4-5 2018 at the LA Convention Center and is one of THE conferences you must attend this year. Cosmo talks about the inspiration for VRLA several years ago, and some of the philosophical questions and opportunities we should all be considering as we leverage the next generation of immersive and transformative technology. VRLA 2018 is expected to see 12,000+ attendees, hundreds of exhibitors, educational sessions and product launches. Listeners can get their passes at http://virtualrealityla.com/ and use discount code VRLA_goodvibes. Connect with Cosmo on twitter at @cosmoscharf. Also check out the VRLA after-party hosted by the VRAR Association’s LA Chapter and Phase Two: RSVP for the after-party here: http://www.thevrara.com/events/2018/5/4/rsvp-now-for-the-vrara-vrla-after-party-vrara-vrla-la-event-party .
April 12, 2018
Shawn Adamek, Chief Strategy Officer at Umbra 3D joins us to talk about Umbra's 3D solutions that make it possible to display any 3D content in real time on any piece of hardware. Their software is licensed by some of the largest gaming, architecture, and 3D scanning companies. We discuss the AR Cloud, occlusion culling and overall how Umbra 3D is helping make possible some of the most sophisticated 3D experiences possible across virtually any device. Connect with Umbra 3D at https://umbra3d.com/ or [email protected] Please visit http://thevrara.com to learn more about the VR/AR Association and how becoming a member can help open doors for you and/or your business.
April 5, 2018
On this episode, we are joined by Hollywood-based VR studio Light Sail VR, with Matthew Celia, Co-Founder & Creative Director and Robert Watts Co-Founder and Executive Producer. They join us to speak on a new narrative design they created specifically for interactive VR games and film, bringing the "choose your own" adventure platform in all its complexities to VR. We discuss the details of their debut horror, “Speak of the Devil, a live-action interactive experience with game and film elements featured equally and much more. Connect with Matt and Robert at http://www.lightsailvr.com/.   For more information on the VR/AR Association, please visit: http://thevrara.com
March 30, 2018
Jeremy Kidd, CEO of Banjo, joins us to discuss some fascinating projects that Banjo has delivered related to augmented reality productivity, virtual reality training, and a pediatric VR experience designed to reduce anxiety for children getting an MRI. Banjo designs and builds interactive AR, VR and 3D experiences for product design/development, marketing and training, CPG, manufacturing, engineering and healthcare. Connect with Jeremy at [email protected] or https://banjodigital.com For more information about the VR/AR Association, please visit: http://thevrara.com
March 15, 2018
We are joined for a second time by Nick Alcid, Co-Founder and VP of Escape to Virtual Reality, California’s first large scale location based VR gaming platform. We discuss the unique motion capture wireless system available at their studio, the company’s recent move to the L.A. Fashion District area, and their new partnership with meleap.com, and their AR headset system that includes the HADO gaming tournament, and HADO Cart games that will be available at Escape to Virtual Reality. Connect with Escape to Virtual Reality at www.escapetovirtualreality.com, on Instagram at @escape2vr or email Nick at [email protected] The studio is located at: 1046 South Main Street, Los Angeles, California 90015. To learn more about the VR/AR Association, please visit: http://thevrara.com
March 8, 2018
Brad Scoggin, Co-Founder and CEO of SpringboardVR joins us again for an update on the Location-Based VR market. We discuss SpringboardVR and how they’re making it easy and more efficient for operators to launch and manage their location based VR experiences.   Brad also talks about the interest they’re now seeing from entertainment, education and enterprise. We also have some fun talking about what impact the blockbuster movie, Ready Player One, might have on the industry. You can connect with Brad at [email protected] To learn more about the VR/AR Association, please visit: http://thevrara.com

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