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Dec. 9, 2015
Kahlil and Henning talk to Ed Finkler about his origin story. Ed tells us about his interested in computers as a user and how to took quite some time for him to become interested in development. He adopted PHP in the early days and also dabbled in JavaScript and Python before returning to PHP. In one of the /dev/hell podcast episodes he reviled that he has suffered from mental illness for most of his life and this gave rise to the Open Sourcing Mental Illness project he is currently involved in. Highlights [00:00:00] Pre Show [00:03:50] Henning introduces Ed Finkler [00:04:22] Space Invaders and Pong [00:10:36] C64, Basic [00:18:15] College, HTML [00:25:40] PHP [00:40:28] Desktop applications [00:45:58] Spaz Twitter client [01:08:26] Python [01:20:24] The MicroPHP Manifesto [01:23:15] /dev/hell [01:26:55] Mental Health Issues [01:43:44] Picks Links Ed Finkler is @funkatron on Twitter RealBasic Xojo Spaz Graph Story The MicroPHP Manifesto /dev/hell OSMI Open Sourcing Mental Illness: Stronger Than Fear Picks Ed's picks: Vern's Reviews Candyman Arch Enemy - Burning Angel Henning's picks: Exercise by Raquel Valez Kahlil's picks: cycle.js Got feedback/suggestions/questions? Get in touch with us! @descriptivepod Descriptive on Slack Kahlil Lechelt - @kahliltweets Henning Glatter-Götz - @hglattergotz
Nov. 4, 2015
Show Notes & Links Kahlil and Henning talk to Jafar Husain about his origin story. If you listen to any episode of Descriptive make it this one! This is the must-listen story in which Jafar takes us from batch programming Doom to writing JavaScript on the server before anyone else to many "failures" and victories to finally creating Falcor at Netflix which brings together all the lessons he learned along the way. Highlights [00:00:00] Pre-show [00:03:50] Kahlil introduces Jafar Husain [00:04:09] Batch programming to run Doom on 486SX [00:05:11] Turing the programming language [00:08:58] First contact with JavaScript [00:15:57] Writing JavaScript on the server [00:20:46] Meta programming in JavaScript [00:22:27] .NET [00:24:36] Learning non-programming skills [00:34:10] Microsoft Office Platform for Software Development [00:41:48] A programming language is yet another tool [00:44:27] Getting into the web at Blast Radius [00:45:54] Paradigm shifts - Data is Code and Code is Data [01:07:00] Getting on the Silverlight team [01:17:26] What is the difference between an Event and a Stream? [01:28:19] Bringing RX to Netflix [01:31:18] Falcor [01:49:19] You need to be a triple threat as a developer [01:58:48] Go find a great manager [01:59:37] How to externalize passion [02:05:02] Picks Links Jafar Husain is @jhusain on Twitter Turing, the programming language) Rich Hickey - "Simple Made Easy" Transcript of "Simple Made Easy" F# Erik Meijer Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs video series Programming with Circles, Triangles and Rectangles ReactiveX Falcor Reactive programming on Frontend Masters Picks Jafar's picks: React Clojure ClojureScript node.js Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs video series Programming with Circles, Triangles and Rectangles Rich Hickey - "Simple Made Easy" Henning's picks: Amazon Prime Music Kahlil's picks: Angular 2 Angular Connect Got feedback/suggestions/questions? Get in touch with us! @descriptivepod Descriptive on Slack Kahlil Lechelt - @kahliltweets Henning Glatter-Götz - @hglattergotz**
Oct. 13, 2015
Show Notes & Links Kahlil and Henning talk to Ashley Williams about her introduction to computers and programming with Logo and HyperCard. Ashley explains how her degrees in philosophy and neuroscience help her reason about program architecture and where her interest in teaching comes from. She becomes the lead instructor at Flatiron School after being rejected as a student, which leads to many different teaching and speaking engagements. Before taking a position at npm, Inc. she also worked at Mozilla and Bocoup. Highlights [00:00:00] Kahlil welcomes Ashley Williams to the show [00:00:58] Logo [00:01:42] HyperCard [00:06:35] Philosophy and Neuroscience [00:22:02] Where @ag_dubs comes from [00:23:46] Teaching [00:35:24] From rejected student to lead instructor [00:42:27] NYC Web Development Fellowship [00:49:44] bocoup [00:51:19] endpoints [00:59:32] APIs and API driven development [01:01:56] Ashley's personal website [01:07:26] Mozilla [01:08:56] Low Cost Education [01:12:02] Conference Talks [01:14:56] npm, Inc. [01:25:18] Writing documentation [01:34:33] Picks Links Ashley Williams is @ag_dubs on Twitter Logo (programming language)) HyperCard HyperCard player "ashley's hypers" "The Server" Flatiron School NYC WEB DEVELOPMENT FELLOWSHIP bocoup endpoints json-api ember-data sails sinatra Ashley's personal site Mozilla Foundation JSConf - If you wish to learn ES6/2015 from scratch, you must first invent the universe npm Trek Glowacki - early documentation on Ember Picks Ashley's picks: Inside Jokes by Daniel Dennet Squatconf MUSIC PICK: Chvrches - Empty Threat Henning's picks: Ember Global meetup Nested Loops No, Really... Robots and JavaScript?! Music: Jamiroquai - Alright Kahlil's picks: React on Web Components JSConf EU 2015 videos CSSConf EU 2015 videos Metalsmith MUSIC PICK: Boris Lechelt Got feedback/suggestions/questions? Get in touch with us! @descriptivepod Descriptive on Slack Kahlil Lechelt - @kahliltweets Henning Glatter-Götz - @hglattergotz
Aug. 18, 2015
Show Notes & Links Henning and Kahlil talk to Steve Francia about his introduction to programming with a Texas Instrument Calculator, Zoop Framework, Blogging, MongoDB, Vim Distributions, Go & Hugo and many other stops in his career up to his current job at Docker and his numerous speaking engagemens on a large variety of topics. Highlights [00:00:26] Henning welcomes Steve Francia to the show [00:01:40] First programming experience with Texas Instruments calculators [00:04:30] C, Pascal, Prolog [00:16:45] Swiched from CS degree to Philosophy [00:20:00] Developed software for Toyota [00:21:16] Zoop Framework [00:28:40] OpenSky [00:37:00] Blogging [00:38:36] MongoDB [00:43:34] Vim Distribution detour [01:00:40] More MongoDB [01:02:49] Go [01:03:47] Hugo [01:16:20] The Go community and OSS communities in general [01:19:28] Docker [01:35:25] MongoDB's large number of programming languages [01:28:50] The Pitch for Docker containers [01:51:48] Picks Links Steve Francia is @spf13 on Twitter Zoop Framework OpenSky Blogging MongoDB spf13-vim Go Hugo Cobra Docker Steve's picks: Badman Under the Red Hood Based on the graphic novel of the same name I Must Say: My Life as a Humble Comedy Legend by Martin Short The Legend of Zelda MUSIC PICK: Less than Jake The Science Of Selling Yourself Short From the album Anthem Album Henning's picks: Google inbox EmberWeekend KarlsruheJS/BeerJS MUSIC PICK: Enjoy the Silence - Depeche Mode Kahlil's picks: People from KarlsruheJS This Week in Startups MUSIC PICK: Sickick Who Needs Keyboards anyway? Got feedback/suggestions/questions? Get in touch with us! @descriptivepod Descriptive on Slack Kahlil Lechelt - @distilledhype Henning Glatter-Götz - @hglattergotz
Aug. 4, 2015
Show Notes & Links Henning and Kahlil talk to Robin Ward, the co-founder of Discourse, the creator of Forumwarz and the Evilest Trout of them all. Robin explains how his interest in forums and the software that powers them leads him to a collaboration with Jeff Atwood to create Discourse. And of course we had to ask how his alias "Evil Trout" came to be. Highlights [00:00:25] Henning welcomes Robin Ward to the show [00:01:20] Introduced to computers via IBM's first PC [00:02:32] Kings Quest [00:06:40] First job as a web developer at $15/h [00:15:16] Discovered Ruby on Rails [00:16:06] Forumwarz [00:32:20] Jeff Atwood talks about Forumwarz ... [00:33:28] Discourse [00:47:20] Ember forums - first user of Discourse [00:53:43] Ember.js mobile performance of Discourse [01:05:44] Gamification/trust levels in Discourse [01:09:42] The "Evil Trout" alias [01:14:02] Picks Links Robin Ward is @eviltrout on Twitter Forumwarz Discourse Robin's picks: Amy Schumer It follows Blood Meridian by Cormac McCarthy MUSIC PICK: In Colour by Jamie XX Henning's picks: The end of Single Page Apps by Chris Tse PHPStorm by JetBRAINS MUSIC PICK: Nelly Furtado - Say it Right Kahlil's picks: Jafar Husain: Async Programming in ES7 | JSConf US 2015 RxJS - The Reactive Extensions for JavaScript Reactive Podcast MUSIC PICK: Lethal Bizzle Fester Skank Remix ft Stormzy, Fuse ODG & Wretch 32 Got feedback/suggestions/questions? Get in touch with us! @descriptivepod Descriptive on Slack Kahlil Lechelt - @distilledhype Henning Glatter-Götz - @hglattergotz
June 29, 2015
Show Notes & Links Henning and Kahlil have an interesting and amusing conversation with Steve Klabnik about his origins as a programmer and how he got involved in Ruby, JSON API and Rust. Highlights [00:01:30] Henning welcomes Steve Klabnik to the show [00:04:30] Learning C at age 12-ish [00:13:03] Dropped out of college and joined a startup [00:41:50] Taking over the Hackety Hack project [00:47:50] First conference talk [00:50:10] Teaching Ruby at Jumpstart Labs [01:04:01] Starting at Mozilla and working on Rust [01:12:05] [01:13:00] The story of JSON API [01:22:35] Hold on! How does that Mozilla gig work? [01:26:40] The Servo Parallel Browser Project [01:29:47] Why Rubyists should use Rust [01:36:45] Picks [01:57:00] I will be unlocking my Twitter in the near future Links Steve Klabnik is @steveklabnik on Twitter JSON API Rust Are We Web Yet? Steve's picks: Tropical Ruby 2015 - Keynote: The Soul of Software by Avdi Grimm Netrunner House of Leaves MUSIC PICK: Against Me! Reinventing Axl Rose Henning's picks JSON Server: Get a full fake REST API with zero coding in less than 30 seconds (seriously) Mystery Show Podcast Shohin Bonsai by Morten Albek (currently out of print) (One of my trees (about 15cm tall)) MUSIC PICK: Pharrell Williams - Happy Kahlil's picks: Jake Archibald's perf video Polymer 1.0 Dgeni MUSIC PICK: On the Bible feat. TI and Zuse
May 15, 2015
Show Notes & Links Raquel talked to Kahlil about getting into robots, transitioning to web development, working at several startups and landing at npm inc. as employee #1. Raquel also goes into what it was like to rebuild npm's website and the different challenges they are facing at npm because of the explosive growth. Raquel is @rockbot on Twitter Raquel's website npm private modules (get 1 month free with coupon code "rockbot-descriptive", valid till June 1st) Raquel's talk from 2014: Evolution of a Developer Raquel's picks: Peepresearch JavaScript For Cats Slack MUSIC PICK: Tainted Love radio station on Pandora Kahlil's picks: Building a Simple Command Line Tool With npm Clove Essential Oil First Aid Git MUSIC PICK: Daler Mehndi - Tunak Tunak Tun super weird Tunak Tunak Tun Vine video NEW: Chat with us on Slack!
May 7, 2015
Show Notes & Links Henning and Kahlil talk to Pascal about what's going on with Angular, how internationalisation works it's way into core and what he and his business partner are doing with Thoughtram. Corrections Just after we recorded this episode parts of the Angular 2 API, that we talked about, have changed as you can see here and here. There are no terms like 'Decorator' and 'Viewport' directives anymore. As mentioned in this episode, the framework provides ES7 decorators formerly known as AtScript Annotations. If you want to find out more about the difference between Annotations and Decorators, read Pascal's corresponding article. Links Pascal is @pascalprecht on Twitter Thoughtram Angular and i18n - The New World Pascal's picks Lee Byron, Facebook on Immutable Data and React Angular Gitter Chat Microsoft Edge Henning's picks Startup Podcast Goose Island Burbon County Stout Overcast Podcast App Kahlil's picks Elevator.js Daredevil Tomorrow
April 15, 2015
Show Notes & Links Rachel talked to Kahlil about how she got interested in programming after her philosophy major, how she ended up at GitHub, what RailsBridge and the Passions Projects are and what her talk at SoCoded Conf will be about. Rachel is @rachelmyers on Twitter and on GitHub SoCoded Conf 2015 Starfish organisation blog post RailsBridge RailsBridge Curriculum Passion Projects Rachel's picks: Jetboil – Flash Cooking System – SAPPHIRE Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs, second edition Feminism is for Everybody MUSIC PICK: Tayler Swift – Shake it Off Kahlil's picks: Good sound engineers @horse_js Git (10 years!) MUSIC PICK: Major Lazer – Roll The Bass (lyrics video)
April 10, 2015
Show Notes & Links Henning and Kahlil talk about a document and Angular 2's architecture that was floating around on the internet recently. Angular 2 Rendering Architecture Angular 2 Built on TypeScript Henning's picks: Lammily Unlocator TMUX