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Sound Advice is a weekly podcast where i answer questions from viewers, you can learn anything from your first chords for guitar, building a recording studio or even making a website for your band.
It's where i get to share my many years of experience from working in the music industry.
I really hope you enjoy it and find the information useful.
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Sept. 18, 2015
Add fingerpicking to your tool box with this quick introduction. More episodes & downloads available at
July 14, 2015
Mix and match guitarist's styles with this fun but tricky game. enjoy more episodes available at
June 30, 2015
An easy guide to choosing chords for your song, learning the key of G and using some simple tricks to get a good sounding chord sequence quickly.
June 17, 2015
Quickly find easy hidden chords to use in your songs and give your paying a different flavour.
June 12, 2015
#10 - 2 Minute Tips - The Pentatonic Switcharoo! This episode looks at fixing a common soling mistake. The backing track and worksheet are both available at;
June 4, 2015
Jazz up your pentatonic scale and learn a little about how scales are affected by chords in this quick lesson. backing track and worksheet at: Thanks for listening..
May 27, 2015
New short audio guitar tuition podcast. This week is about BB King's ability to speak volumes with just one note. Backing track available from
Nov. 8, 2013
In Episode #7 of the Sound Advice podcast i look at finding notes on the guitar quickly with the octave map along with an introduction to finger picking. worksheet available from the website.
Sept. 30, 2013
In this episode i take a look at making better sounding solos by hitting the root notes and using the defining notes within each scale, or "magic notes" as i like to call them.
Sept. 30, 2013
In this episode i look at the CAGED system of playing barre chords.
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