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May 26, 2016
Rusty Radio 6 with by posix4e
March 8, 2016
Rusty radio episode 5. Teaching Operating Systems by posix4e
March 2, 2016
Many thanks to Andrew Hobden for being our guest this week, and Alex’s couch for being our studio! Here are your show notes: August Bay Area Rust Meetup on Distributed Systems: Octavo: rust-metrics: Raft-rs: Paxos: Apache Zookeeper: mio: capnproto-rust: GJ: Eventual: #raft on
March 2, 2016
Hearty thanks to our devtools specialists Christian Hergert, Nathan Sobo, and Phil Dawes for being our guests this week! Handy links for the show: Rust 1.2: Videos and slides from RustCamp: rust-cpp: Atom: Racer: Builder: rust-gnome/gtk: Rust CI: Crater:
March 2, 2016
We got 2k hits for this podcast which is pretty scary. We had a 1.1 release of rust Rust camp: We raised thousands of dollars for diversity attendants at rust camp! Rust camp is sold out! The BART tube will be closed Cool tools that got released: <- Capgun is a simple utility that watches files and fires a specified command when they do We now have a patch to closures on a thread pool in eventual. Hooray! Hyper now supports http 2.0 which is prety exciting! trust – automatically runs tests when changes are detected! Changes to the language: MSVC undwinding support final comment: The net ppackage to bind low level interfaces is in it’s final comment period. final comment: closure sugar final comment macros in types New RFCS: There’s now a anonymous placehold liftime new rfcs: no_std stable new rfcs: allow changing the default allocator Meetup mozilla Rust in production –
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