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Sept. 19, 2016
In this episode, Ari and Andy discuss writing, governing, and executing 'Bring Your Own Everything' (BYOE) policies. How do you strike a balance that ensures no one - customers, staff, or security - want to drop-kick you for over-complicating their lives? Also, can we get wifi on this vintage typewriter or what? (
Aug. 29, 2016
In this episode, Ari, Commanda, and Andrew Seavey dive into the Service Desk, horror stories and all. Learn how to staff your service desk with the right people, measure the behavior that's ACTUALLY important (sorry, vanity metrics), and implement quick fixes that will see your service improve in a matter of weeks - sometimes days. Also jokes - because of course. (
Aug. 8, 2016
Special guest Andy Rivers, former ACIO of the University of Tennessee, talks cyber security best practice and governance with Ari. Lindsey makes a gorgeous tin foil hat. (
July 27, 2016
Our panel of two newly-minted ITIL Experts and one veteran explore the many ways professional calamity could have been avoided had they known then what they know now. (
July 11, 2016
Welp, this week got away from us with the holiday and all. We're happy to report, however, that Ari and Lindsey put together a preview of next week's episode complete with (too many) terrible jokes and some minor robot-arm-related assault. (
June 27, 2016
In this episode, Lindsey and Ari interview Joseph Thompson, a Library Scientist/Cherwell Developer (probably the only one on the planet if we had to guess) about knowledge management. Hear the whole story, going all the way back to when a "bug" actually meant cleaning a moth from the machine. (
June 13, 2016
In which Ari & Erika bring on special guest and Service Catalog designer extraordinaire, Commanda, and get her advice on how to tackle what can seem like an overwhelming project without losing your mind completely. (
May 31, 2016
In this live episode, our hero, Ari Stowe, interviews three speakers (namely, Chad Sheridan, Matt Hooper, and Carlos Casanova) at the Beyond20 SIXTEEN ITSM DevOps Conference. Get their take on DevOps as a fad, organizational culture and leadership, and which cues IT should be taking from "the business". Also, Lindsey discusses her questionable food storage habits, which is neither here nor there. (
May 20, 2016
In which we sit down with the great Carlos Casanova, Author of "The CMDB Imperative", Data Security Expert, Cross-Fitter, and possible future children's book author.
April 20, 2016
We interviewed the amazing Matt Hooper, ITSM Evangelist with LANDESK, and the result was an amazingly insightful conversation spanning from the death of ITIL to the rise of DevOps - and everything between (including breakdancing and the finer points of changing a light bulb). Enjoy! (

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