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Your journey begins at our website, where you’ll find podcast 37 at the beginning of our travel podcast
Experience the islands with Cullen, meet local whisky makers, and linger over a glass or two. Find out what drives these passionate people, and why their whiskies are so unique.
Join us as we walk and talk our way around on this very unique journey.

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Jan. 30, 2018
Join us for our interview with Wendy Kendall from Waiheke Herbs on our journey to discover New Zealand Gourmet food. Making our way from Auckland, New Zealand to Waiheke island – the second-largest island in the Hauraki Gulf of New Zealand. Located just 35 mins by ferry from Auckland Cullen makes his way to Waiheke Island to learn more from the shores of Oneroa beach.The trip to Waiheke Island passes the wild coastlines of other islands and is a popular destination for Auckland locals and international visitors to New Zealand seeking New Zealand Gourmet food. Waiheke Herbs as a business grew organically from long lunches with friends and family who were impressed by the herb spread and other tasty products. All made with a blend of healthy herbs in olive oil. The spread is made at Rangihoua Estate which produces some of New Zealand’s best olive oil winning international awards. Rangihoua estate also hosts many tours to show them how the olive oil is made and to taste the many flavours. The herb spread recipe took over a year to develop in 2004, and after many iterations, it has stood the test of time. It was important to Wendy the spread could be made from perennial herbs that could be picked fresh throughout the year across all seasons including a few wild herbs from the local environment.Some of the Herbs are grown at Wendy’s herbs gardens on Waiheke, and others come from organic growers in Auckland. Waiheke Herbs also branched out into an aioli made with a combination of the herb spread also, free-range eggs and capers which is now very popular. Beautiful Calendula flowers – the petals feature in the Herb Spread and have medicinal qualities. While it has been compared to a pesto, it has no cheese, basil or nuts so its one of the few spreads people with allergies can have, and it’s unique flavour is highly sort after by nutritionists and foodies. It is very versatile and can be used to add flavour and nutritional qualities to a wide variety of meals. The gradual process from farmers market to supermarket took a very small numbers of years. People of all ages also enjoy the digestive healthy qualities of the herbs. Many of the herbs have been used since ancient times including those such as parsley which is unusually high in iron among other properties such and vitamin C just to name a few. Organic cider vinegar is also an essential part of some of the products in the range produced by passionate creators for its many health benefits. The people and the passion behind many of the organic ingredients are a vital part of the process. The challenging climate both very hot and dry, then cold and wet, produces the most robust herbs as part of the mix. Health and wellbeing are a core principle of the company supporting sustainable values and organics wherever possible for the environment, locally and globally. Go Green, and Green Living, have been just two of the many trade shows that have helped launch Waiheke Herbs across New Zealand. While the Waiheke Herbs herb spread has been a favourite for many locals, visitors now from around the world seeking more and more authentic gourmet New Zealand food experiences are quick to discover Waiheke Herbs on their culinary journey. Wendy' desire to develop a range of products using 100% natural and delicious ingredients began in a unique and wild way. Wild weeds and native plants were central to the artisan story of creating a range of herb spreads and skin care products. In part one of our two-part interview Wendy unpacks the adventure...
Nov. 29, 2017
Chris takes us through some of the stories that hail from the China Terrace, where the China Terrace Pinot noir is grown. In part 3 of our story on the New Zealand Gourmet Wines from Gibbston valley, Chris walks us through some of the wines we have sampled over lunch. View the images for this podcast from inside iTunes  We then continue our story with more details on the wines from Gibbston Valley's historic Home Block vineyard and a history of some of the Gourmet Wines we sample throughout lunch. Many activities at Gibbston Valley include the Wine Cave Tour Winery & Cave tour Tour, Lunch & Transport Prestige Wine Tour Two Course lunch and tour To name a few of the packages that can be found on the Gibbston Valley winery tours website The Gibbston Valley wine club Offers quarterly shipments of wines with good regular savings also New Zealand Gourmet Wine Start at the begginng of our gourmet wine storty with part one Follow on the journey as we look further into the history and culture  of these local wines in part two The EATT Magazine Travel Podcast winner of the 2017 Cast Away Australian Podcast Awards most popular vote category in Lifestyle, Health and Wellness. The Gibbston Valley Winery Restaurant is Open daily from 12 p.m to 3 p.m. Located only 25 minutes from Queenstown, Gibbston Valley Winery Restaurant merges stunning surroundings with a mix of indoor and outdoor options. Bookings are recommended for groups and is also available for private evening functions at the Gibbston Valley Winery Restaurant  Flights into Queenstown are available from Air New Zealand  Jetstar Qantas  Find more flights to Queenstown today 
Nov. 16, 2017
Join Chris and Cullen for lunch EATT Gourmet with a Pinot from Central Otago where before lunch even starts Chris spills a few beans about the naming of the Bendigo region, home of the Bendigo wines. Bendigo wine a the name of a block of vines known as the Gibbston Valley Winery Bendigo West Vineyard and the Bendigo east vineyard. The Gibbston Valley Winery Restaurant merges stunning surrounds with the elegant beauty of wine and food. Prepared by Head Chef Anthony Gradiska, the seasonal menu features carefully-selected ingredients that reflect local flavours and expertly match The Gibbston Valley wines. Bendigo wines The site is staggeringly bright, beautiful and precisely positioned to produce wines that elicit, exude and exceed in their class on complexity with a depth that's drawn deep from within this glacially carved landscape. The Gibbston Valley Winery, Bendigo wine region consists of the Bendigo West Vineyard located at an altitude of 400 meters, and the Schoolhouse is the highest of the Bendigo Vineyards giving both spectacular wines and views from its grand and majestic place within the valley. Its gradual gently sloping North face is remarkably frost resistant in this ancient looking landscape which lies adjacent to the original School building which formed an important part the heart the local Bendigo community. The stark beauty of this vineyard, created by a unique combination of compounded finer glacial outwash and schist soils add brilliantly to the much later and more cooling ripening process of the grapes. This impact on the grapes and vine as the early autumn colours of Central Otago are just emerging. Interestingly for those of you who don’t know some of the varied origins of the name Bendigo here are a few that may or may not come as a surprise From the Collins dictionary states A city in SE Australia, in central Victoria: founded in 1851 after the discovery of gold. Pop: 68 715 (2001) Translations include Bendigo Spanish बेंडिगो Hindi Bendigo Latin Bendigo Norwegian 本迪戈Chinese The wines from the Bendigo region Each of The wines from the Bendigo region packs a unique aspect of the site and soil. School House Vineyard Starting at the School House Vineyard where the flavour Profile is elegant, concentrated, perfumed and mineral. Soil: weathered and windblown fine schist loess above moronic gravel debris and a calcareous layer Variety: Single Vineyard Pinot Noir, Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris Characteristic: Our highest altitude vineyard with steep gradient, complex soil and spectacular views Flavour Profile: Wines are elegant, concentrated, perfumed and mineral China Terrace Vineyard Where the Flavour Profile is abundantly ripe red fruits, structured and savoury  Soil: loess and sand over glacial outwash and schist Variety: Single Vineyard Pinot Noir, Pinot Noir, and Chardonnay Characteristic: Complex Soil that contains more nutrients and moisture Flavour Profile: Wines are abundant in red fruits, structured and savoury Ardgour Vineyard Where the flavour profile is a robust, fruit driven and inherently very much Central Otago Soil: loess and sand over alluvial gravel Varietals: Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris Characteristics: windswept and remote Flavour profile: Wines are robust, fruit driven and inherently Central Otago Red Shed east & west Soil: loess and sand over alluvial gravel Variety: Pinot Noir, Pinot Blanc, and Riesling Characteristics: Gravelly warm sites that ripen early
Oct. 31, 2017
In part two of our interview with Mark, we get more great tips on discounts in and around Queenstown on the EATT Magazine Travel Podcast He also gives us insights into a discounted site of things to do in and around Queenstown including some great deals on various attractions from cruises to helicopter tours and discounted restaurants around New Zealand partaking in a program where you get up to 50% off the food bill for two to four diners.        A collection of images from around the lake   Stunning views at every turn on a flight from Melbourne, Australia From Milford Sound to Skydiving, Eco Tours and wine tours this website is so well known by locals, and now by more and more travellers new deals, activities and attractions are added reguarly.   The first website is First Table Where confirmations are soon emailed out once payment has been completed.     The restaurant chooses the days or times it's available so that you can clearly make a booking a head of time.    The second website is bookme Which allows you to find deals as well as book activities with lots of  awesome things to do around Queenstown The EATT Magazine Travel Podcast is in the process of updating its travel podcast menu, and today we are pleased to add these two new discount sites to the menu for you.     Cast Away Australian Podcast Awards most popular vote in Lifestyle, Health and Wellness The EATT Magazine Travel Podcast
Oct. 25, 2017
Fortunately when looking for visitor information in Queenstown, New Zealand a fair bit of story is packed into things to see and do, luckily we catch up with local Mark Houliston who shares a few quick tips on Queenstown and the surrounding area. Mark explains how you can get quickly orientated in Queenstown as well as refreshed at some of his favorite local watering holes. He is passionately connected to the landscape and characters that help to make Queenstown a very sought after destination for people from around the world. From people who love mountain biking and bungee jumping heli-skiing adventure holidays makers right through to the wine aficionados struggling to make their way through the menu list of some of Queenstown's best restaurants. Why not get yourself acquainted when you arrive with the local stories and history when you arrive to the visitor information centre in Queenstown. Finding the answer on what to do is different for everyone and so as part of this challenge we were able to garner just a few of the many reasons in this podcast interview as Mark outlines some of Queenstown’s unique attractions. His insights include sharing a few top tips on websites to visit for great deals on everything from restaurants to accommodation. To get more details on Queenstown and what to do from Queenstown's only official Visitor Information Centre and part of the nationwide Tourism New Zealand and Government approved i-SITE Network. The website provides comprehensive, impartial information and booking service updates not only for Queenstown but also Fiordland, Southland, Otago, West Coast, Nelson, and Canterbury plus all of New Zealand for accommodation, activities, attractions and travel bookings. Planning and booking your Queenstown holiday, package or activity is simple with local guides and advice and with the visitor information in Queenstown exploring is now so comfortable with local experts knowledge of Queenstown and Fiordland in a natural, friendly way that exemplifies the New Zealand travel experience and stay tuned for more visitor information from Queenstown in part two of the podcast withj great discount websites from Mark. Thirsty for a little more ?  Cast Away Australian Podcast Awards most popular vote Lifestyle Health Wellness EATT Magazine Podcast
Sept. 23, 2017
Join Cullen with Christopher Keys the Winemaker from Gibbston Valley making great wines from inside his cave making wine slowly with one taste at a time.   View images from your iTunes device for this podcast here    Click Here to Subscribe Arriving at the Gibbston Valley winery looking for more great wines, just a few miles from Queenstown is a unique experience. The vineyard is tucked beautifully into the mountainside drenched in the warm baking sun of central Otago, cradling a beautiful outdoor restaurant that forms a warm and inviting array of spaces that act as comfortable tasting houses. From the time you arrive at the bottom of the long drive with vines either side, you can sense the experiences ahead will be something unique. Good Wine, Food and Living Is a motto here inside one of the region’s unique and founding wineries, the focus has always been on handcrafting great wines while honouring the traditions that have built up over time since releasing Central Otago's first commercial vintage in 1987. Gibbston Valley wines are unfined, unfiltered and sustainably produced. The ruggedly-beautiful and incredibly diverse setting stands out as the warm and friendly staff are inspired by the pursuit of good wine, good food and what they like to call good living. Christopher Keys has an artistic background in both languages and literature, and his life took an unexpected turn when he ventured into life as a winemaker. From 1998 to 2006, he worked in wineries in Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand the USA and France; a period notable for soaking up as much wine knowledge as possible. Christopher oversees the wine-making at Gibbston Valley, often with a camera in hand to engage his other passion, photography. Gibbston valley offers an experience wine tasting in New Zealand's largest wine cave Daily wine cave and tasting tours are hosted and provide an opportunity where you can visit the Home Block, the region's oldest vineyard, do a tasting in the wine cave and catch a glimpse of the winemakers in action. For a more exclusive experience, upgrade to one of their great wine private tour options. The wine cave is also available for private functions including weddings, corporate dinners, and other special events. More details can be found at And More Queenstown podcasts can also be found here  The EATT Magazine Travel Podcast winner of the 2017 Cast Away Australian Podcas...
Aug. 23, 2017
In part two of our travel podcast, we continue our conversation with Maryann at The Winery discovering how New Zealand wineries are leading in new wine time trends.   Click Here to Subscribe Looking at a map of Queenstown in New Zealand The Winery is situated right in the centre of town, and leading in an innovate trend not just among the locals but also with many visitors when it comes to wine time. See the images for this podcast from within iTunes by following this link  on New Zealand wineries wine time trends. Emerging from what some might compare to, but not quite like “the slow food movement” where your tasting time becomes much more of a down time and where time, in fact, becomes an essential part of the entire experience. What exactly is the rush anyway? Many visitors to this part of the world are often disarmed by the awe-inspiring “Middle-earth feeling” that comes with the remarkable view, unrelenting as soon as you disembark at the airport. This breathtaking experience slows down even the fastest city slicker seeking adventure immediately on arrival. In essence, this wine time machine has somehow been decanted into the enclave of The Winery. So much so you might not notice yourself easing into the chair beside you or not see yourself in the mirrored glass quietly heading for your next tasting, at such an early part of the day. But let's face it, it is in fact so much more than that. It interrupts your day, delays your restaurant booking, emails lay unchecked, text messages denied and tomorrows events ultimately end up somehow redesigned or rescheduled and why not. Suddenly in the clarity of a single glass in one hand and nothing in the other you realise something critical. You are on vacation; you're on holiday, you have reached your true north, your last destination, your very own wine time.   About The Winedub  The Winedub is an original 1958 split screen VW single cab pickup that was fully restored over 15 months.  The Winedub has been fitted out with our Enomatic Wine Serving System so that 46 different wines to be served - by the taste, half or full glass.           More details on The Winery and the WineDub can be found at As tourist numbers to New Zealand continue to grow, the WineCaseNZ app has just been released so that visitors can easily select, purchase and ship a mixed case of their favourite wines back home. WineCaseNZ has over 500 of the country’s top wines from more than 100 wineries spanning from Waiheke Island though to Central Otago and every wine region in between. WineCaseNZ ships to more than 40 countries across the world with a fully inclusive service covering insurance, duties, taxes and guaranteed delivery to your door.
July 31, 2017
Start your journey in Queenstown, New Zealand at the single place you can taste over 80 of New Zealand's best wines at The Winery.   Click Here to Subscribe The Winery is situated in Beach St. Queenstown, New Zealand The Winery has the largest tasting of New Zealand wines in the world, and so it holds many of the great wines from local wineries all over New Zealand. Award winning, single vineyard and reserve wines are selected from many of the boutique wineries right across New Zealand.   Click Here to Subscribe   New Zealand Sparkling wine Image by Cullen  - IBC Tasting is a great experience at The Winery where you can sample many of the wines with the simple push of a button.This express self-service allows you to serve yourself, wine, Champagne, sparkling wine, Whisky, Port and Sherry by either a pure taste a half a glass or a full glass depending on what you fancy.   New Zealand Pinot noir IBC Over 700 wines are stocked so you can buy your favourite wines and ship them to over 30 countries with our door-to-door delivery service.   Relax and unwind in the comfort of the leather lounge chairs as you enjoy award-winning local cheeses with delicious platters of salami’s, bread and olive oil.   The CLASSIC CHEESE BOARD Consists of four artisan Whitestone Cheese's served with crackers, ciabatta bread, honeycomb, quince paste, roast cherry chutney, dukkah and extra virgin olive oil with a dash of balsamic. The Winery has created a unique Honey Hive working with carefully selected New Zealand honey producers.   IBC The Honey Hive specialises in premium quality Manuka, honey.   IBC   Our boutique producers source single varietal honey directly from artisan beekeepers. You can taste some of the honey’s too for free.     New Zealand white wine Sauvignon blanc     IBC You can garner more details from  and you can also buy New Zealand wine online from ships to over 40 countries world wide including New Zealand, Australia, Austria, Belgium, China, Czech Republic Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland Portugal, Puerto Rico, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Korea Spain, Sweden, Switzerland,
July 16, 2017
Discover Queenstown's Altitude Brewing. Altitude Brewing was born in 2013, high in New Zealand’s striking Southern Alps. Click Here to Subscribe Conceived over many years by a love of crafting fine ales, the brewery finally came to life under the auspices of Queenstown-bred local, Eliott Menzies who had a desire to share his passions with the world. Discover Queenstown's images for this podcast from iTunes.…ns-ultimate-beer/    Inspired by the varied history, the wildlife, the snow and the peaks of Queenstown and the Southern Alps, he set out to craft something that not only tasted great, but captured the area’s essence. The brewery and its range has grown up over the years and now produces a wide range of award winning beers across many styles. Varieties like the Mischievous Kea IPA and Powder Day pilsner are lent there names by the local environment and help Altitude Brewing stay true to who they are. This is emphasised by a donation program that means that part of every beer sold is donated back to local charities. Altitude beers are now available in most parts of New Zealand but the focus is always on quality and consistency. "people know our beers for what they are - and we don't want to change that" says Eliott. Newly opened is a taproom in Queenstown where you can taste the whole range and seasonal releases whilst watching the beer being made. The next time you discover Queenstown try the mischievous kea.  Named after the most intelligent bird in the world, our native Kea, this is a cheeky, vibrant and characterful beer; just like its namesake. The beer is a complex hybrid, mixing the New World hop-forward and the Old-English toasty and bitter IPA styles. A judiciously selected blend of four Kiwi hops keep it native. Six different malts and a closely monitored mash schedule give the beer its full and robust body which is needed to maintain balance with the hops. To keep the recipe safe we stashed our only copy in a summit register somewhere in the Southern Alps.    Lake Wakatipu, Queenstown Images by Cullen   Flight to Queenstown, New Zealand   Images by Cullen     Lake Wakatipu Queenstown, New Zealand  Images by Cullen   Images by Cullen Images by Cullen Images by Cullen Images by Cullen Images by Cullen Images by Cullen Fireflies, Lakeside Images by Cullen Another photographer visiting Queenstown Shared works  Shared works  /*
June 25, 2017
Welcome to the EATT Magazine podcast winner of the 2017 Cast Away Australian Podcast Awards most popular vote category in Lifestyle, Health and Wellness. Itunes link to the images in this podcast The Sydney exhibit of Spiders Alive and Deadly at the Australian Museum are a hot ticket this holidays as the Sydney exhibit ends on the 16th of July. At the Spiders – Alive & Deadly exhibition the Tarantulas have arrived for visitors who will be transported to the subterranean home of the ancient Tasmanian Cave Spider through augmented reality, compete in a mating dance ritual with a Peacock Spider, experience up close the Golden Orb weaving spider and their huge webs in the cobweb room, be captivated by large groups of the Australian Huntsman Spider – the world’s only communal spider family – living together, and witness live ‘venom-milking’ conducted on a daily basis by AM experts in the ‘Venom Lab.’ “The venom collected will be given to the venom databank at the University of Queensland – the largest venom databank in the world – where it will be utilised by medical researchers for potential pain medications and anti-cancer treatments,” Dr. Rebecca Johnson, Director of the Australian Museum Research Institute said. Image: Maratus volans male Jurgen Otto Breakthrough research on spider silk technology will also be introduced to visitors. Despite their gossamer appearance, spider silk ranks amongst the toughest and most durable material in the world. Currently being developed are biodegradable fishing lines, medical sutures and protective armour cloth. From Spider-Man to Charlotte’s Web, spiders have inspired films, books, jewellery, tattoos and even clothing. But their evolutionary success in our ecosystem is just as fascinating. “Spiders are unique and talented creatures that are capable of astonishing things.” Catherine Timbrell, Project Manager, Exhibitions said “They inhabit every continent except Antarctica and are able to survive in environments that range from deserts to rain forests to our crowded cities. They can climb trees, survive falls, swim, parachute, spin webs and they can even give up a limb when in danger and then grow it back.” “In the spider world of ‘eat or be eaten,’ we encourage visitors to marvel at the clever techniques used by predators of all sizes - including little-known defensive mechanisms such as mimicry and noise-making - to hunt and kill their next meal from ambush and suffocation to camouflage, super senses and cannibalism.” Timbrell said. Cullen is then taken into one of the spiders chambers where Cathrine places his head inside the spider dome where he he gets up close with the spiders hurriedly building their webs just centimeters from him. Catherine eventually releases Cullen into the wild where he scurries from the museum across into Hyde park through the night noodle market towards a birthday party preparing to quickly digest something light before disappearing underground at the Sydney Town hall for his next encounter. Spiders alive and deadly exhibition which opens from the 29 October, 2016 – 16 July 2017 at the Australian museum in Sydney The Spider podcasts alive and deadly have been brought to you by The EATT magazine podcast as a preview to the city of Sydney stories soon to be released in 2017 Start your journey from the beginning and join the travel podcast here at number 37