Meditation Break with Mary Phelan

Meditation Break with Mary Phelan
By Mary Phelan
About this podcast
Many people do not meditate daily because they feel they do not have the time to, so in answer to this, I have created Meditation Break! Each meditation takes less time then having a cup of coffee, so if you have time for a coffee break, you have time for a meditation break!

Mary Phelan is the co-host of the popular metaphysical television show, Telepathic TV (airs in the Washington D.C. area and online). She is well known as an Intuitive Reader, Spiritual Empowerment Coach, Seichim Master Teacher and author of the Chakra Affirmation Cards, Inner Wisdom Cards, Spirit Animal Cards, Mary's Magical Message Cards and the Relationship Cards. She holds regular workshops on Psychic Development, Dream Interpretation, Tarot, EFT and Mayan Astrology.

For those that are looking for a more in depth study of meditation techniques, check out the Meditation Techniques online class at and on
Latest episodes
Aug. 3, 2014
This is a guided meditation for Healing. Open up to the power that is moving through you all the time. Open up to receiving miraculous healing now. This is a good meditation to do when going to bed at night or when you have 30 minutes of uninterrupted time.
July 7, 2014
Join Mary Phelan for her weekly conference call! The formatted in 3 segments, a coming together of intention, a meditation technique to practice for the week and a guided meditation. The recordings are approximately 30 minutes each. This call includes, the 'Feeling' meditation technique, the guided meditation is, "The Waterfall of Healing" and a joining together to clean the radiation from the Japan leak.
April 20, 2013
This is a guided meditation to open, expand and heal the heart and the emotional body.
April 5, 2013
In this non-guided meditation, you will be listening to the Quartz Crystal Bowls. In this selection,the full set of bowls are being played at the same time. The combination of notes and harmonies is designed to balance and heal the body, unify the hemispheres of the brain and serve as a spiritual tool for ascension and higher consciousness.
March 7, 2013
This is a guided meditation to assist you to fall asleep and to say asleep for a good night's rest.
Feb. 5, 2013
Guided meditation to assist in breaking through personal blocks.
Dec. 30, 2012
Guided meditation to relax and rejuvenate.
Dec. 30, 2012
Guided meditation to leading you into your inner silence.
Dec. 30, 2012
Guided meditation to relax and rejuvenate.