Dec. 2, 2016
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Dec. 1, 2016
The other day it became vary evident that some traders out there do not feel the same way about trading as I do. I was going back and forth with a trader via email concerning his trading. He was not a new trader, but had been trading for a few years now. He was profitable, but just. His returns were meager at best. But what really really bothered me was that he was satisfied with his meager returns. I said to him “How on earth can you be satisfied with what you are making?”. He responded by saying that “I don’t really need anymore than that. I just need my bills paid. I don’t need to be rich or anything”. OH MY GOODNESS... I lost it! To read the rest of the show notes, please visit:
Nov. 29, 2016
In this episode I go over all of the resources I used years ago when I started to learn how to trade.
Nov. 14, 2016
So many people think and want to start trading with as little as $100. I don't believe that is the best choice. If you only have $100 to invest in the market, something else is wrong. You have income problems. Income is KING! You need to spend time building your income, saving the money and THEN invest it. And there is no point saving money just to save money. The only reason to save money, is to invest it later. Yes you can make gains with $100, but it is almost not even worth it. Heck, if you start out trading $100. And you are a phenomenal trader making 100% per year, at the end of 5 full years, you will only have a total of $3200. And most traders loose money let alone make 100%. At most you are going to make a couple bucks A MONTH. That can be vary disheartening. Instead, save up $10k - $20k minimum and then start trading. In the meantime you can be learning all about trading. Developing your Trading Plan. And be consistent at everything. Until then, Grow your income. Save Your Money. And then Invest.
Nov. 11, 2016
So today we are talking about what really drives the markets. The main things that really drive the markets are: Fundamentals (Employment, Inflation, etc.) Sentiment Technicals (Support and Resistance Levels, etc.) Global Events (Earthquakes, Tsunamis, War, etc) Commodities (Oil, Gold, etc.) There are other factors that drive and move the currency market as well such as how the stock market is doing. All these factors have to be taken into account when trading. If you are planning on trading the Canadian dollar, but are not paying attention to what is going on with oil, you can land yourself in a whole world of trouble and potentially loose a ton of money.
Nov. 9, 2016
This is not a "standard" episode. This is just a special edition epsiode where I discuss my thoughts on the election and talk about the new President-Elect Donald Trump.
Oct. 29, 2016
So in todays episode I cover a very basic question that I recieved via email. This is on the terms what does going long and going short mean in trading.
Oct. 10, 2016
Hello everyone, First let me start off by telling you, if you haven’t noticed the change yet which I’m sure you have, but we have gone through some changes recently. As you can tell not just the icon image of the podcast has changed but the name of the podcast has changed as well. This is part of a huge rebranding project that we are doing. So besides the podcasts name and image changing our website is changing as well. Our website will no longer be It is now going to be And all our social media is changing around it too. So things like Twitter will be and so forth. But an easier way to get to our social media will be to go to and whatever social platform you are wanting. There is so much going on. We have been in the planning stages for a couple of months now on this whole rebranding issue. We are also designing a whole host of products just for you. We are going to be trying to get back to doing a daily podcast, although that is in the future a bit. But we are going to flood you with so much valuable content every single day you are going to beg us to stop. And when you do, I am going to give you even more great content. As you may know I have been quite active on social media lately. Things like twitter and Instagram, but I am also going to be doing a ton of Facebook live videos as well. I was using periscope for a while but it is so slow and lags a lot. And on top of it, when I go to download the video to add it on other social networks or YouTube, the audio never sinks up with the video making it look like one of those old chinese movies. So yes, a lot of changes. to name them all again quickly they are: A New podcast name New logo and image for the podcast More content being put out on the podcast and hopefully moving towards a daily show again. More content on social platforms Lots of Facebook Live events New courses and products on the website for everyone And so much more I am really excited about all this. But to get into our topic at hand. I got this question from someone recently asking me if it was possible to make more than 15% per month on their account. On one hand I didn’t really know what to say. The reason is, there are a lot of factors that you have to take into account first. How long you have been trading, the system you are trading, are you good at sticking with your plan and controlling your emotions, stuff like that just to name a few. If I got this question I immediately know that this person is new to trading. Maybe not new new, but has not been trading for years. This is what I can say about the question, there are many many people out there trading and making more than 15% per mouth including myself. This last month September started out not a great month for me, but in the end I still ended the month up 37.6%. My monthly average is around 62.2%. Making 15% per month is actually not that hard. All you need is a winning plan, and be consistent at sticking with that plan. No trade plan or no consistency, no big profits. I am getting money thrown at me DAILY just because I get great returns. And you will too if you get a few things down correctly. Once you really get the hang of trading, have a great trading plan, get your head straight and control your emotions, it will be hard, very hard for you NOT to make more than 15% per month on average. Yes you will have the rare months that you won’t make that. You might even have those rare months that you are in the red. But more than likely you will make more than 15%. This year for me, I have not had a single month where I did not make at least that. So i guess that is all I can really say about that. I just want to thank you all for sticking with me during these times and to let you know I really appreciate you. And hey, if you would like to do something for me, please go over to iTunes and leave me a nice review. I would absolutely love it.
Sept. 27, 2016
Show Notes: How I Became an Overnight Success! Hey my friend. So I just want to apologize for not having a podcast episode the past 2 weeks. I have been so busy getting everything ready for our Ultimate Forex Trading Master Class Course that I just could not keep up with the workload. To give you some example of how much I have been working on this, i’ll tell you that in the last 2 weeks, I have only put on 4 trades. And for those that have been listening to me and know me, you know that is crazy. I am obsessed when it comes to trading. But I feel I have to do whatever it takes to give my students everything to become successful. If you are interested in really learning forex trading, if you are really serious about taking your trading to a whole new level and finally become a successful, competent and consistently profitable trader than go to Over the years I have done many many interviews and talked with countless people that consistently ask me how I became an overnight success. Well… Only Took 16 Years I say that it only took me 16 years to become an overnight success. You see, when a person has never heard of you before all of a sudden learns about you and sees that you are successful, they assume it happened yesterday. They don’t see everything that came before that. They don’t see the years of struggle, failing businesses and sleepless nights. They just see you in a suit with nice watch on and a nice car, and all the money in the world thinking that it just happened overnight last night. Things don’t work that way. HARD F%@&^# WORK I had to bust my butt for 16 years to become somewhat successful. I would wake up (and still do) at 4:30am - 5am every morning even on the weekends, start doing everything I could do that day to further my goals, and end up going to bed at 12:30 - 1am in the morning then getting up the next morning in a couple hours to do it all over again. And there were countless nights that I didn’t even sleep. I would be worrying about something, or just thinking about work and not be able to sleep, even if my body was tired, my mind was still awake. I busted my butt over 100 hours per week every single week, and still continue to keep a schedule rather similar to when I started. You see, I want to be successful. I want to be Rich. But not just rich. I’m rich now. I want to be insanely wealthy. I’m talking about in a few years from now having more than $400 MILLION in the bank. My own private jet. A Dassault Falcon 7X to be more specific. And be able to give millions away to charity constantly. That type of success is what I’m after. And I refuse to except less. And because I have my goals, I have to do Whatever It Takes to achieve them. So if you combine the 16 years I already have given to be where I am at today and the other 11 years it will take to achieve my goals, that is a total of 27 years it took to become successful. No one becomes an actual overnight success. Even if it appears that way. Show me one so called overnight success and I will show you the endless hours, months, and years that person busted their butt to make it happen. Just try and show me just one person. You couldn’t do it. It takes hard fricken work man. HARD WORK! I think I’ve busted my butt more in this business than any other. But I’m ok with that too. You know why? Because this is my passion. I breath Forex. I want to talk about trading 24/7/365. So it is not work for me. I love trading and I am really good at it. I am in the top 2% of traders in the world. You know why, because I figured out what I have to do to be successful and I stick to it. But It didn’t happen over night. And it won’t happen for you overnight either. I know a ton of people think that they are going to be super successful at trading in 3 hours because some “guru” told them they would be. It doesn’t work that way mate. Find out what you need to do to be a success at trading,
Sept. 6, 2016
Show Notes: ** Diversification is for idiots - Mark Cuban** Yes that was said by Mark Cuban the Billionaire. I know that most of you have been sold this idea of diversifying your investments for nearly all of your life. At least those of you that had some sort of financial background whether it be from your parents or schooling. But it is a lie, a myth propelled on you by Wall Street, why, because Wall Street benefits when you diversify. You see, if you have 100 or more investments, you need a professional. And that is why wall street has sold you on diversification. That is the basis that all these big funds are built on. And why Wall Street continues to get so rich. You see, the rich, and I’m talking about the truly wealthy, the top 1%, they go all in on one or two bets. They don’t have a thousand investments. At least not in the beginning. The way they created wealth is they pushed all in. - Grant Cardone I completely believe this and it is what I am doing as well. I am not diversified in 500 different investments. I have two. Multi-family real estate investing and Forex. That’s it! And 99% of my time and my money is spent in forex. And due to not diversifying, I have made an incredible amount of money. I’m not in Stocks, bonds, or options, or commodities like buying gold or silver, and I certainly don’t have any of those crappy mutual funds out there either. I went all in with my currency trading business. And if you want to get ahead, and get ahead fast, then you are going to have to do the same. Cut out all of those other investments that you are doing. You have 30 different stocks, 10 mutual funds, bonds etc, trade those in for your Forex account. Now, I can hear people screaming at the podcast right now. “Whhhhhaaaaattttt????? Is this guy crazy?? Maybe I am. But after studying the truly wealthy people and finding the commonalities between them, and even being personally mentored by a few ridiculously wealthy individuals, I have learned this is what they all do. And if you want to be like them, you have to do what they do. Don’t listen to all these people that have just as much as you do or less try and tell you how to run your life or money. I actually had a conversation the other day with someone that had less than $100 to their name try and talk to me about what I should be doing with my money. This conversation of course sparked this episode. Now don’t get me wrong, I can learn something from anyone. But when someone with no money and no idea about how to get money tries to tell me how to make money and what to do with it, I’m sorry if I don’t fully pay attention to you. I am not being rude, but, well, yeah ok maybe I will be a bit rude. That’s just me. I listen to those that have more than me. That have whatever it is that I want. If I want a billion dollars I need to go associate myself with billionaires and learn from them how to make a billion dollars. Not go to the guy at the quicky-mart to discuss financial topics. If you want to learn something, like forex, since this is a forex podcast, you need to seek someone out that knows about forex that can teach you. But not just someone that knows about it. Someone that is currently doing it and is successful at it. There would be no point in learning forex from someone that was in it 10 years ago that is no longer trading, or someone that was in it that quit because they weren’t successful at it. You have to learn from those that are where you want to be. So getting back on the topic at hand, most of the really successful and wealthy people that I know, and know about have all said the same thing. Don’t diversify. Go all in. So I don’t want you to diversify. Go all in with your education of forex. Learn everything you can from the best people. Then trade and make your wealth. You CAN do it. I know you can. And if you need help with the whole Forex education, I am here for you. In fact, I am going to be holding a personal Online Coaching Grou...

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