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Long Range Pursuit Podcast, presented by Gunwerks, is the authoritative podcast on all things surrounding the science and techniques of long range hunting and shooting. Aaron Davidson and the Gunwerks crew along with a variety of industry expert guests discuss long range and precision rifle topics from hunting to competition tactics, ballistics, gun setup, gear selection, product design, gunsmithing, bullet performance, and a whole lot more.
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May 22, 2018
What is the ideal rifle stock? What role does the stock play in the shooting system and shot execution? We discuss the ins and outs of stock design, engineering and production to help you choose the perfect stock your your next build. We announce the availability of Gunwerks component stocks coming summer 2018. Links: • 2018 Gunwerks Stock Models - https://www.gunwerks.com/stocks • Gunwerks Custom Gun Builder - https://www.gunwerks.com/store/rifles/clymr?customize=1 • Gunwerks Redefines the Rifle Stock - https://youtu.be/qLhiuIFju-A  
May 11, 2018
Landon Michaels, James, Christiansen and Rex Ribelin discuss suppressors and the benefits of shooting, and particularly hunting suppressed. They dive into arguments for and against silencer use, the tax stamp process, and suppressor designs, technology, features and options. What is a suppressor or silencer and how does it work? The merits and benefits for hunting with a suppressor (along with a few of the drawbacks) Suppressor regulation, the HPA (Hearing Protection Act), Suppressors in other countries and will de-regulation ever happen? The Tax Stamp process, trusts, and how to go about it Suppressor design, technology, design and features How to select the right suppressor for your needs The best advice for someone considering getting a suppressor. JUST DO IT! Links: American Suppressor Association The Hearing Protection Act Silencershop Simplifies the Stamp Process Thunderbeast Suppressors SilencerCo Silencers About James Christiansen About Rex Ribelin About Landon Michaels
April 24, 2018
On this episode, host Landon Michaels is joined once again by Gunwerks CEO Aaron Davidson to discuss advanced training for long range shooting with Caylen Wojcik.  Caylen is the Director of Training & Business Development at Gunwerks and served 8 years as a United States Marine Scout Sniper, amassing 80 weeks of formal sniper skills training courses. During his time in the scout sniper community, Caylen served in almost every billet available, as well as serving as a sniper instructor on both basic and advanced levels. He has trained snipers in all branches of the armed forces, as well as dozens of law enforcement agencies. He completed 3 overseas deployments, one of which was a combat deployment where he sustained injuries that led to the end of his military service. [email protected] - Send feedback, questions, and topics you’d like discussed
April 10, 2018
Aaron Davidson shares background and history on the development and origins of the 6.5 PRC and other long range cartridges, including the 7mm LRM with Landon Michaels and Adam Janke. Aaron, Adam and Landon discuss the merits and applications of the cartridge in long range hunting, shooting and competition. The question of longevity and adoption is addressed. Is the 6.5 PRC here to stay or will it go the way of many other wildcats? How Good is The 6.5 PRC For Long Range? Adam Janke, founder of The Journal of Mountain Hunting and host of Beyond the Kill Podcast shares his recent experience with the 6.5 PRC in an ultralight Gunwerks rifle he recently employed with some friends on a mountain goat hunt in British Columbia. Background and Ballistics Aaron gives background on the development of the 7mm LRM and collaboration with Hornady on the 6.5 LRM, which eventually led to the 6.5 PRC. Ballistics and benefits of the cartridge as well as a few of the considerations to make before choosing it for your next cartridge. What Benefits Does it Offer? One of the biggest questions with any new cartridge is Why? Why do we need a new 6.5 when there are a pile of them already on the market? The 6.5 PRC occupies a niche where it is the only 6.5 caliber with quality factory offerings in a short action that reaches the 3,000 FPS muzzle velocity range. It complements the 6.5 Creedmoor very well with a 200+ FPS increase for long range hunting and extended range precision rifle shooting. Is it Here to Stay? What are its chances of this one being around to stay when so many other wildcats have gone the way of the world? Performance has been superb and many have already begun adopting it. With Hornady backing the cartridge and many others coming on board to support, it’s likely that quality components will be easily available for many years to come. The 6.5PRC is very likely here to stay. Links: Gunwerks ClymR in 6.5 PRC as used on Aaron’s Sheep Slam and Adam’s 2018 Hunts Gunwerks Long Range University The Journal of Mountain Hunting Beyond the Kill Podcast Leupold Optics Academy More on the 6.5 PRC from Hornady [email protected] - Send feedback, questions, and topics you’d like discussed
April 5, 2018
On this inaugural episode of the Long Range Pursuit, Gunwerks CEO Aaron Davidson and Digital Marketing Manager Landon Michaels discuss their vision for the podcast and dive into what you can expect from future episodes.  If you'd like to get involved, feel free to send your questions, show ideas and comments to [email protected] And, don't forget to use our Promo Code "LRP" for free shipping on any order from gunwerks.com  Check us out on Facebook, follow us on Instagram and subscribe to our YouTube Channel
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