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Connect with archetypal goddesses and the natural world through yoga and Shamanic Reiki practices that reveal the capable healer you are when you flow as your authentic self. The world needs healers, so join me on the new and full moons to journey into healing space to feel the radiant sacredness of your body and root deeply into Mother Earth. Each episode explores the archetypal energy of a goddess, how that energy can connect you to your own body and the natural world, a shamanic healing technique, and a guided yoga practice to help you embody that energy. Let's flow into the healing space for you, your loved ones, and Mother Earth.
United States
4 episodes
since Apr, 2018


SF04 Isis, Bears, and a Yoga Practice for Fierce Creativity

During the lunar cycle of the Strawberry Moon, join me in getting to know the Egyptian goddess Isis, the mother of all. Find out why black bears mother like Isis and how the US Dept. of the Interior is making it harder for those mother bears. Then unroll your yoga mat for a practice to bring out your fierce creativity.
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