Sine Language

Sine Language
By Bruce Williams and Doc Goldstein
About this podcast
Bruce Williams has been a professional working audio engineer since 1987, primarily in the Australian commercial radio industry. In this informative podcast, Bruce shares his knowledge and experience of recording and mixing techniques and various other audio-related topics.
Doc Goldstein had a long history in Hollywood and brings to the podcast a lifetime of experience in recording studios and audio post production.
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Bruce Williams

Sine Language

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Latest episodes
Feb. 15, 2018
This week, part 2 of our discussion on compression. Greg Anderson sent us a link to this youtube video… the Falcon Heavy launch, as viewed from the top of the Vehicle Assembly Building by a bunch of photographers, all captured in glorious binaural! Grab your favourite set of cans, sit back and enjoy! In the … Continue reading "Episode 172 – Compression pt 2"
Dec. 10, 2017
This week, the first of two (or maybe three?) episodes on dynamic compression. Also, I came across this article about the future of audio and the blockchain. Whilst I’m only just dipping my toes in the waters of cryptocurrencies, I believe blockchain technology IS going to revolutionise copyright ownership in the future. Watch this space. … Continue reading "Episode 171 – Compression part 1"
Nov. 12, 2017
This week, we’re on the chicken scratch tour… a.k.a. we ramble on about just about every topic under the console! But first, a shout out for my man, Mick Rooney, who’s just released an update to AA Translator. If you’ve ever had the need to exchange multitrack session files with someone who uses a different … Continue reading "Episode 170 – The chicken scratch tour"
Oct. 29, 2017
This week, Bruce got retrenched, and Doc is giving his Rode NT1A a crack on the podcast (sounds good!). We discuss recording hand claps, signal flow in a console (3 paths), how you cope with clients who come to the studio with bad ideas, and we address some listener e-mail. On the subject of EQ, … Continue reading "Episode 169 – Back from the dead"
Oct. 15, 2017
The silence is deafening. Tell us what you’d like this podcast to focus on, because right now, we’re unsure as to why we’re not getting any feedback. We love talking about pro audio recording, mixing, mastering and what-not, but we want to know that there is an audience for it. Drop us an e-mail, hit … Continue reading "Episode 168 – We’re on life support"
June 11, 2017
This episode, we talk all about equalizers, filter shapes, and all that other tonal-adjustment type stuff. A couple of links I came up with (if you don’t mind some technical reading) are these: The Rane page on Operator Adjustable Equalizers, and this frequency bandwidth calculator. If you want to follow my European travels, I’m on … Continue reading "Episode 167 – EQ"
June 11, 2017
Running 24 hours late, but it’s on its way!
May 21, 2017
This episode, Doc dives into the hardware specs of some of his favourite pieces of gear. Sennheiser MD421 (product page | pdf specs) API 550B (product page | pdf specs) Bock 47 (product page | pdf specs) AKG C414 XLii (product page | pdf specs) AKG C414 XLS (product page | pdf specs) Neve 1073DPA … Continue reading "Episode 166 – Audio hardware specifications"
May 7, 2017
This episode, we’re going to dive into different stereo miking techniques, with samples for you to listen to, AND to download and play with! But first, some follow up from ep#164. WHY would you flip the polarity on the bottom mic of a snare? Which somehow led off to a short discussion about room acoustics … Continue reading "Episode 165 – Stereo miking techniques"
April 16, 2017
Apologies on this one being a little late out of the gate. We had some minor technical issues which pushed recording back to Sunday morning! This week, a quick explanation of why we’re NOT doing the stereo miking techniques episode right now, plus Doc talks about AF (audio frequency) transformers in pre-amps versus the power … Continue reading "Episode 164 – Microphone technique"