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Welcome morons, bunker dwellers, conspiracy theorists, blue nosers, right wing nuts and somewhat rational people to the irreverent political ride known as the Drive Time Happy Hour. Take a journey into an entertaining and honest look at politics from different perspectives along with fun and possibly insightful banter.
April 21, 2018
The Drive Time Happy Hour is back. We are without Buddha's brand of enlightenment though. But your favorite moron, Mr. PC is still at the helm. it possible for us to come to terms? Can both sides reconcile? Also, David Hogg has become an instrument for the left. Is he being sincere or are his talking points simply leftist ideology. In other words, is he original? There will be many more fun filled episodes to come. Mr. PC will make a point to have diverse discussions with people of all view points.
May 5, 2017
Is there such a thing as the backfire effect? The idea that if one is presented with factual information contrary to what they believe to be true that that person will retreat further into their falsehood. That the factual information actually codifies their ignorance. Of course the original study was done to show how conservatives are idiots. But Mr. PC has some questions. In fact, so do other scientists and researchers. As the two morons discuss this topic one of them practiced a form of backfire when discussing whether or not there is more evidence to either the Trump wiretap allegations or the idea that Trump was in collusion with Russia during the elections. Most importantly. On this episode the Drive Time Happy Hour actually solves the health care crisis. It seems like every episode the morons are solving global issues. If only major think tanks, CEO’s and world leaders would listen to these guys. Plenty of things that are just not right, booze stories and positive feminist stuff happening in India too.
April 27, 2017
This show covers a lot of ground. Mostly useless ground per usual. However it contains the best “Mammals of Mass Destruction” of all time. What are sanctuary cities? With all of the discussion going on many people are clueless as to what the actual political rhetoric means. Let us break it down for you. We also delve into the breastfeeding discussion. Barring that fact that both of us love boobies the discussion is about whether or not a woman breastfeeding her child should be considered “natural”. Believe it or not there are those in our society putting out studies and making the case that describing breastfeeding as “natural” is unethical. Nine out of ten morons agree that this idea is ridiculous. Plenty of booze stories and to top it all off a poop story too! This show is jam packed with plenty of entertainment and mind dulling information.
April 21, 2017
The world seems to be on a collision course with destiny. That destiny is the new sitcom scheduled for shooting this summer in Ocala Florida - Kung Pao Boom. The story of an Indian Deli shop and convenience store owner who is reminiscent of Archie Bunker. This is a passion project for the two morons on the DTHH. Follow the show on Facebook to get information about casting and production. In other news the protestors are getting more aggressively weak. It is like a huge community of Larpers coming out of their mother's basements to wreak havoc on the pinatas they've been making all year. They are even pissing off the janitor at Berkley by stealing the rolling dumpster. Someone has to track that thing down. Lord knows that these peace loving and environmentally friendly idiots aren't using it for their trash. Russia is getting pushy, sex scandals, booze, beavers and a fabulous poop story! Check it out and leave commentary.
April 14, 2017
The morons play a new game called, “Guess Who Said That”. The globe prepares for war. Weapons of Mass Destruction in Syria, where did they come from? How does the psychological norms of society impact the younger generations? There are a lot of questions on this show and believe it or not, we have the answers. Including how United Airlines could have easily solved their overbooking issues and come out they other end smelling like a rose. In fact, our strategy could have increased their stock value. Perhaps someone should hire the Drive Time Happy Hour for imaging. And yes, we were talking about Uranus!
April 6, 2017
After a slight respite the morons are back and as pointless as ever. PC and Buddha are joined by their friend Aladdin to discuss a myriad of inappropriate topics. The show ebbs and flows as it weaves between topics like college lectures about straight white male gay sex to prove their own masculinity and the origins of the Universe at the hands of aliens. By the way, did you know there is such a thing as Hindu Vigilantes? Neither did we. And guess what - there are animal noises. The world would be a dark place without hero dogs. This show is simply a fun and whacky ride.
March 29, 2017
So we won our film contest. On this episode we talk about the experience of making a film in 72 hours. The challenges were rough. But our team had so much heart that we were seemingly unstoppable. This win is actually propelling us toward a the production of a 6 episode web series of our main character. We field calls from cast and crew. We talk about the Universe, terrorism and cosmic reason too. Strange. You can view our film here. Be sure to like Bride On The Side's Facebook page to stay in the loop about where this film project is headed.
March 16, 2017
A real live freemason came by to talk about an amazing event that is happening in Central Florida next week. The George Washington Gavel will be on display and open to the public. Find out more at Anyway, the moron Mr. PC and the enlightened Buddha were all too curious about the Illuminati and whether or not Bill Catsullis (The Mason) could float if we threw him in the river or sink like a witch. Also, there is a free event downtown Ocala on Sunday the 19th. The screening of the short films for the Jump Cut Film Challenge. Stop on by and say hi and vote for our film.
March 9, 2017
Another Wikileaks dump with all kinds of accusations about the CIA hacking capabilities. Suspicions about the motivations or purposes of these types of hacking tools circulate. The morons give their take. And the women take yet another day off this year to protest. "A Day Without Women" - It is still unclear what the goal is to us at the DTHH. But keep in mind that we are proud morons. We discuss the idea of feminism and support it. Check this out - Freda. Freda is what true feminism looks like to us. Also on the chopping block is science bringing us another invasive species to the US that may have unintended consequences or will they save us from stink bugs? More winning, awesome dogs, sappy stories and meat cakes. Give us your feedback!
March 2, 2017
Christianity continues its slow painful death in the West much to the glee of leftists and atheists. Yet, in the East Christianity is growing at a staggering rate. Even in Muslim countries. On this episode we get a call from one of our atheist friends, ‘Metal’,  who is generally “semi-hostile” to the notion of faith in society. We discuss transgenderism in children. Is it child abuse to give your prepubescent child chemicals to block puberty? There are 5 new brain disorders due to the digital age. As well, the DTHH calls for a Truce on all sides. We continue to seek ways for all of us to come together in a meaningful discussion. Safe spaces, goofy fun and another animal noise failure. This episode has plenty of philosophical fodder as well as just plain old DTHH banter.

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