Lost Girls Podcast

Lost Girls Podcast
By [email protected] (Hayley Etter, Sid Bernstein)
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Aug. 4, 2015
This week, the Lost Girls discuss the sorority/fraternity rivalry between the Jungle Book and Storybook land, sharing the history of each ride and the girls list their favorite things about each attraction. And of cours
Aug. 3, 2015
This week, the girls honor shark week, with facts about the Submarines at Disneyland, and they list their favorite water-dwelling Disney characters! Plus, catch the latest news on Disneyland and Disney and Disney franch
July 6, 2015
LIsten in as your hosts Sid and Hayley discuss Park News, Movie News, give you some trivia about America Sings, and list their favorite princes. Plus more!
June 1, 2015
Check out the very first episode of Lost Girls Podcast with Hayley Etter and Sid Bernstein! Listen in as our hosts discuss Disneyland Park News, Movie News (including franchises), list their favorite princesses, and mor