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Oct. 30, 2010
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July 5, 2010
On Friday Apple released a letter admitting the iPhone 4 has problems, but insisted they are due to a signal-strength formula that is “totally wrong” and not caused by the antenna design. Since then the news has saturated tech blogs, Apple support sites and message boards — and it seems like most people aren’t buying [...] Click here to play
June 16, 2010
Many mainstream news organizations have long viewed Google News as a threat to their interests. But more recently, Google has been portrayed as sensitive to the health of the news media. Eric Schmidt, its chief executive, has worried openly about a world without high-quality journalism. Now a recent experiment suggests that Google is at least [...]Click here to play
June 14, 2010
After all the polished promises of a streamlined new way to tame the web, the blogosphere was ready to predict Chrome would inspire everything from the end of Firefox to the demise of Microsoft itself. spoke to industry experts and Google’s new rivals to find out why Chrome matters and whether the browser reality [...] Click here to play
June 13, 2010
A special grant is making it possible for the Shiloh School District to offer a variety of free computer classes at the Newman Grade School. The classes are divided for the general public, students and technology training for teachers. General Public Classes Computer Maintenance and Repair includes a free, basic computer for those who complete [...]Click here to play
June 12, 2010
Apple has pulled another app, but this time it’s at the request of the New York Times, which has complained about the Pulse News Reader app. The Times sent a letter to Apple saying the app makes inappropriate commercial use of the New York Times and Boston Globe’s RSS feed, according to Kara Swisher at [...] Click here to play
June 11, 2010
With all the excitement about iPhones, iPads, Android smartphones and other new devices, it’s easy to forget about the old standby personal computer. But despite the explosive growth of choices, PCs continue to do well in the marketplace. Market research firm iSupply reported last week that the PC market hit “record growth” during the first [...] Click here to play
June 10, 2010
Retail giant PC World is now offering Apple’s iPad available to buy online as well as in-store, with the opportunity to check the “availability of this item in your area.” Additionally website Cheapest Apple iPad notes: “PC World is on Quidco, so in theory Apple fans could get up to 4 per cent cash back [...] Click here to play
June 9, 2010
Rockstar Games has ruled out the possibility of Red Dead Redemption coming to PC – for the time being, at least. “As of now, there are no current plans to bring Red Dead Redemption to the PC platform,” reads a statement on “If that should change, we will let you know.” And it could [...] Click here to play
June 8, 2010
Last week, I tested the new Apple iPad for several days. I viewed it not only as a consumer, but also as a member of an industry that sees potential for this and other mobile devices becoming a major distributor of our news products. The device is light, easy to carry, has a day-long battery [...]Click here to play
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