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A PG Podcast with two adult industry professionals bringing on guests both in front of and behind the camera from the industry to have a cool casual conversation that sheds some light on the goings on behind the scenes.
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July 12, 2012
This is definitely one of my favourite episodes of the show, as Kate Darling is an absolute…darling to talk to! Yeah, I went there – deal with it. She is an absolutely brilliant lady that is looking into one of the biggest struggles that is currently facing the business end of the adult industry. She’s taking an honest non-bias look at the reality of the situation in this industry, and as an industry that usually has a magnifying glass on all the wrong things, it’s nice to have someone be interested in something other than the moral controversy. Please leave some comment and tweet at us to let us know what you think about the episode! MP3 Version of this Podcast: More about Kate Darling: Twitter: @Grok_ Kate Darling is an IP Research Specialist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Media Lab and a Ph.D. candidate in Intellectual Property and Law & Economics. After graduating from law school in Switzerland, she went on to pursue her passion for innovation policy. Her work focuses on economic issues in copyright and patent systems. She also writes and lectures about robot ethics. Kate recently delved into in the adult industry and talked to a bunch of content producers to answer the following question: Common lore tells us that porn drives technology. From the paperback book to home cinema to online payment systems, the adult industry has influenced new media adoption and pioneered technological innovation. True to the song “The Internet is for Porn”, our new architecture for distributing information has caused an explosion of adult content online. But in an era of digital files and content aggregators, how is this socially stigmatized industry dealing with copyright protection issues? A first draft of the resulting paper will be online in August. Feel free to contact her with questions/comments!
July 3, 2012
We are extremely excited about this week’s episode! Myself as an avid gamer nerd this topic and person were close to my heart! Sex and gaming merged together into one awesome platform experience…who could ask for more? I could! And I did! And I asked to speak with the brain behind it all…Brian Shuster, a brilliant web pioneer starting off in the very very early days of the adult online entertainment business. It was a real treat to speak with this veteran and we spoke about his past, present, and what he hopes to accomplish in the future! MP3 Version of this Podcast: More about Brian: Brian Shuster is often credited with being the person who popularized adult entertainment on the web. His first adult company, XPics Publishing, Inc., was started in 1996 with $700, and under the direction of Mr. Shuster, grew to become the undisputed leader of internet adult entertainment within 18 months, boasting almost 2 million paying subscribers, 150 employees and contractors, over 60,000 webmaster affiliates, more than 600 web sites, and revenue in excess of $9,000,000 per month. Brian is considered one of the trail-blazers in both adult internet and mainstream internet content provision, and has been discussed and featured in many industry and general news outlets, including: MSNBC.com, Business 2.0, Yahoo, Wired News, AVN Magazine, AVN Online, Hustler, Penthouse, Klixxx, Webmastervault.com and many others. He has invented more than 50 patents and pending patents on core web technologies which are in use by virtually all web sites today. Mr. Shuster founded Utherverse, Inc. in 2003 to develop a network of interconnected virtual worlds using a common platform.  By 2006 the company was expanded to Canada where Shuster continued to innovate in the virtual world space, culminating in the release of the “Virtual World Web” in the fall of 2009. The VWW includes flagship adult world, Red Light Center, and also boasts more than one million user-generated Virtual Worlds operating on a uniform platform and the world’s first 3D Internet browser. Twitter: @Utherverse | @Redlightcenter Special Guests Segment: As a special feature, Brian is joined by two Redlight Center successful webmasters/property developers, Chandie Foster (Rude.com)and Loki (Lokiland3d.com) for a candid look at their experiences indeveloping venues in the world. Since the late 90′s Jason “Loki” Smith has been creating both “Virtual” and 3D Toon content. As one of the co-founders of the 3D Toon Porn niche he was dubbed “The Godfather Of 3D Toon Porn” by AVN in 2004. He opened the first 100% 3D Toon sponsor program and paysites, and was the first 3D company to produce ALL of their own content “in-house” & run via “member requests” Over the last 14 years Loki has helped bring awareness to the budding 3D Toon niche, and helped bring it out as a standalone niche. He’s worked with companies both large and small within the adult industry as a content creator, marketer or general consultant. He has been interviewed multiple times and has been featured in various Adult Trade publications, and hosted Adult webmaster radio shows. In the summer of 2008 Loki opened the doors to his content department “LokiPorn” to the Adult community. In the winter of 2011 Loki opened the doors to his new affiliate program LokiCash.com which features some unique attractions for both webmasters and consumers. Loki has a lot planned in the coming years for the 3D Toon market so…. STAY TOONED! Twitter: @LokiLand3d Facebook: LokiLand3d Website: http://www.lokiland3d.com Chandie Foster is a 14 year adult industry veteran who is currently the sales director for  both Rude.com and their partner site, RudeVirtual.com. Twitter: @Chandiegirl
June 21, 2012
In this episode we had a wonderful conversation about the history of sex, and how it evolved through various civilizations – and in general how widely accepted it was, as opposed to being oppressed. We then learned a lot about their CalExotics pleasure products everything from some amazing facts about their past right up until the present! Very entertaining video with two experienced sexperts who are as charming as they are handsome! MP3 Version of this Podcast: You may know Ryan and Dr. Jessica from their affiliation with California Exotic Novelties, but there is much more to their story and expertise. They are a unique couple who has been helping singles and couples develop and maintain satisfying romantic relationships for over 10 years. Their shared passion for helping people have better relationships, combined with their unique pairing as a Life Coach and Clinical Psychologist, has led to the creation of an innovative approach to dating and relationships.  Based on their extensive work with couples, they offer great feedback to women and men during the dating process so they can avoid the mistakes they have made in the past and find a great match.  Ryan and Dr. Jessica are also authors of a bestselling dating and relationship book: Stop Wondering If You’ll Ever Meet Him (available on Amazon.com and other major retailers). So, how did a nice married couple with two young children end up spending their days talking to people about their love lives and working with the largest adult toy manufacturer in the United States? Well, it all started with these two friends from graduate school, who had a shared vision of helping people find love.  They had both been drawn to study sex therapy and understood the importance of teaching people about dating and intimacy.  In a very unexpected turn of events, these two business partners started dating, and well, the rest is history.  Ryan and Dr. Jessica like to say that they are their favorite testimonial and proof that their approach to dating and relationships really works. As a real couple, facing all of the challenges of balancing work and a romantic relationship, they bring a fun and relevant perspective to dating, relationships and intimacy that is easy  for others to relate to.  While many so called experts lack credentials and gain popularity in spite of saying one thing and doing quite the contrary, Ryan and Dr. Jessica are legitimate credentialed experts, who actually practice what they preach.  Their ability to connect with an audience has made them sought-after speakers, who are frequently featured in videos about intimacy and sexual health.  They stay current with dating and relationship news and trends and regularly offer their comments about dating, sex and relationships online, on the radio and in popular magazines and newspapers. In addition to coaching, clinical work, seminars, research and writing, Ryan and Dr. Jessica are the proud parents of two beautiful children.   They make sure to make time for the things they love: spending time with their family, philanthropy, wine tasting, swimming, golfing, riding motorcycles, playing tennis and doing just about anything outdoors. Follow Calexotics on Twitter: @Calexotics
June 20, 2012
Episode #4 of DirtyoldmenTV is up with this week’s guest, Diane Duke – Executive Director of the Free Speech Coalition! Diane, as you can read further below is a key figurehead in the adult industry. We had an amazing conversation about all the services that her amazing organization provides our entire industry! Have a listen and leave some comments! MP3 Version of this Podcast: With over twenty five years of working with nonprofits, an undergraduate degree in Sociology and an MBA from University of Oregon, Diane brings a track record of success and expertise to her position as Executive Director of the Free Speech Coalition. Before coming to FSC, Diane served as Senior Vice President for Planned Parenthood of Southwestern Oregon for twelve years, where she was responsible for the oversight of Board Development, Public Affairs, Fundraising, Marketing and Media Relations, Budget Development and Strategic Planning. In her position as ED of FSC, Diane represents the industry to the media, government officials and the broader business community. Among the projects Diane and FSC have undertaken on behalf of their members are copyright infringement through FSC’s APAP, CalOSHA regulations, and lobbying against and educating the adult industry about the pitfalls of the .XXX sTLD. FSC worked to replace resources needed with the closing of the adult industry’s medical clinic, AIM. Most recently, FSC has battled mandatory condom regulations to be imposed on the industry in LA City and County. Twitter: @FSCArmy Click here to visit the Free Speech Coalition:
June 4, 2012
This week we had one of my favorite people in the whole adult industry on the show, Ava mir-ausziehen! Don’t ask me to pronounce her last name, but what I can do is tell you that this episode was awesome. Ava is highly educated…a self-proclaimed “Sex nerd” so talking to her about her adventures as a writer, pornstar, academic and more was extremely interesting. MP3 Version of this Podcast: More About Ava: Ava Mir-Ausziehen is Sssh.Com’s resident Sex Expert. She has a bachelor in Interdisciplinary Studies in Sexuality, completed the Amsterdam Graduate School of Social Sciences Summer Institute on Sexuality, Culture and Society, and is currently completing a Masters degree in Medical Anthropology with a Women’s and Gender Studies Option. She is also the Executive Assistant at an HIV/AIDS resource, prevention, and services centre, and has taught sexual education courses to high school students and community group members since 2005.Ava is a graduate student in Anthropology and a writer for www.Sssh.com. Her work focuses on issues of gender, sexuality, sex work, safer sex, queer theory and culture. She has facilitated sexual education workshops with a local community group since 2006, and is famed among students for her dental dam demonstration. Due to her unique point-of-view, straddling both the on and off-camera, the lurid and the academic, she has spoken on panels at Qwebec Expo, for television on Volt-TFO (en français) and various other academic, radio, and community venues. Her hair is currently purple, but plans to wash it out soon. See Ava live at LiveCamNetwork Read Ava’s words at www.Sssh.com Follow Ava @SsshForWomen
May 25, 2012
In this week’s episode we are extremely happy to have one of the industry’s long term veterans who is not only a remarkable indsutry professional but also just a really cool guy to sit down with and have an awesome conversation. We went over his history of how he got into the business, his various legal proceedings including his contribution to the recent case made against John Stagliano, and a whole lot more! Tune in to this episode to hear the perspective of someone that’s been boots-on-the-ground in the adult industry for longer than just about anyone! MP3 Version of this Podcast: More About Christian Mann: A 32 year veteran of the adult business, Christian Mann has worked in various capacities including magazine publication, mail-order, production, sales and marketing. As owner of Video Team, he pioneered niche marketing with the popular all-girl series “No Man’s Land” and the urban series “My Baby Got Back.” Christian is no stranger to the legal challenges of earning a livelihood marketing adult products for adult consumers. He was Federally indicted in 1989, withstood an obscenity trial in Texas in defense of the 1st Amendment, and was eventually acquitted of all charges. 20 years later, as Evil Angel’s General Manager, Christian assisted the legal team in John Stagliano’s succesful obscenity defense in Washington D.C.in the summer of 2010. Today, Christian focuses his attention on Evil Angel’s marketing and brand position with an emphasis on both subscriber and advertiser funded new media. Christian Mann is the current Vice-President of The Free Speech Coalition Board of Directors, serving as he did once before in the mid 1990’s. He’s the recipient of AVN’s “1st Amendment Defense Award” in 1991 and the Free Speech Coalition “Good Guy Award” in 2000. In 2010 he was inducted in the “AVN Hall of Fame – Founder’s Branch”. When he’s not ADD hyper-focusing on business, Christian Mann can be found playing tennis, assisting families and addicts in recovery or hanging out with his three adult sons. Twitter: @EvilCSM (Chris Mann’s personal tweets/rants) Surfers head over to: www.EvilAngel.com  | Adult Industry Folk check out: EvilDistributor.com
May 25, 2012
We are extremely excited to launch our new video podcast with an extraordinary performer and amazingly cool person – Ashley Fires! This is a great first episode. She’s an absolute firecracker and an obvious choice for our first guest to kick off the show! We covered a wide range of topics, ranging from how she got into the adult industry and interesting stories about her experiences over the years, to her current work at clips4sale, to her current “all the rage” FemBot movies she produces and stars in. Add to that, many candid and often funny stories from “behind the porn curtain” from her perspective as a performer, producer and publicity rep. This will be an entertaining show whether you’re a consumer or an adult industry professional yourself! MP3 Version of this Podcast: More About Ashley Fires: Ashley Fires is the Official Spokesmodel for one of the biggest Fetish sites on the net Clips4sale.com.” You may recognize Ashley from her many late night appearances on CINEMAX, HBO, SHOWTIME, AND PLAYBOY TV in her famed B Horror and Sexy Soft Core roles! Ashley has also starred in over 75 adult feature films, been featured on 30 Box Covers and can be see on hundreds of websites. She worked with such companies as ADAM AND EVE, DIGITAL PLAYGROUND, BRAZZERS, HUSTLER, EVIL ANGEL, and PENTHOUSE. As a Glamour model she has graced the cover and centerfold pages of TABOO, HUSTLER, NUGGET, LEG SHOW, XBIZ, VON GUTTENBURG, AND HORROR MANIA. She has been a recurring guest on many national radio shows such as “BUBBA THE LOVE SPONGE“, “PLAYBOY NIGHT CALLS“, AND “THE HOWARD STERN SHOW!” Being a Spokemodel Ashley stars in the Clips4sale booth, meeting her fans and putting on erotic shows at every major Adult Fan Convention all over the world. As a Feature Dancer Ashley has appeared at some of the biggest exotic clubs across the country where she performs her captivating live Fire Dance to sold out venues. Ashley was nominated for multiple AVN Awards for 2011 and 2012 including “Best Web Star.” Also been nominated by The XBIZ Awards for “Best Web Starlet 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012.” She also won the title of “Miss Summer XBIZ 2009!”Ashley has her very own Feature Film “Burning Embers” released byBELLADONNA ENTERTAINMENT. See more of Ashley Fires at -www.Ashleyfires.com andwww.Clips4sale.com/5177 Current XXX Films releases for April and May 2012 include – “Big Butts and Big Wet Butts” for Brazzers. “My First Sex Teacher” and “Naughty Neighbor” for Naughty America. “The Babysitters 6” Penthouse Films. “Anal Planet” “Buttman’s Stretch Class #13” and “Anal Intensity” for Evil Angel. “We Live Together“ for Reality Kings. “Women seeking Women #81” for Girlfriend Films. “Crack Addict 8 for 3rd Degree. Visit My Official Site www.Ashleyfires.com Visit My Official Fetish Studio http://www.clips4sale.com/studio/5177 Follow me on Twitter!!! http://twitter.com/AshleyFires
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