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Everything Ham Radio Podcast

By Curtis Mohr, K5CLM | Amateur Extra | Podcaster | Blogger


In this podcast we explore the wonderful hobby that is amateur radio or as it is often referred to as ham radio. We talk about many different topics, from community service to HF to digital modes on air events and everything in between.
United States
115 episodes
since Jan, 2016


ETH100 - All Good Things Must Come To An End

I have had an absolute blast over the past 26 months of doing this podcast. I have learned so much and talked to a bunch of really great people. However, no matter how much fun it is, Life Comes First. Between the adoption of our kids, trying to start a busines and work, like I said in episode 98, something has to give. Unfortunately, this was what had to give. I will still be doing blog posts on my website, but I will no longer be doing any podcast episode. Thank you to everyone who has supported, listened to, shared, came onto my show and did an interview with me, and sent me emails. I love this hobby and the people that are in it, well most of them anyway..:) I also want to thank my show sponsors West Mountain Radio and Dan Romanchik, KB6NU, author of the No-Nonsense Study Guides 73 yall! K5CLM
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