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Jan. 24, 2014
An interview with Boston Computer Society founder Jonathan Rotenberg discussing the BCS General Meeting where the Apple Macintosh was first shown to the public by Steve Jobs and many of the developers. This is a companion to a video of that meeting to be released in January 2014 by the Computer History Museum. Recorded: January 22, 2014 Length: 19:39, Size: 13.5MB
April 1, 2009
When he was inaugurated, President Obama called for transparency, participation, and collaboration with an eye towards a duty of responsibility to more than just ourselves as we build a foundation for growth that is inclusive. This is a recording of a Mass Technology Leadership Council meeting where this was discussed by a panel and other participants. The panelists were Doc Searls, one of the authors of the Cluetrain Manifesto and now at Harvard's Berkman Center and senior editor for Linux Journal, as well as Susie Adams, Microsoft Federal Civilian and IGO Chief Technology Officer, Tim Yeaton, the new CEO of Black Duck Software who has a background that includes Red Hat and Macromedia, and Tom Kincaid, Executive Director of Sun's Application Platform organization and part of the original Java EE architecture and management teams. Dan Bricklin moderated. Recorded: April 1, 2009 Length: 1:58:57, Size: 54.4MB
Feb. 12, 2009
Another of Doug Levin's events at the Vilna Shul in Boston. This one was billed as follows: "Today issues facing consumer Internet startups are very challenging. This panel consisting of thriving entrepreneurs will address customer acquisition, funding, startup and entrepreneurial dynamics, and other hot issues." The panelists were Brad Rosen, CEO of Drync, which has a wine-related iPhone app; Jeff Taylor, CEO, EONS, a web site for the Boomer-set, and Tributes, which tries to do for obituaries what his Monster.com did for Help Wanted ads; Scott Savitz, CEO of Shoebuy, a huge reseller of shoes online; and Dave Balter, CEO of BzzAgent, a word-of-mouth media network. The moderator was Jeffrey Bussgang of Flybridge Venture Partners. Recorded: February 11, 2009 Length: 1:08:53, Size: 31.5MB
Jan. 28, 2009
Long-time computer industry guru Amy Wohl talks about the announcement in 1984 of the Apple Macintosh, which she attended, and her work with Apple to help get Macs into businesses. Recorded: January 26, 2009 Length: 9:38, Size: 4.4MB
Sept. 26, 2008
Recently retired Vice Admiral John Morgan, who was Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Information, Plans and Strategy, discusses global systems of cooperation for the betterment of the world, the role of interconnectivity, learning to deescalate conflict and cooperate towards mutual goals rather than escalate and then try to win and defeat, his view about how technology helps our enemies as well as us, and much more. He is now doing consulting as Instantiation LLC. A transcript is available. Recorded: September 25, 2008 Length: 56:15, Size: 25.7MB
Sept. 17, 2008
Paul Carroll, co-author with Chunka Mui of the book Billion Dollar Lessons (www.billiondollarlessons.com), discusses the implications of the research that led to their book with respect to the deal between Bank of America and Merrill Lynch. Recorded: September 16, 2008 Length: 7:46, Size: 3.6MB
March 6, 2008
An interview with behavioral economist Dan Ariely that looks at the concepts covered in his book "Predictably Irrational: The Hidden Forces That Shape Our Decisions" and how they may be applied to thinking about Open Source software. Recorded: March 2, 2008 Length: 55:54, Size: 25.5MB
Feb. 20, 2008
This is one of Scott Kirsner's Entrepreneurs on the Edge get-togethers. The theme of this event was "Seeing in New Ways: Next-Gen Display Technology." The speakers were Adam Bogue, Circle Twelve/MERL/DiamondTouch, Peter Kazlas, QD Vision, David Rose, Vitality & Ambient, Mark Spitzer, Myvu, and Bob Zehner, E Ink. Recorded: February 13, 2008 Length: 50:45, Size: 23.2MB
Jan. 11, 2008
Doug Levin of Black Duck introduces Scott Kirsner who leads a panel with VCs Larry Bohn (General Catalyst), Jonathan Seelig (Globespan Capital), and Alan Spoon (Polaris Venture) looking back at 2007 and forward to 2008. Recorded: January 8, 2008 Length: 1:05:49, Size: 30.1MB
Dec. 26, 2007
Laura Fitton tells us why she loves Twitter and how it helped her get connected to the social software scene. It's one of her main connections to the world. We also talk about Seesmic (see my blog post). Recorded: December 24, 2007 Length: 19:52, Size: 9.1MB