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The podcast for Podcasters, chatting with people in the Podcasting Industry about their story and their insights on specific topics related to podcasting. Want to know how to build a community with your show? Want to understand what works and what doesn't when it comes to podcasting? Or maybe you just want a good narrative story told in the style of NPR and Radiotopia, well you're in luck if you said yes to any of these things because Podcast Fiend is all of them!
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Oct. 31, 2016
Many of the top podcasts are created using state of the art studios with high-end microphones and mixers and top-notch editors. But what if you could have all that technology as well? As it turns out, you can.
Oct. 19, 2016
Chris Holifield is the host of I Am Salt Lake, an interview podcast dedicated to the culture, businesses, and interesting characters in Salt Lake City Utah. What is interesting about his show is how the “niche” isn’t a specific topic like movies or video games, it’s the geography of his guests.
Oct. 3, 2016
David Bain is the host of Digital Marketing Radio, an entrepreneur, and this weeks guest. David shares some of the most common mistakes new podcasters make and explains how you can avoid them, and if you have already made the mistake, how to fix it.
Sept. 24, 2016
Joe Berman and Mathew Passy are the two behind the growing newsletter all about Podcasting, Pod To Pod. The newsletter comes out every Tuesday with curated content covering all aspects of Podcasting, and has original content on their website as well.
Sept. 17, 2016
Corey Coates is the Founder of Podfly and cohost of The Podcast Producers. Corey talks about his background in radio and broadcasting that led to him diving into podcasting and creating his production company Podfly. We dive into what work goes into Podfly and the work he and his team does for his clients.
Sept. 10, 2016
Rob Walch, VP of Podcast Relations at Libsyn, had a great talk at Podcast Movement about the myths of podcasting, and he goes in depth on some of those myths in this episode. Along with myths, we talk about what makes a good podcast, and the questions you should ask yourself when making a podcast.
Sept. 2, 2016
Dave Jackson is the founder of School of Podcasting, host of Ask the Podcast Coach, and co-host of Podcasters’ Roundtable, and his knowledge and reputation in the podcast industry bears little to no introduction.
Aug. 24, 2016
Jessica Rhodes is the creator and founder of Interview Connections, host of Rhodes to Success, and co-host of Podcast Producers. Jessica talks about her first podcast experience, her business, and the value of having guests on your podcasts.
Aug. 19, 2016
Jeff talks with Joel Sharpton (Always Listening, What Makes Me Weird with Joel Sharpton) about how he makes money as a podcaster with audiobooks and other alternative ways (or faucets as Joel explains) for podcasters to earn some extra income.
Aug. 11, 2016
Max Cutler is the Co-founder of Parcast, a new podcast network with some serious talent and production quality. Their first show, Unsolved Murders: True Crime Stories, made it to #6 overall on iTunes when it debuted, and they have a new show out called Remarkable Lives. Tragic Deaths.

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