Fear the Bug Video Podcast (SD)

By Axosoft, LLC

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A weekly tutorial-style video podcast for Axosoft OnTime users.
Feb. 16, 2012
In this video we cover some of the things you would want to be doing in a sprint planning session. For Sprint Planning meetings, you would want to have your Product Owner and the Scrum team talk about the items that would be included in the upcoming sprint, setting up acceptance criteria, estimating items, and moving items into an upcoming sprint
Feb. 2, 2012
This video covers prioritizing items, setting priority levels, and other common dasks like breaking large user stories down into sub projects, and closing out duplicate items to clean up the product backlog to facilitate release planning.
Jan. 18, 2012
In this podcast we cover different settings for projects including: selecting a workflow, default field templates and customer portal templates.
Jan. 10, 2012
Learn about creating custom fields to store any kind of information you need in your OnTime database. Designing templates to view and edit items, and create workflows to determine what process items go through in order to be completed.
Dec. 5, 2011
This video covers the options for 'Edit using Workflow Template' and 'Edit using Project Template'. The default edit behavior is to use 'Edit Using Workflow Template which will launch the field template designated for the particular workflow step. The 'Edit using Project Template, will allow you to use the same template when editing items, regardless of the items current workflow step. This 'Edit using Project Template' option is tied to the standard 'edit' privilege in Security Roles.
Oct. 22, 2011
In this video we cover managing your OnTime Users and Customers. From adding users and customer contacts, setting defaults for new users, and what kind of access each would have when logging into OnTime or to your OnTime Customer Portal.
Oct. 21, 2011
This is the first video in a 4 part series for an in depth look at OnTime. In This video, we cover some common features of OnTime including adding projects, sending emails, adding attachments, editing items, working in the planning board, and organizing items in your OnTime Database
Sept. 14, 2011
In this video we cover using the 'Organize' pane, applying filters, searches, grouping, and finding items using keyboard shortcuts. We also cover saving views so that using one click you can revert back to a familiar view with any filters, or settings automatically configured.
Sept. 3, 2011
This podcast covers using OnTime for Scrum Development. We discuss creating different priority levels, using multi-edit and the planning board to prioritize items and plan for sprints. For more information on Scrum in OnTime or to sign up for our free scrum class go to axosoft.com/training
Aug. 18, 2011
In this podcast we discuss filtering in OnTime using the Organize pane, Quick Filters, and Managing Filters. OnTime has a powerful filtering feature that allows for multiple conditions, grouping, and using SQL filter strings
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