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DTNS 3326 – Airbnb On The Side of Caution

How should Airbnb handle people with criminal convictions. Should all data be made relevant or just the most recent or the most serious? Starring Tom Merritt, Sarah Lane, Roger Chang and Patrick Beja. MP3 Download Using a Screen Reader? Click here Multiple versions (ogg, video etc.) from Archive.org. Please SUBSCRIBE HERE. Subscribe through Apple Podcasts. A special thanks to all our supporters–without you, none of this would be possible. If you are willing to support the show or give as little as 5 cents a day on Patreon. Thank you! Big thanks to Dan Lueders for the headlines music and Martin Bell for the opening theme! Big thanks to Mustafa A. from thepolarcat.com for the logo! Thanks to Anthony Lemos of Ritual Misery for the expanded show notes! Thanks to our mods, Kylde, Jack_Shid, KAPT_Kipper, and scottierowland on the subreddit Show Notes To read the show notes in a separate page click here! Quick Hits (01:20) Samsung Announces First LPDDR5 DRAM Chip, Targets 6.4Gbps Data Rates & 30% Reduced Power | anandtech (02:00) Exclusive: Kenya’s Safaricom taking M-Pesa to Ethiopia, sources say | reuters (02:20) Telecom Egypt, Liquid Telecom announce MoU on first fibre network from Cape to Cairo | biztechafrica More Top Stories (03:00) IBM seeks $167 million from Groupon in dispute over early internet patents | reuters IBM Seeks $167 Million From Groupon in E-Commerce Patent Suit | bloomberg (04:35) The 21st Century Internet Act aims to enshrine net neutrality in law | tech crunch First House Republican Backs Effort To Restore Net Neutrality | techdirt (07:15) Microsoft and Walmart team up to take on Amazon | the verge (09:25) Netflix shares tank after big miss on subscriber growth | reuters Netflix Falls Short of Q2 Subscriber Expectations Worldwide, Stock Dives | variety (13:50) How Helsinki Arrived at the Future of Urban Travel First | bloomberg BMW’s ReachNow challenges Uber and Lyft, brings car-sharing and new ride-hailing service together in one app | geekwire Discussion Story (18:25) Airbnb is grappling with how to treat people with criminal | quartz Does Airbnb perform background checks on members? | airbnb Thing of the Day DTNS Sub-reddit Messages of the Day (28:05) Jon – Instapaper/Pocket users Today’s Contributor Patrick Beja French Spin
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