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Flippening is for cryptocurrency investors. Each week we discuss the cryptocurrency economy, new investment strategies for maximizing returns, and stories from the front lines of financial disruption. Flippening is for a new class of investors that were not part of the financial services world before bitcoin, but got into the finance because of their passion for cryptoassets, blockchain, altcoins, and distributed ledger technology.
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Security Token Documentary, Part 2: How The Platforms Actually Work

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Note: “Tokenize The World” is made possible by our sponsor BlockTrade.com.Blocktrade will be the first fully licensed security token exchange in Europe, focused on listing crypto assets, security tokens, and other tokenized financial instruments. By being fully MiFID II compliant they will enable crypto trading to institutional traders while unlocking huge amounts of liquidity with their primary market partners. If you’re someone who’s following the security token space, they have quite a few things to announce in the next couple of weeks, including their public beta launch.  Be sure to go to Blocktrade.com, hit the red subscribe button at the top, and get on their announcement newsletter.Welcome to part 2 of “Tokenize The World: A Security Token Documentary”This episode is a deep dive into the mechanics of how security token issuance and secondary trading fundamentally works on tokenized security platforms like Harbor and Polymath.For all the talk about the merits and drawbacks of security tokenization, I’ve found that there’s very little discussion of the mechanics of token issuance and trading.My purpose in this second installment is to enrich the debate so we can move beyond high-level philosophy to a deeper discussion of the technologies, methods, and mechanisms required of competent security token platform.In this part of our series, you'll hear the story of two different tokenized security platforms, Harbor and Polymath. We'll go into detail about how they work, in an effort to provide a better understanding of the constituents, processes, and technical mechanics of the broader security token ecosystem.
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