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In May 2005 it started in French (reason why it called "Pom", like Apple in French). In August in German. November 2005 marks the start of the start of the english version of this Podcast for the mac community which is, in essence, a discussion between friends over the mac combined with some news and some interviews.
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May 3, 2015
At Úll this year I had the privilege to interview Mateusz who works with Chris Harris on Glide (Infos at tappet.co, back then known as “CreateGlide.com”), the App creation App. Also, don’t forget to visit us in Cologne for your next awesome conference (we’ll try to be as awesome as Üll and there’s high chances [...]
June 23, 2014
Back us on Indiegogo! - The “Spy” Bug: (Note: FIXED in iOS 8!!!!) - iOS Flyover. Amazing Wikipedia app @ wikilinks.net — from Boris & Djilani. Also check out diskalarm.com — commentsapp.co — Fflp! (@stuffmc’s apps)
Oct. 29, 2010
Part 1 because I screwed up at the end and the SD card was full :) So you’ll have to wait a bit for me to upload part 2 which compares this baby to my 12″ powerbook. In this Part 1 we go with the typical unpacking and we compare the MBA with my beloved [...]
Aug. 17, 2010
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I sent back my old iPhone last tuesday and this is what came this friday. Pretty cool, Apple.
April 3, 2010
Anybody who has started with iPhone Development should have heard this name at least once. If they don’t, sorry, but I don’t know where they live (probably either in the Jungle or totally in the Microsoft community and just boot a Mac mini now and then *only for Xcode*). I had the pleasure to chat (twice, [...]
Feb. 28, 2010
Note: 4 years later, during WWDC, I interviewed him again just after the launch of Swift, the language. Check it out. Needless to say Aaron is some kind of “Steve” for us Developers. For most of us (especially the “younger” ones), he was one of the first introduction to Cocoa & Objective C. Furthermore, I was [...]
Aug. 13, 2009
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Aug. 13, 2009
No audio available for this episode
At this year’s Bash Party celebrating the near end of the WWDC we had the Band “Cake” and we had, as usual, a lot of fun. Enjoy a few minutes of this evening that is famous for showing some people (among other things some Apple Engineers) in a *special* state (read: drunk).

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