By Rick Harding and Craig Maloney
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We're members of the Ubuntu Michican Loco and Lococast.net is our attempt to bring a taste of our infamous CoffeeHouseCoders conversations to everyone else. From Ubuntu, Linux, tech, tools, tips, and tricks, let's start the conversation.
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Oct. 10, 2013
Episode 25: The Return of Chris McDonough, bootstrapping pip, projects and playgrounds, and the death of Open Source consulting The problem with having an awesome guest like Chris McDonough on the podcast is you have a really hard time topping that. So what better way to kick off the cobwebs of the podcast than to […]
May 5, 2012
Episode 24: Chris McDonough, Python, and the part time developer returns Intro Events Penguicon recap Chris McDonough interview Pylons Project Pyramid Web Framework Agendaless Part Time developer comes back http://501manifesto.org/ http://hmans.io/2012/04/23/the-501-developer-manifesto/ Somewhat related: work practice http://blaag.haard.se/You-deserve-practice/ New toys Craig: Samsung Galaxy S II / Ting.com Rick: ColorHug finally used Chris: Ubuntu Precise installation Books Craig: […]
April 18, 2012
Episode 23: Where did all this JavaScript come from? Intro Events Penguicon Rick Talking 27th Craig talking April 28th Ubuntu Michigan Loco Release Party Bookie Mini-sprint PyCon summary bpython ftw Front end developer toolset checklist http://rmurphey.com/blog/2012/04/12/a-baseline-for-front-end-developers/ Other recent handy tools grover YUI test runner phantomjs Used for running Heroku PaaS for your apps The great […]
Jan. 23, 2012
Episode 22: Welcome to 2012, times are a changing. Disclaimer Yes, I had my mic backwards for the whole show. I apologize for the quality of my voice in here. Intro Detroit Dev Day Notes Code Reviews and the importance of viewing the diff New Toys New ereaders: Kindle DX and Nook Tablet Standing desk […]
Nov. 17, 2011
Lococast Ohio Linuxfest 2011 Inteview: Michael Fischer We have one last interview in the can from Ohio Linuxfest, and it's appropriate that we release this canned interview, since it's with Michael "Call me Fish" Fischer (get it? Canned? Fish? OK, I'll stop now). Fish presented a talk at Ohio Linuxfest entitled: "Managing a Computer Lab […]
Nov. 11, 2011
Lococast Ohio Linuxfest 2011 Inteview: Aaron Toponce "Sherman, set the way-back machine for two months ago, when the fall colors weren't sitting upon our lawn. September should be good, right around the time when Ohio Linuxfest was occurring. Yep, that should be good. Now, be a good boy and open the doors and watch the […]
Sept. 20, 2011
Episode 21: OLF recap and there will be rants! Intro Events - 1DevDayDetroit Nov 4/5th OhioLinuxfest Recap: Thanks for stopping by the booth everyone! Sourceforge Interview Elizabeth Naramore, Community Developer Manager Links of the week A Gnome OS? Would you use it? Ubuntu with a rolling monthy release, what might work/what will fail Mark Shuttleworth […]
Sept. 4, 2011
Lococast.net Episode 20 - Power is good... Intro Events Ohio Linuxfest - we'll be there, see us at the Michigan Loco booth Interview with Mike Pirnat Howoldismykid.com Links/Tools of the week(s) Sass - for firebug Live Reload Retaliation Webdev and caching discussion Books Rick Gost in the wires Craig What would google do Craig's Kobo […]
Aug. 20, 2011
Lococast takes to the road! Ohio Linuxfest here we come! We're all signed up and ready to go. Lococast will be doing on location recording at Ohio Linuxfest again this year. Only this time, we're officially a sponsor and getting a nice shiny table in the main area to setup at. So we'll be working on getting some great clips of some of the great speakers and attendees of the conference. The official conference is September 9-11. Friday has an array of events you can get involved with. The main thrust of the conference is on Saturday followed by a diversity workshop and LPI exames on Sunday. We'll be down there from some time Friday through Saturday and heading back Sunday. Why should I go? Did I mention this little open source conference holds over one thousand people?! Yep, it's a gathering alright. Did I mention there are four tracks and an Open Source Solutions stage? We like to call that, the content. Did I also mention that we're going to be there? You should just go. But it's too late to go... Nonsense, I actually just got my hotel room this very day. There's still time to get a reservation, and get your butt to Columbus. Rick, it's got to be expensive to go then, surely! Hogwash, if you register now, there's no cost to attend. However, if you're super awesome (and all Lococast listeners are of course) there's a supporter package for $65. You get fed and a t-shirt as part of that bundle. How could you go wrong? I'm still not convinced Rick... Then go check out the show we did last year. Oh that's right, we sat down with the president of System 76. How awesome is that!
Aug. 19, 2011
Lococast.net Episode 19 - So, we went to PyOhio and all I got was this t-shirt Intro Events Ohio Linuxfest: Sept 9,10,11 1DevDayDetroit Pycon Speaker Submission Open New Libraries/Dev Tools ScratchPad in Firefox 6.0 Edit in Github with Ace Requests: HTTP for Humans PyOhio Recap Videos of talks Rick's Recap Craig's Recap Bookie Sprint Report […]