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Champions of the Earth
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The Dead rise, Aliens descend from the stars, an …

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Dec. 7, 2017
The adventure begins! A day at school goes south in a hurry, but little do our heroes know... it's about to get much worse. We meet Nico, Huxley, Olive, Martha, and Mel just as they're all meeting each other. A schoolyard fight. A fire alarm. A daring detention gambit. An unexpected collision. And then... the world begins to end. Welcome new friends! Follow @ChampionsCast on Twitter and use #ChampionsCast to ask questions and become part of the show.
Oct. 18, 2017
Forces are gathering. Champions will rise. Listen now to the first sounds from an exciting new universe of adventure. The Dead rise, Aliens descend from the stars, an ancient power awakens, and the fate of the world depends... on five teenagers from Beach Bay High!?! A fusion of tabletop RPG and radio drama, CHAMPIONS OF THE EARTH is an exciting experiment that will stretch from the halls of high school to the cockpits of massive mechas, and into the cosmos itself! Learn more at or on twitter at @championscast, and join the adventure!