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DigitalLawUK's regular podcast, covering events in the sphere of digital law around the world. Digital Law includes the law relating to social media, cyber security, e-commerce, privacy and data protection. DigitalLawUK, the only Law Firm in the UK to specialise solely in Digital Law, produces the DigitalLawUK podcast to bring you up to date comment and discussion on the main Digital Legal news stories and events as they happen.
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April 10, 2017
A report from ​British Legal Technology Forum, Europe’s largest legal technology conference. Also in this episode: scary toys, machines fighting machines, hacker attacks against law firms, a new book on digital justice and the imminent demise of the Privacy Shield. With Fredrik Svärd and Peter Wright.   Note: All links above, barring “British Legal Technology Forum”, are in […]
March 24, 2017
Fredrik Svärd and Peter Wright think digital courts is the "great groundbreaker". Also in this episode: Data transfers in the Trump era and virtual reality in the courtroom.
May 4, 2016
DigitalLawUK Managing Director Peter Wright and Head of IP & Media at Bermans LLP Steve Kuncewicz discuss the European General Data Protection Regulation and the UK Draft Investigatory Powers Bill.
Feb. 11, 2016
This week DigitalLawUK Managing Director Peter Wright is joined by Solicitor and Law Society Council Member for Civil Litigation Keith Etherington for a discussion around progress by the UK Ministry of Justice towards online courts. We look at the report from Lord Justice Briggs report currently up for consultation, and examine some of the wider implications around Access to Justice and the Rule of Law. You can take a look at the Briggs report HERE    
Jan. 24, 2016
This week on the DigitalLawUK podcast, as well as looking at the main Digital Legal News stories of the week including Business Email & phone scams and how employer's still aren't allowed to look at your private messaging no matter what the European Court says, we have a UK vs US special as US Attorney Heather Anson compares and contrasts the approach of the Courts stateside to Digital Legal matters, including the first Social Media Law case to come before the Supreme Court and some interesting measures around Cyber Security and Data Protection that are buried within the US Budget passed in December 2015.      
Jan. 17, 2016
Welcome to Episode 2 of the Digital Law Podcast from DigitalLawUK, the UK's only specialist Digital Law Firm, focusing on Law relating to Social Media, Cybersecurity, Data Protection and Freedom of Information. This week, as well as looking at Digital Legal news, we'll be discussing how US TV network CBS is being sued for copyright over the Big Bang Theory and also why it isn't a very good idea to post a picture of your boarding pass on social media. DigitalLawUK Managing Director Peter Wright is joined this week by Solicitor and Head of IP & Media at Bermans LLP Steve Kuncewicz. Man's plea to night club to remove incriminating photo from website backfires | The Independent  Xmas reminder as Boy, 7, racks up £4,000 bill playing Jurassic World on his father's iPad | Telegraph  Bank customers warned over new caller ID 'number spoofing' con | Daily Mail Online  FitBit user accounts under attack by fraudsters trying to scam Fitbit Inc by ordering replacement devices under warranty | Buzzfeed Police log 22 billion car journeys on a network of 8,300 'Big Brother' cameras that take photos of 30 million number plates every day | Daily Mail  BBC News: CBS sued in Big Bang Theory 'soft kitty' copyright case  Why you should never upload a photo of your boarding pass to Facebook | The Independent   
Jan. 3, 2016
  DigitalLawUK's first podcast, covering digital law events during the December 2015 period. The topics we'll be covering from December 2015 news are: Data Protection legislation (EU) Draft Investigatory Powers Bill (UK) Smart car vulnerabilities VTech hack Phone hack prosecution closure F1: Mercedes data theft by employee Feature Story: An unauthorised house sale that was news to the owner   Podcast Guest: Steve Kuncewicz Duration: 23 minutes

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