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SAHAsays is an Information Security related commentary program that pulls from recent headlines around the web. We offer four distinct voices from the Computer Security community: applied business, a software reverse engineer, a doctoral seeking, practicing academic, and the journeyman getting in the front door in the industry.  These "voices" may represent our general perspectives, but we're all friends who meet at the San Antonio Hacker's Association (SAHA) on  the 6th of every month at the Geekdom Event Center.
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As seasons change, so do other things as well.  One of those things is this podcast. As priorities and life pull at some of us, things are changing a bit around here.  So this will actually be the last week for SAHAsays in the format you’ve been listening to. Thank you again for joining us as we tear through the feeds that C00p has so graciously dug up from the untended garden we sometimes call ‘the internet’.  We really appreciate you taking the time to listen and see what we’re up to. Please feel free to reach out with questions, or comments, You are welcome to out more about the San Antonio Hacker Association by looking up @SATXHackers on Twitter, or over at SATXhackers dot org.  You can look for this podcast over at Security Endeavors as a round table segment that will still come out on the weekends. So maybe next week we’ll see you over at SecurityEndeavors.  Our feed is linked over at www dot securityendeavors dot com slash podcast . Thank you for sharing your time with us and we look forward to sharing more with you as we head into 2017. Thank you, and good night.
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