Sound Security Podcast

Sound Security Podcast
By Braxton Ehle
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Braxton Ehle and Sean Williams rant about the latest in information security news to help enterprises and mere mortals defend their information.
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Sound Security Podcast


Braxton Ehle

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Dec. 20, 2016
Discussed Articles 1) FICO Enterprise Security Score The venerable Fair Isaac Corporation known for it's credit ratings metrics releases a metric to gauge the likelihood of a breach within the next 12 months. * * * 2) Shamoon disk-wiping malware resurfaces with renewed cyberattacks on Saudi Arabia Iran-attributed malware attacks Saudi Aramco machines and wipes the MBR. * * * * 3) Honorable Mention: US fails to renegotiate arms control rule for hacking tools A nearly two-year effort to renegotiate language related to export controls around intrusion software in the Wassenaar Arrangement was rejected earlier this month during the member states’ plenary meeting. * * Breach of the Week All the Breaches Bringing you not one, not two, but four breaches: DNC/Russian compromise follow up, Lynda, Yahoo, and Ashley Madison follow up. * * * * * *