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After a 2yr hiatus, i'm ecstatic to be back on BTR!! I have a wonderful co-host, named Ronin.
kick back, relax and feel free to join in our round table discussion, via the chat room or else you can call us at
(713) 955-0671.
respect is a must!!
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Feb. 8, 2014
Same LovelyTi Time....Same LovelyTi Channel
Feb. 1, 2014
Some of these things are not like the others...Some of these things just ain't quite the same...As usual, we have quite a bit of strange things that occur daily and man....Stay tuned for another episode of Table Talk w/ Ti for the blunt perspectives of today's events and much more...Same Ratchet Ass Time yet Same Blunt Ass Channel...
Jan. 28, 2014
Tonight, on the Table Talk w/ Ti broadcast, we gather around and discuss a myriad of topics happening recently and across the board. Looking forward to listening, learning, conversing and teaching each other as always. See you there...
Jan. 18, 2014
Tonight on the Table Talk w/ LovelyTi Show, we will discuss these highly controversial trending topics on social media as well as other ongoing matters on and offline. Call In. Tune In. Speak On It.
Jan. 11, 2014
this is our first official show in 6mths glad to be back on BTR. come join me tonight at 9pm cst we will be talking about relationships and single parent hood, hoes winning in the new year and many other topics. feel free to call in at: GUEST CALL-IN NUMBER (347) 637-3635
June 27, 2013
talking about random things tonight join us
June 13, 2013
Please join us at 9pm CST for another show.              we will be talking about the Melissa Lawrence the irrate women who sicked her pitbulls, on a local news crew.  we will also be talking about a wide range of other topics as well.
June 6, 2013
Please join us at 9pm CST for another show.              we will also be talking to the pop-tart mom who called the police on her son. she is here to explain her side of the story.   feel free to call in can call us at (713)
May 31, 2013
Please join us at 9pm CST for another show.              we will be talking about the the 12yr old who was raped and had her rape broadcasted on facebook. we will also be talking about a wide range of topics.  feel free to call in. ti
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