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A podcast for those who are interested in getting into or already are in the trucking industry from a 20+ year veteran driver.
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Feb. 4, 2018
Unkle Bonehead has laryngitis!
Jan. 21, 2018
Raising the Hood Intro Continuing on with part 3 of our pre trip let’s talk about raising the hood and looking around. Now remember this is just an overview of what to do. We can and most likely will get into more of an indepth look at all the individual things some time in the future.   Updates Bariatric: Nothing new yet. At the time of this recording I am going to a Psych Evaluation tomorrow. Kinda wondering if they will confirm that I am a clinical bonehead. I’m still at 253 lbs. Even while I am dieting. I’ve drastically cut my carbs and increased my protein. I’ve switched to 3 eggs with some peppers and cheese and a extra protein chocolate milk (Fairlife) for breakfast from my usual 3 eggs, corned beef hash and coffee. I have thrown out the ramen noodles because those are nothing but carbs and salt. I’m eating some kind of reduced fat and salt soup (healthy choice) for lunch. And now my favorite thing for supper is either sloppy joes with low carb tortilla shells instead of buns or browned hamburger, drained and fired up peppers onions on low carb tortillas. The Network Is it really a network when it’s all me?I’m still writing The Organix and am working on some promos for all 3 shows. NTROradio has one already that I have started throwing into this show. I’m thinking of making a couple of specialised promos for some of my favorite podcasts and just sending them off. If they play them on their shows then that would be awesome but I wont be upset if they dont. Some of those show arent relevant at all with any of mine. If you didnt know I have started broadcasting the recording of TruckinNutz on youtube. Since I record a week in advance, usually on Sundays, you can see my ugly mug and catch the show early. Look on youtube for unklebonehead or unklebonehead1. I’m not sure what the url is or how to find it. The one I see is a bunch of jumbled letters and such. Now lets raise the hood!   First you need to unlatch and lift the hood. Newer trucks are pretty easy to lift but some of the older trucks such as Clifford are pretty heavy and dont have any assistance arms. So be prepared to build some muscles. Once you have it open give everything a quick glance over and see if anything just looks weird. Then do this checklist.   A beautiful Freightliner Classic!   Check fluid levels: oil and coolant levels. For the pre trip, look for oil, fuel, coolant, power steering fluid leaks… leak is either a problem or a potential problem.
Jan. 14, 2018
Pre Trip Series Pt2 The Approach Intro: This is part 2 of 9. I don’t know how you guys do it on a daily basis. But this is how I do it. I wake up, get dressed and turn on all the lights on the truck and trailer. I then run inside to take care of the business ie bathroom, coffee, etc. Then as I walk back out to the truck I do what I call The Approach. I check everything as I walk up to the truck. I basically do a pre trip from across the parking lot. This is just how I do it. Some might do it differently but the way I was trained you can see a lot of what might be wrong with the truck from a distance and getting a perspective of your ride can really help to point out to yourself if there is something wrong. Banter: Quick bariatric update. Did the endoscopy and everything went fine. The hospitals are hoarding the good stuff. I don’t remember any of it. But according to my wife I was trying to get the nurses to play beer pong, drink 7&7 with me and trying to talk them into the video of my stomach to put on Facebook and Youtube. My next step is to do the psych evaluation and I hope they don’t say I’m crazy. On a side note, since I do have to show 6 months of weight loss documentation for insurance I’m considering another podcast about my countdown to the surgery. To document my attempt to lose weight and maybe even inspire you to lose some as well. I don’t think it will be an audio podcast but rather something I just record on my phone and post to Youtube. Either way it will only be a couple of episodes per week and very short, 5-10 minutes each. If you are interested in that I will let you know that I started it. Content: As I said in the intro this is just how I do it. Some of you might do it differently but this is the way I was taught. I’ve seen a lot of old timers do it this as well. And it also kinda helps with the eld since you have to show 7-12 minutes doing a pre trip. Here is my steps as if I am on the road for the week already. Starting out for the week is a bit different because I’m at my house with the truck in the driveway and no trailer. So the point of view for our discussion is from already being on the way. Clifford wakes me up by setting off the alarm. I get dressed and turn on all of the lights except the headlights. I go inside and do all the duties I need to do. Bathroom, breakfast, coffee and get all my beverages for the day. As I hit the door coming out the first thing I do is look for Clifford. While I’m walking across the lot I am looking at the following things. Did anyone run over the hood while I was inside? Can I see all the lights? Is every one lit up and bright? A dim light could mean a bad ground or its about to burn out. Are the windows and mirrors clean and intact? Is the truck and trailer sitting level with the ground? Some kind of lean could mean something wrong with the suspension. Broken leaf springs (if you still have them), blown air bags, flat tire, load shift, etc I “stagger” as I approach. Walk to one side then the other so I can see the truck from different angles. Looking at lights and the level of the truck. As I’m still a ways out I scan the roofline of the truck and trailer. Is it straight? Anything sticking up? Wires hanging? Etc. If the truck is running…. What does the exhaust look like coming out of the stacks? Does it smell like diesel? What color is it? What is the temp outside at the time? If you can reach the end of the exhaust pipe, hold your hand a foot or two away, does it feel wet? Does it feel oily? Is the truck idling at a steady rate? Is it “purring” like a kitten? Do you see any antifreeze or other fluids flowing out underneath? Can you hear any air leaking? Do you see any airlines, hoses or wires hanging? Look at the tires, do they look like they have air in them? Look at your wheels, do you
Jan. 7, 2018
This is the first part of the Pre Trip Series. This part 1 of a 9 part, very in depth Pre Trip series of episodes. Why? Because it is probably the most overlooked and underappreciated way to safely operate a commercial motor vehicle. It can and should be used by everyone, even on their personal vehicles. The parts are as follows: You The Approach Raise the Hood Around the Truck We Go The Fifth Wheel The Trailer Inside the Cab Gentlemen Start Your Engines Are We Ready to Roll? Lets Go Truckin!   Let’s start with a question. What is the most important thing on the truck? YOU! Why? Because you are important. Your family is depending on you. Your customers are depending on you. The general public is depending on you. You need to look at it as part of your job. Can you safely operate that 40 ton truck? Are you sick? Feel like throwing up? Don’t drive. Are you tired? Do you feel like another 30-60 minutes in bed would be better? Don’t drive! Yeah, you might end up being late to a shipper or receiver. Your dispatcher might be pissed off. But so what! You are in control of that truck. You are responsible if you crash because your reaction time was slightly slowed due to fatigue or an illness. It all comes down on you if something happens. Not your dispatch, not the shipper, not the receiver. It is YOU! The FHWA has stated for years and years that it is the driver’s responsibility to operate the vehicle in a safe and legal manner. Your employer cannot legally punish you for not operating the truck in an unsafe manner, including fatigue or illness. If you are forced to do so you must cover your ass by marking it on your log that you were forced to drive when you didn’t feel safe. And even that may not save you in a courtroom with some lawyers. What I mean is that if you don’t feel like you can safely go then dont. If the company fires you or punishes you then they were not worth working for to begin with. There are literally thousands of driving jobs in the industry and you can live virtually anywhere for any of the jobs. So don’t sweat it. Remember that your CDL is what brings home the paycheck. Not the company. Why this episode right now? Because we just came out of the holidays and this is a time of the year that is well known for overindulgence on food. For me I am at a desperate time in my life. 15 years ago just before I met my wife I was 321 lbs. I was about half way through my career of driving truck and had really let myself go. My A1c had shot through the roof and ever since I have been fighting with my weight. I lose 40 lbs I gain 50. Lose 50, gain 40. I have maintained 250-255 for over a year now and cannot
Dec. 29, 2017
An episode that features just me and no Cliford. I talk about what I’ve been doing, what you can expect for the part of the year and play a segment that I recorded while driving back in late August/September.
Dec. 26, 2017
A quick update from Clifford on whats been going on.
Oct. 15, 2017
Today I talk about safety and security while on the road. We also find out that Cliford has found a new friend that he has more in common with than Unkle Bonehead. Download the script. Direct download
Oct. 1, 2017
In this episode we discover that Cliford has quite the sense of humor and has some semblance of emotions. We also learn that his name stands for Certified Linux Intelligence For Organix Research and Development. He is a 2nd generation A.I.known as an Organix organism from the year 2034. Plus stats on the Freightliner Classic XL that he is embedded into.
Sept. 24, 2017
In this episode we get a special visit from Clifford the Big Red Truck. I thank you all for the really quick acceptance of the podcast. 1 week and 35 downloads as of this posting! THANK YOU! I give a really quick history lesson of the trucking industry. You can email me questions or comments to [email protected] Subscribe to us on iTunes, Google Play Music, Stitcher, Tunein and Spreaker! Links from the show: The History of the 18-Wheeler
Sept. 17, 2017
Download Mp3 First official episode. I go over some most often used terms of the trade. Just so you know what I’m saying in future episodes. You can download the list in pdf format here. Although I am not affiliated with Podnutz I do admit that they are m favorite podcast network and I strongly encourage you to listen to and support them.

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