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President and CEO Ed Ramirez set out to change the way companies buy Oracle Software. With six years of experience in various leadership roles within Oracle, Mr. Ramirez has leveraged that knowledge to help companies negotiate better Oracle license terms and procure their Oracle products in a much more cost effective way.

SLC is not a reseller of software or hardware so our advice is not influenced by a purchase. We focus on how to improve the current Oracle license architecture, Oracle support stream as well as how to maximize any future Oracle purchases. SLC has saved customers over $100 million in license and ongoing support and SLC has been involved in over 200 Oracle transactions.

In all fairness to all software vendors, they are in their right to protect their intellectual property just like it is your right as an organization to seek the advice and help of qualified experts such as SLC to better understand how to manage escalating support costs

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Oct. 27, 2015
Software audits are complex, time consuming, confusing and if not conducted correctly can be very costly. Every deployment of Oracle products is unique and the rules of using Oracle Licenses need to be mapped to that uniqueness. Understanding your contractual and purchasing rights along with a full understanding of Oracle policies are the first steps. With audits on the rise, SLC has a number of audit related services that can help you prepare for or defend against an Audit. Listen on iTunes Now The post TSLE001: How To Negotiate The Best Oracle Contract appeared first on