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Drill to Detail
By Mark Rittman
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Mark Rittman is joined each week by a special guest from the world of business intelligence, analytics and big data.
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Feb. 5, 2018
Mark Rittman is joined by Will Davis from Trifacta to talk about the public beta of Google Cloud Dataprep, Trifacta's data wrangling platform and topics including metadata management, data quality and data management for big data and cloud data sources.Google Cloud Dataprep on Google Cloud Platform"Google Cloud Dataprep: Spreadsheet-Style Data Wrangling Powered by Google Cloud Dataflow""A New Cloud-Based Data Prep Solution from Google & Trifacta"Trifacta website"A Breakthrough Approach to Exploring and Preparing Data"Trifacta platform architecture"Garbage In, Garbage Out: Why Data Quality Matters""How to Put an Effective Metadata Strategy in Place"
Jan. 23, 2018
- Oracle Designer page on Oracle.com- Bitmap Index page on Wikipedia- Mondrian project page on Github- Mondrian OLAP Server page on Wikipedia- MultiDimensional eXpressions (MDX) page on Wikipedia- Julian Hyde blog - Apache Calcite project homepage- Apache Calcite Introduction and Overview deck- Streaming SQL presentation at Apex Big Data World 2017, Mountain View, California
Dec. 26, 2017
Mark is joined by long-term industry veteran and friend Christian Berg to talk about surviving fifteen years as a contractor in analytics industry, changes he's seen in the market and in how project are approached, the value in getting involved in the community, and in a specially extended Christmas and New Year edition we look back at what was topical in 2017 and what are Christian's predictions for 2018 ... and appoint Christian as Head of our Best Practices Found on the Internet.The 100 facets of Oracle Business Intelligence50 shades of #Fail - Oracle BI worst practices in real life
Dec. 19, 2017
Mark Rittman is joined in this episode of Drill to Detail by Dr. Carsten Bange from BARC to talk about findings from the recently completed BI Survey 17 including the continuing move to modern BI platforms and self-service desktop tools, analytics adoption trends and the increasing incorporation of BI functionality within business applications, the surprising topicality of master data management and data governance ... and whatever happened to Nigel Pendse and his legendary OLAP Report?The BI Survey 17: The World’s Largest Annual Survey of BI UsersMaster Data and Data Quality Management Now the #1 Trend in BIBI Trend Monitor 2018 Infographic: The Evolution of TrendsThe Business Intelligence Industry Continues Its Ongoing Empowerment of Business UsersThe OLAP Report: The origins of today’s OLAP products (c. 2005, from the Internet Archive)
Dec. 13, 2017
Mark Rittman is joined in this episode by returning special guest Jen Underwood to talk about what's new and innovative in the BI and analytics industry right now, and how AI and machine learning are this year's data discovery and data visualization."Between The Lines At Tableau Conference""Transform The Business With Automated Embedded Artificial Intelligence""Moving From Bi To Machine Learning With Automation"
Dec. 8, 2017
Mark is joined in this episode of Drill to Detail by Wes McKinney, to talk about the origins of the Python Pandas open-source package for data analysis and his subsequent work as a contributor to the Kudu (incubating) and Parquet projects within the Apache Software Foundation and Arrow, an in-memory data structure specification for use by engineers building data systems and the de-facto standard for columnar in-memory processing and interchange.Python Data Analysis Library"Ibis on Impala: Python at Scale for Data Science"Drill To Detail Ep.3 'Apache Kudu And Cloudera's Analytic Platform' With Special Guest Mike PercyApache Arrow homepage"Apache Arrow and the "10 Things I Hate About pandas""Apache Arrow vs. Parquet and ORC: Do we really need a third Apache project for columnar data representation?""Some comments to Daniel Abadi's blog about Apache Arrow"Wes McKinney homepage
Nov. 30, 2017
Mark is joined by Mike Durran from the Oracle Analytics Product Management team in this UKOUG Tech’17 special to talk about his route into product management via the Oracle Discoverer BI tool, Oracle’s latest product in this space Oracle Data Visualization Desktop 4 and its new features, and Mike’s upcoming sessions at the UK Oracle User Group’s Tech’17 event next week in Birmingham, UK.Oracle Data Visualization Desktop - Get StartedUKOUG Tech'17 Conference Site
Nov. 12, 2017
Mark is joined in this episode by Avi Zloof from Evaluex to talk about the new world of elastically-provisioned cloud-hosted analytic databases such as Google BigQuery and Amazon Athena, how their pricing model and vendor strategy differs from the traditional database vendors, and how machine learning can be used to automate performance tuning and optimize workloads in this new world of large-scale distributed query and storage. SuperQuery - Free visualization tool for Google BigQuerySuperQuery Chrome PluginDrill to Detail Ep.12 'Gluent and the New World of Hybrid Data' with Special Guest Tanel PoderBQQuery Mate Chrome Plugin
Oct. 30, 2017
Mark is joined in this episode by Google Cloud Platform Developer Advocate Felipe Hoffa, talking about getting started as a developer using Google BigQuery along with Google Cloud Dataflow, Google Cloud Dataprep and Google Cloud Platform's machine learning APIs.Reddit BigQuery ForumFelipe Hoffa on Stack OverflowFelipe Hoffa on MediumGoogle Cloud Dataprep"How to aggregate data for BigQuery using Apache Airflow"Google Cloud Platform Github Repo
Oct. 16, 2017
Mark Rittman is joined in this episode by Taylor Brown from Fivetran to talk about middleware for SaaS data, their focus on integrations with SaaS vendors and how this differentiates their offering, his thoughts on packaged analytic applications announced at the recent Looker Join conference ... and where the name "Fivetran" came from.Fivetran websiteFivetran Source and Target IntegrationsLooker 5 Release with new Analytic and Data Blocks"Comparison of Two Great ETL Tools: Fivetran vs. Stitch Data"