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Allyson Klein (Intel) and Reuven Cohen (Citrix) talk technology.
Why Digital Nibbles? We’re providing listeners with bites (or is that bytes?) of technology info. Every other week we’ll be diving into cloud computing and data center topics our audience is curious about, including big data, dev ops, mobile enterprise apps, and storage.
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June 12, 2014
Allyson and Reuven are finally reunited this week for a new episode with a couple of great guests. First up, Michael Crandell (@michaelcrandell), the CEO of RightScale stops by to talk about cloud management in the cloud environment and bridging services (servers/network/storage) to run applications. He also weighs in on the PaaS vs. IaaS debate. Then Dave McCrory (@mccrory), the CTO of Basho, discusses distributed database technology and also the concept of Data Gravity – thinking about data as if it were a planet that builds mass and attracts additional Services and Applications. When data is large enough, it’s virtually impossible to move. Show timeline: 0:00 – Introductions and News of the Week9:17 – Interview with Michael Crandell23:38 – Interview with Dave McCrory36:52 – Wrap up
May 29, 2014
With Allyson on sabbatical and Ruv on the road, we’re pulling a couple of our “best of” episodes from the archive. This week we’re re-posting an episode with two former guests of the show. First up, Ben Kepes (@benkepes), a cloud thought leader, stops by to cover the growth of enterprise cloud, the Cloud 2020 Summit he’s currently organizing, and what “The Internet of Things” means for the future. Then Deborah Salons (@dsalons), an attorney specializing in regulation and privacy, weighs in on if you can ever be truly be private in the cloud. Show timeline: 0:00 – Introductions and News of the Week9:29 – Interview with Ben Kepes25:08 – Interview with Deborah Salons43:23 – Wrap up
May 15, 2014
With Allyson on sabbatical and Ruv on the road, we’re pulling a couple of our “best of” episodes from the archive. This week we’re re-posting an episode with Amber Case: Have you ever thought about your tablet as a cave painting? Facebook as a virtual reality? The distribution of parchment writing as the very first Internet? This week’s Digital Nibbles is a wide-ranging discussion with cyborg anthropologist Amber Case (@caseorganic) touching on technology trends and how they relate to society. And how, more than ever, technology is becoming a part of you.   0:00 – Introductions and news of the week 10:47 – Interview with Amber Case, cyborg anthropologist 32:07 – Wrap up
May 1, 2014
With Allyson on sabbatical and Ruv on the road, we’re pulling a couple of our “best of” episodes from the archive. This week we’re re-posting Harper Reed (@harper), the CTO of Obama for America, who stopped by the show in March 2013 to talk about big data and utilizing technology (smartphones, Websites, social media) to engage voters. He and his team received tremendous credit for helping win the election through use of scalable cloud infrastructure (Amazon Web Services*) combined with a cutting edge big data engine that helped pinpoint everything from ad buys to volunteer engagement.  It’s a great test case for how technology is transforming society. Show timeline: 0:00 – Introductions and News of the Week9:21 – Interview with Harper Reed48:57 – Wrap up
April 17, 2014
Rather than our normal two guests, we’ve got a little bit of a longer (and fascinating) interview with Martin Duursma (@MartinDuursma), the VP of Citrix Labs and CTO Office Chair. He joins us to talk about innovation at Citrix and how listeners can apply Design Thinking to their ideas (be it a product iteration or a brand new idea). He also discusses upcoming trends – more seamless use of technology/technology that adapts to user needs – and give an update on Citrix’s upcoming Synergy conference. For more information, visit Show Timeline: 0:00: Introductions and News of the Week10:09: Interview with Martin Duursma29:04: Wrap up
April 3, 2014
In this week’s episode Daniel Burrus (@DanielBurrus), author and CEO of Burrus Research, stops b to talk about predicting technology trends and the drivers accelerating them, including Moore’s Law as it applies to processing power, bandwidth and storage. He also touches on a new model of “everything as a service.” Then Peter Coffee (@PeterCoffee), VP for strategic research at, chats about creating customer value and a few responsibilities for enterprises in the future. Show Timeline: 0:00: Introductions and News of the Week5:48: Interview with Daniel Burrus21:16: Interview with Peter Coffee36:07: Wrap up
March 20, 2014
This week’s first Guest is Chris Kemp (@kemp), the founder of Nebula and NASA’s first CTO. He’s here to talk about OpenStack, which he co-developed, and his company’s piece of hardware that can turn servers into their own private cloud, helping enterprises efficiently run their infrastructure. Then JP Morgenthal (@jpmorgenthal), the director of the Cloud Computing Practice at Perficient, chats about the blurring of IaaS and PaaS and where Perficient fits in. Show Timeline: 0:00 – Introductions and News of the Week10:23 – Interview with Chris Kemp24:40 – Interview with JP Morgenthal39:28 – Wrap up
March 6, 2014
A couple of excellent conversations this week on cloud performance metrics and software-defined storage. First up, returning guest Paul Miller (@paulmiller), an analyst with Cloud of Data, chats about transparency and conflict of interest in the consulting market, as well as cloud benchmarks and what they mean for enterprise workloads. Then Bernard Harguindeguy (@atlantisilio), the CEO of Atlantis Computing, discusses optimizing virtual machines (VMs) and how they interact with storage, resulting in less storage traffic on a network and a performance boost for apps. Show Timeline: 0:00 – Introductions and News of the Week10:31 – Interview with Paul Miller21:42 – Interview with Bernard Harguindeguy36:45 – Wrap up
Feb. 20, 2014
Ruv is in India this week, so Allyson is hosting solo. Unfortunately for listener ear drums, we had audio issues with Ben Kepes (@benkepes), a cloud computing thought leader and our first guest. He chats about the WhatsApp acquisition, Box and Dropbox moving toward IPO, what cloud computing companies will be interesting in 2014, and where software-defined networking is moving in the future. Then Shashi Jain (@skjain2), Corporate Innovation Lead at UP Global, joins the program to talk about Startup Weekend – how the process works, what role technology plays (in both the pitched companies and the collaboration of Startup Weekend), successful enterprises that came from Startup Weekends, and how people can get involved. Show timeline: 0:00: Introduction and News of the Week5:09: Interview with Ben Kepes (excellent content, listen at your peril)19:05: Interview with Shashi Jain33:20: Wrap up
Feb. 6, 2014
First up this week, we have CEO Johann Gevers (@johanngevers) and CTO Chris Odom of Monetas. Based on the Open-Transactions project, Monetas is aiming to be the world’s first decentralized system for financial and legal transactions – a digital contracting platform. They’ve seen interest for a variety of different uses/industries including: money remittance, cell phone providers, banks, consumer applications, and virtual worlds. Then returning guest Gordon Haff (@ghaff), a cloud evangelist at Red Hat, stops by to talk about integration of the entire Red Hat portfolio under the Open Hybrid Cloud umbrella. It’s not a single product, but a set of capabilities to address business problems. He also discusses the current state of IaaS and PaaS and how they will evolve in the future. Show Timeline: 0:00 – Introductions and News of the Week11:59 – Interview with Johann Gevers and Chris Odom26:51 – Interview with Gordon Haff37:13 – Wrap up

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