E-Books: PDF or HTML?

By AskCarl

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A PDF program isn't a bad choice but an HTML format has some distinct advantages. I'll discuss these in the first half of the show. We can talk in the time remaining. http://www.wdslibrary.com
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June 27, 2008
PDF e-books are not trusted. HTML e-books are trusted. Find out why.
June 24, 2008
For e-commerce, it's all about fundation. With e-books the same is true.
Sept. 27, 2007
Another IMPULSE show. This last one (I recorded an hour or two ago) didn't get on the board altho' it is now being streamed. I'll explain how that is possible.
Aug. 4, 2007
For show announcements, go here: www.wdslibrary.com and click on the What's New Today link
July 30, 2007
I'm testing the waters...looking for a new time-slot home.
July 29, 2007
For a preview of my 8pm EDT show, look at this: www.askcarl.net/5757Tutorial.html
July 15, 2007
I will be covering all topics in this show.
July 9, 2007
Maybe I'll talk about possible topics for an eBook.
July 3, 2007
More about writing HTML eBooks.
June 27, 2007
Maybe, when this airs, I'll have a tutorial ready--on writing eBooks.
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