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The future of advertising in the metaverse

Welcome to the Enter VR podcast! This episode features Sam Huber from Admix. Admix is a monetization platform for VR and AR. Joins us we discuss the future of advertising in the metaverse! SHOW NOTES 1:00 What is admix? 2:20 How did mobile advertising happen? 7:20 How to create a balanced advertising platform? 9:30 The technology behind Admix and how it works. 14:30 Developers supported by advertisers? 16:00 Who is Admix for? 18:30 What are the average earnings for developers on the Admix platform. 20:00 How do you calculate how much an ad is worth in virtual reality? 21:00 Is VR advertising more effective than meatspace advertising? 25:00 Using machine learning on the aggregated data of users. 27:00 Educating users on ethical advertising standards. 29:40 Will GDPR affect Admix's business model? 33:00 Sam's origin story. 38:00 The biggest challenges Sam faces. 42:00 How Admix provides support for its developers. 43:00 How to stay afloat for the long run. 46:00 How to not become a Black Mirror episode. 51:00 Biggest hopes for the future of virtual reality. Thanks to Sam for being a true scholar and gentleman of virtual reality and thank you for listening! Stay in touch with Sam with the links below: http://admix.in https://www.facebook.com/groups/249932279077667/ samhuber.com
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