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Daily Active User is your guided tour down an internet rabbit hole. Hosted by Brendon Bigley and brought to you by Anchor every weekday.
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Jan. 20, 2017
Solving Earth's most pressing problem.
Jan. 17, 2017
Logged into my 2010 Evernote account and found some angsty trash. Things Discussed: Google Maps parking, Evernote 8.0, RIP iPhone 1, Android Wear 2.0
Jan. 16, 2017
Someone's gotta do something about this young pope. Things discussed: The Young Pope, Nvidia Shield TV, Nintendo Switch, picking a favorite parent.
Jan. 12, 2017
This episode is longer than usual, because it is a chunk of multiple episodes rolled into one big one. Sorry for the absence. 
Jan. 5, 2017
Brendon dips into fanfiction for a hot sec. Things Discussed: Harry Potter fanfic, Nvidia Shield TV, Nvidia Spot, Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Amazon Assistant, Amazon Book stores.
Jan. 4, 2017
Disclaimer: AirPods segment was recorded while basically asleep. Thinds Discussed: AirPods, LG's weird CES event, Facebook Computer Vision, Acer's terrifying new laptop.
Jan. 3, 2017
In which Brendon spends almost the whole show talking about CES 2017 by accident. Things Discussed: Lenovo's Amazon Alexa speakers, Amazon Fire TV TVs, LeEco's Smart Bicycles, IBM Watson takes 34 jobs in Japan, universal basic income in Finland, Awesome Games Done Quick 2017.
Jan. 2, 2017
Between Bee Movie on Netflix and the Hollyweed sign, I'm pretty optimistic about 2017.   Things Discussed: Buy a whole village in Canada, edit tweets on Twitter?, favorite tech news from 2016, Bitcoin is cool again.
Dec. 23, 2016
And soon they'll kill us. Things discussed: AirPodHunt, cheat codes, Home Alone lethality, KFC China, millennials killed drugs, The Bachelor on Snapchat, Nintendo search volume.
Dec. 22, 2016
Or was it "good morning?" Things Discussed: The Mandela Effect, Shazaam, mind controlled drones, Google Fiber, Tesla Autopilot, Rollercoaster Tycoon Classic.

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