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By Tim Bigonia

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Join creative director, designer, and instructor Tim Bigonia as he explores and details graphic design techniques and design application software training. Tim is a seasons creative with more than 25 years practical experience working with local and international clients on a variety of advertising and marketing projects. From directing photo and video shoots to creating multi-piece, retail promotional campaigns, Tim has a wide range of concept and production knowledge. In his teaching career, spanning nearly 25 years, Tim has focused on presenting his college-level students with real-world application proficiencies that will benefit them outside the classroom. Learning a specific Adobe application software is more than simply knowing where to select menu items, but it is also understanding how to effectively design using this complicated and expansive digital tool. Contact Tim anytime at [email protected]
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Sept. 6, 2016
Let’s dive into the wonderful world of protecting our many, many passwords. I would ideally like to assume that everyone listening to this podcast uses one of the many password manager options out there, but I believe I can safely assume that many of you may just never haver pulled the trigger on officially using one.    It’s safe to say when it comes to passwords, keeping your login information under lock and key with a proven password manager is not only a good idea, but one that is necessary.  Of course the the question is, which one. We'll discuss the best choices, their features, and help you make the choice, today.
Aug. 30, 2016
Before I begin this week’s podcast, EDUCATING THE CLIENT, I’d like to share with you the progress of a project I’ve been working on for many, many weeks. It's an online course which will help anyone who presents to an audience of any size better prepare and design their future presentations. I discuss where I am in the process and provide an isight as to the depth this course will take.  Then on to the normally scheduled show - EDUCATING THE CLIENT. I dive into a subject I tend to have strong thoughts about. Ultimately this is a discussion about the lack of appreciation and understanding of what we graphic designers do. Our value. We will discuss a current article which illustrates the lack of understanding of a graphic designer's abilities and the worth of his or her talent. I discuss one possible strategy we can take as creative directors, graphic designers, web designers, and user experience designers, to show our clients why we are a valuable resource.
May 1, 2016
The successful presentation – whether to a crowd or across a conference table – is not as elusive as designers may believe. The common sense guidelines are the same, the tools – PowerPoint, Keynote, or presentation boards – are not new. So then why are presentations looked upon as a daunting task with results that obviously agree with that assessment? This discussion will provide key points to arm you with the confidence to effectively present your ideas while making certain your clients understand your message and the details of your concepts. With as few as 5 steps to create a better presentation, any designer will soon see their presentation abilities improve while effective presentations become their strength.
April 19, 2016
For this week’s Podcast I’ve chosen to focus on one issue most every designer experiences in their career; Keeping Your Designs Fresh. On the surface there are obvious solutions or tricks a designer can employ to freshen up their design concepts. Rather than only talking about the obvious solutions, we will explore some timely and somewhat interesting ideas to help Keep Your Designs Fresh and, I will add, unexpected. 
Sept. 21, 2015
I’ve chosen to explore newly revealed products, instead of the usual software insights and training. Today's podcast will focus on Apple’s September 9th keynote event where the new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, a revamped Apple TV and what some might call an overdue pro version of the iPad were all revealed. Come listen to what I've heard and share with us your take on Apple's new innovations and updates.
Aug. 18, 2015
Let’s review past predictions of Graphic Design Trends predicted for 2015 – how has the design world faired so far?I wonder, what types of graphic design trends we’re predicted for 2015 and how has that shaken out so far? The rise of flat design, large background images in websites, the mobile space, interactive web graphics, and today’s typography in web design.
July 29, 2015
Today’s podcast begins with a basic, but essential look into Adobe’s Illustrator, the graphic designer’s choice application for identities and beyond. Take a look at often overlooked features available in this once aging, and now firmly revived Adobe classic. I use the words “once aging” because for a short time Adobe seemed complacent in their updates and innovations with Illustrator and believe it or not, in little more than a year, Illustrator will be celebrating it’s 30th Anniversary! Developed in December 1986 for the Apple Macintosh, and commercially launched in January 1987, Adobe Illustrator was an application focused firmly in typography — typesetting actually — which lent itself perfectly to logo creation.
July 13, 2015
In today’s episode I’ll be discussing trends. Specifically, logo trends. Fellow graphic professional & author, Bill Gardner, president of Gardner Design in Wichita, Kansas, accomplished designer featured in Communication Arts, Graphis and The Museum of Modern Art to name a few, is also founder of, a website worth visiting for it’s rich knowledge and guidance articles focused on logo design and creation.     As he has written in his most recent Trend Report, each year, Bill browses through thousands of logos and can’t help but consider their societal, technological and environmental influences. This year, he has focused on three specific thoughts while highlighting several visual trends important to our industry and the future of branding as a whole.   
July 8, 2015
In today’s podcast, we’re going to explore a product. In fact it’s been touted as the most "personal device" ever created by Apple; the Apple Watch.     I thought I'd do something different, potentially a tad self-serving, and off-the-cuff. As I’ve mentioned in my intro podcast here and on my website, I’m a bit of an Apple guy, and I’d like to give you my 2-cents on the Apple Watch. What I like, where I see some need for improvement and how I live with this new gadget - how it fits into my every day life. If you’re an Android or other mobile device user, hang on to your earbuds, I think you’ll be interested as well. As with the iPhone 8 years ago, the Apple Watch might help to shape wearable technology which may morph into something beneficial even if you aren’t the typical “I gotta have the very first one” geek-a-zoid… like me.
June 29, 2015
Over the past 4 - 6 years web design as a whole and user interface design, have experienced a drastic shift of importance. Web sites from several years ago seemed focused only on the delivering of information, not on the how the information is delivered. Today, the “how” has become more predominant, along with the user experience. How a user interacts with your site and the experience your site provides them impacts not only their ability to find what they are looking for, but whether or not that visit will convert to a purchase or a call-to-action - a phone call or request for information. Let’s explore Ten of the Top Web Design Mistakes that ultimately can turn off your users and push them away from ever visiting a site again. Not living up to your audience’s expectations can have its own consequences; design errors can immensely limit a site’s acceptance among its audience. I’ll examine frequent design issues from the users point of view.

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