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Freelancers are a unique group of people. Successful freelancers are more rare than I would like to see.

Freelance Marketing Strategies is not just a blog but a radio show that will bring together our community in a way never before seen. I will be interviewing the best and most successful freelancers and marketing minds that I can find.

You see I am tired of seeing freelancers struggle and go blindly through the world. This is why so many quit. Well that and also not having a real passion.

What we will do is talk about the things that work for freelancers. Not the fluff and 3o,ooo ft view of being a freelancer. No we will get into the specifics of what works to grow your freelance business to 6 figures and beyond.

I just believe that if you are willing to do the “work” you can make it happen.
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since Jul, 2016


Michael Brooks Joins Me to Talk About His New Site For Freelancers

· transcript
Michael Brooks is the founder of I am excited about this site as it offers much more transparency between buyers and sellers than ever before. Yep you can connect directly with each other without fear. Along with that the tools for billing and even forming a team are better than any I have seen.
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