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RpGrinders is a show about rpgs (mostly turn based). Each week we talk about rpgs and have been known to delve into many other topics. Look for our podcast in the iTunes Music Store
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Feb. 13, 2010
This week we discuss the end of Nippon Ichi(?), Dantes Inferno gets some clarification, and the real reason why Frank cant play games on hard settings. In case you are wondering episodes 73 and 74 will posted as soon as i can put them together until then enjoy this fully live recorded show!
Jan. 8, 2010
Frank tries to settle his kids/nieces down so he can host the show in this episode. The guys discuss some Square/Final Fantasy 13 tidbits and also whether or not JRPG's are on the decline. Enjoy!
Jan. 1, 2010
A special guest makes a guest appearance on the show this week (any guesses?) We talk Ubisoft and their want of a Final Fantasy title, the PS4 moving away from cell processing (?), and recovering panties in a Prinny game (WTF!) Also the panel gives us 3 reviews this week. Lets just say "out of the shoot" isn't out of the question this week. Tune in!
Dec. 23, 2009
We take a look back at the year that was and remember our favorite rpgs, movies, and games in general. We also review some of the biggest news stories of the year. Happy Holidays everyone, enjoy!
Dec. 19, 2009
Frank is on double sick duty as he himself is sick and his daughter makes a sickly appearance on the show. In the meantime, the guys give you news about Borderlands, Demon Souls, and a little company called Square Enix. Ever heard of em? Tune in!
Dec. 13, 2009
On the agenda this week is 3D gaming as the new gaming trend, Dragon Age Origins fixes some issues, and oh those whacky evangelist, how we love em! Also we talk about deceptive DLC. Tune in to be in the know!
Dec. 7, 2009
We have a jammed pack show for you as we discuss FF13's lack of an install on the PS3 (yay!), Mass Effect 2 being shipped on 2 discs (boo!), and more craziness in Australia (WTF!) All this and more on another edition of the Grinders!
Nov. 28, 2009
Black Friday madness consumes us we look at some of the best deals on the net and in stores (people actually camp out for this crap?!?!?!?) As always we give you the latest RPG news from around the internet and abroad. On the docket is some Square news, Capcom vs. the church, and Link has wings. WTF?
Nov. 24, 2009
It's Turkey week as we explore various RPG's. On the agenda is Dot Heroes, Falcom releases, and we also dispel some common misconceptions regarding Thanksgiving. Amaze your friends with your new found knowledge! Happy Thanksgiving!
Nov. 16, 2009
The week we make up for lost time as we discuss some RPG news from the past week and as always we intend to offend! See what all the fuss about our show is, join us and agree or get enraged, either way we caught ya listening! Enjoy!
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