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By Travis Sherry: Travel Expert, Location Independent Entrepreneur, Digital Nomad

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The Extra Pack of Peanuts Travel Podcast is hosted by Travis Sherry, a serial entrepreneur and world traveler. Known as "Rick Steves for the new generation", this podcast will teach you everything you need to know to travel more and spend less.
From interviews with some of the world's most famous travel names, like Chris Guillebeau, Bruce Poon Tip, AJ Jacobs, Chris Christensen and others to specific travel advice on how to use frequent flyer miles, score cheap hotels, pack like a pro, and travel on a budget, this show does it all.
We'll also highlight specific destinations, telling you what it's really like to travel to India, the best places to eat and sleep in Paris, and top everything off with our Top 10 lists, which will make you laugh, reminisce, and ultimately, be filled with wanderlust.
To find out even more, visit our renowned travel site at www.extrapackofpeanuts.com.
344 episodes · since May, 2013
May 15, 2018
A strange encounter on a flight, wisdom from Grandma, setting new habits, traveling the world, and more! Trav and Heath Armstrong jam in a wide-ranging conversation about the crazy behind-the-scenes of the Sweet Ass Journal and the Sweet Ass Domination Deck.
May 10, 2018
Mike & Jess of VanThere.com join Trav to discuss the joys and challenges of living and working out of their custom-built van, with no permanent address anywhere!
May 3, 2018
Being location independent has its perks. Heather and Trav discuss the top 16 cities of the world where they'd love to spend three months, and what they love most about each one.
April 26, 2018
We just launched our new app, Jetto, which sends the world's cheapest flight deals directly to your phone. In today's episode, learn just how long the app took to make (hint: a long time), where Trav first met Jetto's developer (hint: there was champagne involved), and how you can win a free flight to Dublin.  
April 19, 2018
While Rome and Venice may get all the publicity for things like culture and canals, Florence, with it's amazing food, gelato, and architecture, tops them all.  When a city has Heather's favorite thing to eat (ever!), some of Trav's favorite gelato, and one of the most amazing pieces of art they've ever laid their eyes on...it's hard to go wrong!  So have a listen, and then start packing your bags, because Florence is one city you MUST go to.
April 12, 2018
In this episode, Heather and I go through our list of top summer destinations around the globe.  From surprising to serene, vibrant to verdant, and interesting to impactful, there's a great destination for everyone.
April 3, 2018
What's it like to live in another country, and then return to your home country? Is reverse culture shock a bad thing? Dive into a deep conversation with Trav & Jason!
March 22, 2018
After spending over 3 weeks in Vancouver, Heather and Trav are well versed in the best things to do in this beautiful city.  Discover how many breweries Trav went to in 21 days (hint:  it's alot!), Heather's favorite pizza and coffee spots, and the activity that they both say you "can't miss" when visiting Van.
March 16, 2018
For many people, travel writing is the dream lifestyle. In this episode, we'll hear from travel writer Gabi Logan about all the possibilities in travel writing and how to get paid to see the world!
March 8, 2018 · transcript
Learn the joys and challenges of traveling everywhere in the world as a family of five, with Ricky Shetty of DaddyBlogger.com.

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