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Dark Side of the lens is a blog for the aspiring home photographer, scrapbooker or photo enthusiast. The backbone of this blog is based upon the free video tutorials to assist the "not so advanced user" to learn how to best use Adobe Photoshop Elements to improve their photos through digital image editing. Look for our free Podcast in the iTunes Music Store.
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since May, 2009


Printing your photos on canvas

Canvas is a very forgiving medium, with the ability to hide a wealth of sins in many photos, though it is still the usual case of the better the photo the better the end result. However, due to the nature, especially the texture, of canvas you are able to get large high quality prints from even the most basic of cameras. What many (most?) people do not realise though is the huge variation there is in the quality of the canvases you can get printed via the internet, or indeed by walking into a store. A couple of years ago I put quite some time and effort in finding a great canvas printing company for my own prints, and in doing so taught myself what to look for in a good canvas. Rather than simply passing this information on to you entirely myself I decided to go an interview a real expert. So, here you go, my first venture into the world of film making!
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